Formative voucher and financed formation through interprofessional joint funds


Formative voucher and financed formation through interprofessional joint funds

Individual formation :

Interprofessional joint funds, above the fact that they finance, partly or completely, formative business, sectorial or territorial plans through the modifications introduced by the article 48 of the law 289/02, the interprofessional joint funds can also finance interventions and individual formative plans.

Formative voucher :

Particularly recommended for the individual formation is the modality of formation through the use of formative vouchers, adopted and expected by the systems of many interprofessional joint funds.
It allows to finance and buy, in the advantage of own employees , the participation to catalogue courses, masters , days of formation and seminars.

Here the funds that have established the formative vouchers :

- Fondimpresa
- Forte
- Fondir
- FBA ( Fondo Banche Assicurazioni)
- Foncoop
- Fonder
- Fonarcom
- Fondirigenti
- Fondo professioni
- Fondartigianato
- Formazienda

Since each interprofessional joint fund has identified different modalities for financing formation courses and pre-courses with the vouchers, we would like to invite all the companies that are interested to contact us in order to receive more detailed pieces of information.

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When do they born?

The interprofessional joint funds are national bodies and they were born in 2003 thanks to the law number 388 of 2000 which allows the companies on the italian territory to address the amounts of 0,30 % of the social contribution payed to I.N.P.S , to the formation and qualification of own employees.

How do the interprofessional joint funds work?

Through the interprofessional joint funds, the companies can ask to I.N.P.S to transfer a part of the contribution that has been payed to the employees , to the selected interprofessional joint fund, providing the enterprises with the possibility to cover the costs of professional courses and pre-courses with the instruments that have been provided by the funds.

What are the interprofessional joint funds?

The interprofessional joint funds are promoted by organizations which represent the social and datorial parts through specific “ interconfederal agreements” which allow to finance formative activities in advantage of the employees of participant enterprises.

Which are the modalities of operation of interprofessional joint funds?

The modalities of operation or interprofessional joint funds are established by the single fund through public advices and announcements.
This modality allows to finance businesslike,sectorial or territorial formative plans, whom the participant enterprises, both as an individual company or as a company which is associated with other companies , will decide to set up for own employees.