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A SINGLE INTERLOCUTOR : IBS coordinates the scouting of suitable sites to install wind farms . Together with a partner engineering company, it is the owner of the authorization cycle, supervising the bureaucratic process, starting from the request for connection to the electricity grid to the Terna / Enel operators until the Single Authorization . IBS on request may also indicate an EPC ( Engineering, Procurement, Construction ) for construction activities and BOS ( Balance of System ).

INVESTORS : Buyers / Investors already have contracts in place with IBS and they are ready to purchase the Aeolian concessions / authorizations in Grid Parity as soon as they can be established, operating in Development mode in Greenfield or Brownfield .

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GUIDELINES : in order to make processes efficient, it is important that the ( land ) sites for wind farms that will be presented, have certain requirements indicated below, therefore we recommend a careful reading of the directives that will follow . Thanks for collaboration !


- Land owners in Italy

- Facilitators, land detectors

- Estate agents

- Operators and Technicians operating in the Renewable Energy sector

- Professional associations : Engineers, Architects, Surveyors, Agronomists, Industrial Experts, Agricultural Experts, Professional Offices


WIND SPEED : sites exposed to wind blowing at a speed of 5 meters or more per second (& gt ; 5 mt / s), according to the average annual wind speed measured at 100 m s.l.t. / s.l.m. ( 100 meters above ground level / above sea level ). Read in the section “Operations” how to present the sites for details

MORPHOLOGY OF SITES / LANDS FOR WIND FARMS : sites with adequate wind, preferably ridges and crests

HECTARES OF GROUND NEEDED : it will depend on the installable power, according to the provisions of the law, and depending on the distance that will be maintained between the various wind turbines

SIZE OF WIND PLANTS : according to the legal indications, from 500 KW up to 5 – 6 MW for each wind turbine or higher power . The total power of the wind farm will depend on the number of wind turbines that will be installed

AGRICULTURAL AND INDUSTRIAL LANDS : both agricultural and industrial land are allowed . Sardinia is an exception because according to the current legislation, it allows the installation of a wind farm exclusively on industrial D category land and not on agricultural land category E

REGIONS WHERE TO BUILD WIND FARMS : the land, if suitable and without restrictions, can be found throughout the national territory : Northern Italy, Central Italy, Southern Italy, and therefore land in all regions . It is important that there is adequate windiness, and that the rents or the sale of the land allow an economic return on the investment compatible with the economic model . The regions with greater windiness are : Sardinia, Sicily, Calabria, Basilicata, Puglia, Campania, Molise, followed by Abruzzo, Lazio, Umbria, then Tuscany, Emilia, Marche, Liguria, and some areas of Val D’ Aosta, Piedmont, Trentino Alto Adige without considering off – shore installations at the sea

PURCHASE OF LAND OR SALE OF SURFACE RIGHT : it is allowed that the owners can take advantage of both a purchase contract and a contract for the sale of the surface right for 30 years and in some cases a transfer of the discounted DDS surface right paid at the beginning in a single payment trance

AMOUNTS FOR SALE OR SALE OF SURFACE RIGHT TO LAND OWNERS : the amount that will be paid to the properties of the land in Euro to Hectare for the sale, or in Euro to Hectare per year for the right to surface, will be negotiated between the investor and the owner of the land, depending on the Region where the land are located ( Southern Italy, Central Italy and Northern Italy ), on the distance from the connection point and on the characteristics of the site ( slope, geomorphological features ). In some cases, the investor may also pay the land surface rights in a single, updated solution . Each investor recognizes variable rates per hectare depending on the financial model used .

CONSTRAINTS AND WIND LIMITATIONS : the lands will be subjected to a geomorphological and orographic analysis, and careful analysis will be carried out to ascertain that the sites are not affected by various types of constraints :

- Official list of protected areas

- Natura 2000 network, sites of Community Importance and Special Protection Areas, SIC ZPS

- Cultural heritage and landscape

- Landscape constraints, visual cones

- Archaeological, geomorphological, hydrogeological constraints, areas with hydrogeological and hydraulic risk

- Piano territoriale paesaggistico regionale ( regional landscape territorial plan )

- Proximity to habitable buildings and electromagnetism

- Urban planning constraints

- Restrictions of a national, regional, local nature for the construction of wind farms in Grid Parity .



