Country Profile Morocco

Marocco Scheda Paese - Country Profile


Country Code: (204), MA
Capital: Rabat
Government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Total Area: 710.850 km²
Population: 33 million
Time Zone: UTC +0 (UTC+1 in summer)
Currency: Moroccan diraham, MAD
Languages: Moroccan Arabic and Amazigh (official), French, Spanish and English
GDP: 835 billion MAD (2012), about 75 billion EUR
GDP (per Capita): 25,681MAD (2012), about 2,300 EUR
HDI: 4.9% growth (in the last five years)
Distribution of GDP (2011): 12.7% Agriculture, 28.1% Manufacturing, 59.2% services, 1.3% Inflation rate (2012)


In the last 10 years Morocco moved with the time and became a really attractive country for investors:
- Solid Macroeconomics Bases
- Government Development Plans to improve Manufacturing, Agriculture and Services and to support the Private Sector
- Infrastructures as Development Axis
- Stable and Safe Country
- Ideal position to serve Europe, Africa and Americas
- Competitive Labour Cost
- Free Trade Agreements
- Advantageous Contest for Business
- Direct Involvement of the Governmental Institutions
- Interesting Subsidies for Investors
- Free Zone Areas – Solid Bank System

Morocco combines four determining factors of strategic appeal and long term for investors

• Ideal position to serve Europe, Africa and Americas
• Competitive Labour Cost
• Free Trade Agreements with access to about 1 billion of users (Europe, Africa, Nord America)
• Advantageous Contest for Business


Moroccan Government has set the development of the foreign investments as absolutely priority in order to serve the local market as well as Europe, Africa and Nord America:

• Direct Involvement of the Government to attract and support Foreign Investors
• Interesting ways of subsidies for investors, including co-financing the big projects (CAPEX; areas, trainings…)
• Free Zone Areas, with administrative, fiscal and social benefits
• Solid Bank System, which includes the local Businesses who are improving their presence internationally through a high presence in Africa

Free Trade Zone accordi libero scambio marocco

International Infrastructures

For about 10 years Morocco has been launching programs to improve their own infrastructures internationally. In 2007 the Tangeri Med harbour has been launched. This harbour can contain 3 million containers. The streets and the highways, as well as the railways and the airports, are going to follow a plan of innovation and extension. From an industrial and logistic point of view, the integrated platforms and free economic zones have been improved. A free economic zone will be in Casablanca and from there the Moroccan economy could be relaunched, making easier the logistic and the international exchanges in comparison to Tangeri.


Open a company in MOROCCO is extremely easy. Due to the easy commercial and social laws, all the folders are centralized in the INVESTORS REGIONAL CENTERS; the most common type of company in MOROCCO is the SARL and the similar SA. SARL can be for a single member (SARL AU) or for more members. Other types of company, such as LIMITED PARTNERSHIPS or JOINT-STOCK COMPANIES, are uncommon.
Joint Ventures or Economic Interest Groups are going to be build in case of investment or relevant projects. The type of company depends on the type of activity, investment and the credit line. A minimal capital for the SARL and the SALR AU doesn’t exist any more. So the investment for the begin is minimum. According to Art.46 modified from the law no. 24-10, the capital of the LLC is decided from the members during the draft of the Statute; the social capital is divided into social part with equal nominal value. The social statutes state the subdivision of the social parts.

Negative Certificate :

After having decided the sector and the type for the company, the company needs a name and the first step is to obtain a negative certificate, a document that states that there are no other companies with the same name. This document can be obtained from a regional center for the investment, connected to the Moroccan Office for Industrial and Commercial propriety.

The Statute

Regarding to the Statute, it is recommended to extend the social object of your investment as more as possible.

WHICH ADDED VALUE CAN IBS International Business Strategy GIVE IN MOROCCO ?

IBS has an operation headquarter in Morocco, Moroc Business Strategies SARL. This means that we can give you all the informations you need about this country and more specialized services listed underneath. More over, thanks to our Logistic Department, we can organize the creation of a Commercial and Distributive Network direct in this country:

• Market Research • Entrepreneurial Opportunities
• Customers and/or Suppliers Research
• Business Consultancy
• Legal Information
• Customs Consultancy
• Bureaucratic Procedures
• Business Organization and Strategy
• Business Creation and Management
• Accounting Consultancy
• Goods Transfert
• Shipping Logistics
• Assisted Marketing and Finance in Morocco
• Business Planning
• Specialist Reporting
• Information about the Bank and Financial System