IBS Energy Srl ( Ltd ) is a company whose primary business is related to the development of photovoltaic, wind energy, hydroelectric, bio – methane and other renewable sources in Italy and foreign countries .


IBS Energy works in a joint venture and / or in synergy with :

• Design studios and engineering companies with remarkable know how and long – term experience in renewable sources, but also with a track record of plants connected to the network .
• Industrial and financial investors, Capital Funds and Pension Funds, Italian and international financial partners with capital and financial strength to safely manage high profile procedures such as the renewable sources requires .
• EPC ( Engineering, Procurement & Construction ) that are companies with the best technology to build and then manage photovoltaic, wind energy, bio – methane and hydroelectric systems once connected to the electricity network, including O&M activities ( operation and maintenance ) and video surveillance system using the most advanced Wi – Fi technologies . These companies are solid and bankable, with the financial and technological size needed to guarantee a photovoltaic or wind energy or bio – methane or hydroelectric system keys in hand .
• Energy trader .


New Authorizations Ready to Build

IBS Energy is looking for a Private Equity or Venture Capital Fund who desires to invest in IBS Energy to complete the Authorizations process up to the construction of the site or even a Turnkey project.
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New Greenfield authorizations

The primary goal of IBS Energy is linked to the development of new Greenfield authorizations .
This means new plants to be authorized from scratch and then built in full observance of the rules in force and through the bureaucratic authorization processes, which include gathering the positive opinion of the various public institutions which are asked to give their opinion on a new plant .

These are :

• owners of electricity networks ( ENEL or Terna )
• National, regional, provincial, municipal authorities and specific bodies in conference of services .
• Ministry of economic development

Ready to Build authorizations

IBS Energy is also interested in projects in which other companies have accomplished the authorization process and have a “ Ready to Build ” permit that will allow the building and the start of works on site .
IBS Energy will give the opportunity to one of its investors, who will manage a due diligence on the project .
If the outcome is positive, it will lead to success the procedure of financial and operational acquisition of the asset, that will be available to the buyer once it has been built and connected to the national electricity network .

Secondary market

Although it is a residual field. in the case of connected plants provided by all the documentation for an accurate assessment and a technical-economic due diligence , IBS Energy is available to submit a dossier on a plant to one of its investors .


As regards photovoltaic, IBS Energy is interested in assessing :

• LANDS : farmlands, industrial lands, abandoned quarries and former landfills .
• COVERINGS : industrial warehouse, shopping centres, canopies, roofs and platform roofs .

Depending on the situation the owner can be paid through :

• divestment of 30 years leasehold
• divestment of updated leasehold, i.e. paid in one solution
• purchase of the property through buying and selling .

In all cases through notary deed as soon as there will be a building authorization .

Grid parity or public incentives :

• In most cases the authorizations will be accomplished in Grid parity, i.e without incentives and state subsidies
• Nevertheless sometimes, for example asbestos roofs, abandoned quarries, landfills or small plants, they may be built using statutory incentives .


As regards Wind energy, the distinguishing element for IBS Energy in assessing sites is wind :

• High wind areas, with wind speeds over 5 meter per second ( 5> m/s ), measured according to the average annual wind speed at 100 m a.s.l.
• Generally the most suitable areas are at the top of the mountains and in valleys, where wind blows with frequency and strengths during the various seasons .

For anyone interested in learning more about these topics mentioned in the brief introduction, website visitors are invited to read the following web pages :


In addition to the listed services concerning renewable energy, it is possible, through the services of IBS Agribusiness, to offer the Agricultural and Agri – food sectors numerous opportunities, such as the turnkey design and construction of biogas plants, greenhouses, feasibility studies, executive design and turnkey construction, including staff training, of farm and food supply chains, greenhouses and protected crops, as well as supply chains and customized requests according to the specific needs of the client .

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