Our Buyers / Investors are also interested in purchasing ready – to – build permits ” Ready to Build ” where it is possible to immediately proceed with the construction of the Wind Power Plant .

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VISIT AT THE ATLAS AEOLIAN SITE : Click on the LINK Aeolian Interactive Atlas


- After clicking on the Link, the Home of the Atlas site will open

- On the left select : “ Average annual wind speed at 100 m s.l.t. / s.l.m. ”

- The map will be colored with different colors depending on the average wind speed per area concerned

- Click on + and go to enlarge the Region and the area of interest

- Discard the coloured areas in light green and dark green and consider the colored areas with the colours Yellow, Light Orange, Pink, Dark Orange, Purple, Blue and Blue, ie for wind speeds equal to or greater than 5 meters per second ( > 5 mt / s)

- If the land of interest falls in the colours indicated, you can proceed to send the site data


Land owners or signallers will be asked to send :

- Google coordinates of the land with the indicated placeholder

- If the area to be analysed is large, send the highlighted perimeter of the site in addition to the coordinates using the File with .KMZ extension from Google Earth

- Greenfield Website card that collects basic information about the land

This will make it possible to carry out checks regarding wind speed, and simulations of wind energy production .

After the preliminary analysis, and having obtained the go – ahead to proceed, the following documents will need to be sent :

- Certificato di Destinazione Urbanistica ( Certificate of urban destination )



SUBSTATION OR CABIN AND RELATED CONNECTION : the verification of the distance of the land from the nearest Enel / Terna substation will be carried out ; the presence of medium / high voltage, the capacity of the line, the technical feasibility of a connection in the substation, the costs for connection to a stall of an existing substation . The creation of a new user substation, will be considered for wind power plant of adequate power ; at the same time the nearby high voltage line will be directly intercepted .

To send documents, go to the section below “COLLABORATE”


PRELIMINARY AGREEMENT TO BE SIGNED BY THE OWNERS : after the checks on the land, on the connection to the Enel / Terna substation, and obtained a positive outcome, the signature of a preliminary land option agreement and the operational steps and the start of the authorization bureaucratic process can take place .

ACTIVITIES PERFORMED BY IBS AND PARTNER COMPANIES : IBS will engage through qualified technicians in the development of single authorizations through :
- Single Authorization development that includes geological, morphological, orographic surveys and examinations, and related surveys
- Design, presentation of TICA connection request and various requests, meetings with the Authorities in charge until obtaining the Unique Turnkey Authorizations, to proceed with the construction of the wind farms .

TIMING : times and methods differ depending on the type of site ( agricultural or industrial land ), region concerned, other technical aspects . The time runs after the preliminary analysis of the land documents and the signing of the preliminary option contract with the properties and then from the analysis documents sent to the Services conference in the Region in synergy with our designers .

AGREEMENTS WITH SIGNALS : if the site is not submitted to our attention by the owner directly, but through signalers or collaborators, we will sign agreements to protect employees for the recognition of a reporting fee and an NDA ( Non Disclosure Agreement ) for release of confidential information .

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GREENFIELD SITE CARD : make the download to send the basic information by the owner of the land or signaller (Region, Province, Municipality, if sale or DDS, economic expectations, any Mortgages, information on the Electrical Cabinet, etc.), with the Google Coordinates and if You can attach the photo in Google Earth with coordinates and perimeter of the land .


LINE SIMULATION COSTS LINK : ( for EXPERTS ) Excel file to simulate the connection costs to the low voltage / medium voltage line . Enter the values in the boxes highlighted in yellow and automatically calculate and first evaluate. For high voltage, CONTACT US .

