Financed Training


Financed Training for Check-up, Export and Internationalization, and other various Training paths

IBS is glad to recommend the opportunity of using the Interprofessional Joint Funds to make the Businesses able to achieve growth paths and competency development for the International markets and to improve the business efficiency. The aim is to bring in the Businesses the skills that make independent in choosing the strategies to spread the Business abroad.
Catalogue of the courses

GO ▬► Management, Organisation, Operating Mode Stella Polare 2008 Srl

Types of Courses that can be financed:

- Business Check-up allows to verify if there are the prerequisites to develop the business in the international markets;
- Market Analysis, analytical, strategical and operative marketing;
- International Scenario and Strategies to enter in a country;
- Commercial Development, Export Management and Development;
- Specialist Advice Services, support in customs, international tax system, international contracts, (e.g. agency and distribution contracts, international selling contract), purchases and sales, payment methods, protections and guarantees, and also credit recovery, presence abroad (representative office, branch, joint venture, foreign office) ad legal framework;
- Organizational structure and Cross Culture;
- Human Capital Development courses both from the organizational and functional point of view: Communication and Team Work, Leadership and negotiation skill, Change Management, creative Solutions to problematic issues, Decision Making to react to the rapid changes of the Businesses, performances and time increase to reach the aims and ambitious goals through Coaching courses;
- Relationships Area and cross paths to improve communicative skills in order to interact and well manage the costumer;
- Lean Production and 6 Sigma Manufacturing courses, in order to improve the efficiency of the process through the drop off of the costs, the suppression of activities with insufficient added values, that the customer will not pay;
- Courses to improve linguistic and relational skills;
- Management Control and administrative courses connected to the economic-financial sector of the Business; warehouse, production strategies, costing;
- Courses to gain or strengthen IT skills;
- Workplace Safety;
- Environment, Renewable Energy and Energy Bean courses;
- Regulated courses in the Social Health area, Social Care courses;
- Paths for Owners and Hotel Managers;
- Professional Area and specific professional paths.

Interprofessional Joint Funds

Please see the webpage Interprofessional Joint Funds to have an idea over all the numerous possibilities for a training of your staff, according to the main characteristics, the size, the goods sector, the industrial relations and the main membership relations of your Business.

Individual Training and Training Voucher

It is possible to launch some Training Voucher through some Joint Funds. The Voucher will allow the Business to buy seminars, masters, study days for the staff from a training activity catalogue. This is a very effective and flexible way to train the staff.


Interprofessional Joint Fund Fonarcom

The Fund Fonarcom, through the aggregate account, allows to optimize the overall profitability of the business deposits up to 0,30% of the monthly taxes through Uniemens – contributions paid to the Interprofessional Joint Fund after the social contributions paid to INPS. INPS will divert the 0,30% from the Interprofessional Joint Fund after having received the contribution from the business, if the business is already a member of an Interprofessional Joint Fund.


Interprofessional Joint Funds are controlled by the Italian law (Art. 118 of law no. 388/2000) about the possibility to create memberships for the Continuing Vocational Training through inter-confederation agreements between employers and trade unions, to support the businesses competitiveness and the workers employment.

The subscription to a Fund is voluntary and free; it is possible to cancel the subscription every month when you pay the amount through the Uniemens form.

For further details regarding the subscription to the Joint Funds and how they work, please see the webpage Interprofessional Joint Funds.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION regarding the FINANCED TRAINING or to receive a BUSINESS ANALYSIS for FREE, in reference to the coherence between corporate needs and the Interprofessional Fund, or to get a support in the identification of the best ways, tools, financing channelS and/or Co-Financing, or even for a FREE CONSULT “WRITE A QUESTION” IN THE SECTION “THE EXPERT ANSWERS” OR SEND US AN EMAIL TO THE UNDERNEATH LINK

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