International Relations

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International Relations

In this webpage we will publish articles about geopolitics, macroeconomics, politics and International Relations. The focus of our attention will be Africa, country where we are more interested in; however we will also publish contents about other territories and geographical areas, when the events could have some consequences in the global macroeconomic scenarios and in the internationalization supporting the export companies.

Information about the foreign countries

- Benin
- Ghana Country Profile
- Kenya: Renewable energies in kenya
- Fishing in Mauritania
- Nigeria Country Profile
- South Africa Country Profile
- Tanzania Country Profile
- Tanzania Opportunities for investors in the Mining and gold and diamond concessions industries
- Uganda Country Profile

- Bolivia, the economic miracle in Latin America, the case of Bolivia
- Infrastructures in Brazil
- Brazil: although the Economy slowdown, it is an attractive market

- Italy and China Trade Agreement
- China: Incoming in Italy buyer and foreign operators’ from China
- South Korea and Japan, Services for developing “Made in Italy” products
- International Relations Italy Iran
- Iran
- Turkey Country Profile
- Turkey: an emerging country in the middle of the Gulf conflicts
- Turkey and the European Union one step from divorce ?

- EU Values
- European Union e Globalisation
- Antidumping EU
- Schengen
- Paris Agreement
- Brexit
- Brexit consequences
- Bulgaria: Trade Missions Abroad in Bulgaria
- Poland and SEZ
- Spain Canary Islands (startup and innovation)
- Sweden renewable
- Erasmus +
- EU and climate change
- EU, Environment and Strategies
- Africa Europe Partnership

- Algeria Country Profile
- Morocco Country Profile
- Microcredit and Human Development in Morocco
- Tourism and Microcredit in Morocco
- Morocco and North Africa: new targets for the multinational corporations?
- Tunisia Country Profile
- Tunisian Arab Spring: the success of the Arab Springs
- Tunisia: Jasmine Revolution 5 years later

- Russia – The Eurasian Customs Union and Trade with Russia

- Donald Trump’s economic plan
- Immigration in the US: the permanent and the temporary ways

Socioeconomic issues

- EU Singapore Free Trade Agreement
- Belt and Road Initiative – China
- ONU ( United Nations )
- EU Japan, economic partnership agreement
- ECOWAS – CEDEAO and Nourdign project, to ensure dignity to african women
Developing countries: how to escape the poverty trap?
- China and Africa: the perfect union
- EU-Mediterranean Partnership and the European Neighborhood policies
- The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP): earnings in a high price
- MERCOSUR, the Free Trade Zone in South America: an agreement that have to be renewed
- NAFTA Agreement vs European Union: comparison between agreements
- EU and immigration
- Circular Economy and Waste
- Innovation & Environment
- Renewable Energy

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