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EN Google Earth and KMZ

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Contact us to collaborate by E-mail indicating your contacts or call +39 348 29 20 146. One of our managers will communicate with you within 24 H :

Mail : info(a)
Skype : doingbusinessibs ( location Roma )

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Notes : in our E-mail the at is indicated with this symbol (a) insted of @ for informatic safety . Thank you for your collaboration !

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We are looking for direct signalers, operators in contact with the properties of the land, and people who wish to become our Coordinators / Area Managers to coordinate and relate to the reporters, and point of reference for the information process .


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How the wind is formed

The wind is an atmospheric phenomenon . The earth transfers heat to the atmosphere unevenly, creating areas of low pressure and areas of high pressure . When several air masses come into contact, the area where the pressure is greater transfers the air where the pressure is lower, creating an air flow . The higher the pressure difference, the stronger the wind will be .

How to measure the wind

The wind is measured by force and direction . The direction is measured with a wind vane, which can freely orientate, based on the wind direction and the wind is classified using the place of origin or using the cardinal points . The force is indicated by measuring its speed in knots or through the Francis Beaufort scale . The speed is measured with the anemometer, the most used and the simplest is the cup type .

The circulation of the wind

The movements of air are due to the difference in temperature between the equator and the tropics . The equatorial hot air rises, needing cold air from the tropics in a continuous recirculation .

Factors that influence the circulation of winds

Other factors also affect air circulation:

- Earth axis inclination
- The revolution of the earth around the sun
- The rotation of the earth
- The frictional force of the earth ‘s surface
- Presence of mountain ranges

Description of the wind farm

A wind power plant is composed of one or more distant wind generators connected by underground cables . A typical wind machine is composed of turbines ( 1 to 3 ) fixed on a hub . The turbines and the hub form the rotor . The hub is connected to a tree . All the elements are placed in an instrument which is positioned on a support with an adjustable bearing . This instrument is placed on a tower anchored to the ground with a reinforced concrete foundation .
There are several machines but they can be grouped into 2 categories :
- Machines for electrical production to be placed on the network
- The machines for supplying isolated users

Onshore wind farms

More connected wind turbines form wind farms, real power plants . The energy is conveyed to a collection station where it is transformed into medium – voltage electricity . A wind farm can have up to more than one hundred turbines and covers an area of several kilometres . The distance between the turbines is calculated 5 – 10 times the turbine diameter . The USA owns the largest number of onshore wind farms, the largest being in Texas . In Europe the largest is in Glasgow ( Scotland ).

Offshore wind farm

The most recent wind farms are located offshore in the sea, where it is possible to exploit the winds that meet no obstacle . Construction and maintenance costs are higher, but the advantages are :
- The winds find no obstacles
- The problems of aesthetic and acoustic impact are solved
- They are not a danger to birds, birds of prey and migratory birds
Offshore installations are the real future of wind energy . The largest number of offshore wind farms are located in Denmark and the United Kingdom .

Wind energy

Wind energy is a technology that allows wind energy to be converted into electricity . Wind energy drives the wind turbine producing electricity to be transferred to the national electricity grid . The main problem is the landscape impact : the turbines are placed on top of mountains and hills . So they are visible from great distances .

Wind energy in history

The exploitation of wind energy goes back to ancient times, just think of the windmills that Holland used from 1350 to drain the marshes . The first true electric power generators date back to the early 1900s . In the period between the two world wars more powerful wind turbines were built .

Benefits and costs

The most significant cost is the initial investment for the construction of the wind farm . The supply of the machines is the most important expense . The cost of a turbine ( purchase, transport, assembly and start – up ) is directly linked to the rotor diameter . The cost of producing Kwh from wind is constantly decreasing over the last twenty years thanks to the optimization of processes, innovation and the improvement of machine performance . There are no fuel costs and the systems are remotely controlled .
Main benefits identified by the International Energy Agency :
- Very low emissions of harmful gases ( Co2 )
- Availability of energy from a different and safe source
- New industrial and employment prospects
The states that are currently interested in this type of energy are : Austria, Finland, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Japan, Holland, Spain, Norway, Sweden and the USA .