Professional Training and the Professional Course Catalogue

Professional Training and the Professional Course Catalogue

Catalogo Corsi di Formazione Professionale e Fondi Paritetici Interprofessionali


In this section, some examples of seminars aimed at increasing the technical and vocational skills of operators in a specific field will be listed. We can organize and manage seminars and courses of any other type on requirement by using, similarly to the other areas, the resources made available by the Financing sources, such as Training Vouchers, NETWORK ACCOUNT and the other Joint Inter-professional Funds, which are 3 efficient and flexible tools.


It has the aim of providing basic knowledge of the programme and a proper use of it. It aims to optimize the management from the operator of the information and of the data in the enterprise, by using several applications properly allowed by the spreadsheet. In particular, it will focus on these topics:
- formatting cells and the logic of the functioning in the Excel spreadsheet;
- how to use effectively the basic formulas and functions, the predefined filters, the graphics, the tables, the interactive dashboards, the options and the printings, the checkboxes;


The course aims to introduce the structure and the functioning of the software and the algorithm and the philosophy to analyse the data implemented by it; moreover, it aims to show the potentials of the programme through the analysis of some Excel applications that are extremely useful in the economical and business environment. In particular, it will address the following issues more carefully:
- business information system and Excel spreadsheet;
- how to work effectively with Excel, advanced use;
- the functions for different uses;
- how to optimize the use of the Graphics;
- the Macro and the planning;
- proper use of the Filters;
- what the Structures are and how they work;
- what the conditional formatting are;
- Pivot tables;
- how to import information and manage aggregate data;
- how to set the hyperlinks between the different worksheets and files;
- analysis of methods and planning of applications.


The course aims to offer practical tools to plan and prepare new aperitifs by using creative and innovative techniques. In particular, it will address the following topics:
- analysing the products to be used;
- planning the service;
- concepts and insights on the Cocktails;
- the right snacks that go with a specific drink;
- how to prepare the garnish.


The seminar aims to offer operational tools in order to help the learners to prepare and make, with confidence, original packaging that can enhance the products and provide an additional service in order to receive a fully customer satisfaction. In particular, it will address the following topics:
- colours and patterns for the different types of paper;
- boxes, bottles, clothes, ext.; how to choose the shape of the packages;
- how to choose from different types, the adapted ribbon and the bow according the features (seasons, colour …);
- how to choose the material to be used according the type of the package.


The course aims to introduce to the participants:
- the main functions of the shop window in a business field;
- providing the main necessary knowledge to plan a window successfully;
- promoting the acquisition of technical skills to prepare a window of a retail store;
- learning the main techniques of the visual merchandising;
In particular, it will also address the following topics:
- the window: the business role;
- the window: setting and architecture;
- how to prepare the window.