Poland – Business and SEZ – Special Economic Zones

Polonia scheda paese e ZES zone economiche speciali

Poland – Business and SEZ – Special Economic Zones


Poland can offer to an entrepreneur who decides to settle in the territory of Poland, a political and economic stability, low cost of production and distribution, government incentives, and easy access to European markets.


The Z.E.S. have been created in Poland as a result of the law of 20/10/94 Economic Development, published in the Official Gazette 1994, no Polish. 123 item 600.

Poland has as many as 14 Special Economic Zones SEZ to be active at least until 2026 through the appropriate legal framework. The Z.E.S. cover an area of 15,673 hectares in areas not inhabited; If an entrepreneur is setting up one of these areas, can enjoy a concessional aid and substantial public:

- Plot of land ready for investment at favorable price;
- Advice to assist the company and prepare to invest in;
- Municipal incentives and tax breaks on property taxes;
- For countries outside the EU reductions in import duty;
- Tax relief on the means of transport;
- Incentives for the hiring of staff (non-fiscal incentives);
- Incentives relating to investment procedures (non-fiscal incentives);
- Exemption from payment of income tax: it depends on the location and amount of the investment, and charges for the hiring of employees, the size of the company. The incentive varies from 30% to 50% depending on the region; in the case of small businesses there may be a further reduction of 20% with some restrictions to certain areas.

Investment of at least € 100,000 and investment as well as the jobs created must be maintained for at least five years (three years for SMEs).


Poland SEZ Special Economic Zones

Depending on the company’s Italian business sector, there are geographical areas where it is recommended for inclusion in the industrial sector due to the presence in the territory of the companies operating in this sector, therefore, for ease of retrieval of tangible and intangible resources / human with adequate professionalism and skills.

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