Courses Area Management Control, Warehouse, Provisions, Production, Costing and Catalogues.

business plan Break Even Point

Management controlling area, warehouse, strategies of production, costing :

We include in this field all the formative activities linked to the activities management, fine-tuning of processes, elimination and limitation of waste and raising of perceived quality of services. The participation of those paths will allow the learners to have the possibility to manage with responsibility and independently the right monitoring and control of daily and ordinary activities, giving attention in particular to the control of time, to the restraint of costs and to the fine-tuning of resources.

The possibility of using instruments for managing the work and oversee the process , as a consequence, will increase the awareness of the professional role that is covered , from which comes a general improvement of the organizational wealth. The aim is to be placed in conditions where it is possible to be up against routine situations and extraordinary events, particular or unexpected situations, facilitate the work since it is possible to highlight the gaps and intervene promptly with corrective actions.


Path about management control :

The activation of a careful system of management control allows to plan the actions that need to be started regarding short-term aims toward which a constant monitoring is required,as much as the relevation of quantifiable and measurable data and information in concerned in order to review and remeasure possible gaps in comparison with some fixed aims.

The following topics will be particularly debated:

- What is the business formative system.
- Analysis of the balance sheet and the profit and loss account: Structure and reclassification.
- What are the balance and the balance analysis , analysis and costs accounting.
- What is the financial budget and the consolidate budget and the sector budgets.
- What is the break even point and break even analysis, analytic accounting and activity based costing ( techniques of costs detection).
- Earnings analysis,costs of what has been sold, costs of the staff: What are the incentives and the critical situations.
- Control: Types, times,critical situations divided into the business areas and the different sectors.
- Services enterprises: focus on planning, organization and control.
- Services enterprises: What are the efficiency indicators, how to innovate the processes,how to manage the human resources.

Path regarding the management of the warehouse:

The management of the warehouse and the provisions requests a careful and continuous activity of monitoring environmental conditions and services and perceived quality features, safeguarding the total business revenue-generating and responding to specific normative duties. Is therefore essential to deepen the methods of use of information systems available to support the management stocks, whose peculiarities, compared with other commercial activities require special support through new technologies. The objective of the course is therefore to hone the skills and management skills as well as practical knowledge which are made available by the management systems to manage inventories for the company to comply with current legislation and the implications of the economic management of company overall.

Course about strategies of production: how to establish aims, plan the results and measure them during time :

Every field of enterprises needs to plan strategies, fix aims, organize actions, measure the results and the output. It is important to know how to manage efficaciously the strategies and financial and economic indicators planning processes and the development of successes and future revenue-generating.
This is the aim of this actual course: In particular, we aim to make the learners understand the competences that will allow them to :
- Realize accurate analysis , plan and manage strategic aspects.
- Value the enterprises business structure choices and the “ make or buy” choices.
- Make important decisions or provide a right support to the decision process.
- Develop business planning activities and value the business plan in its various shapes.

Path about public exercises: management and control in order to achieve an improvement of the revenue-generating :

The course will provide practical working and control tools in order to facilitate the management processes within establishments. We will discuss the following topics in particular :

– What are the operating levers in order to achieve more effective management of revenue through the analysis of price lists, peaks and seasonality, perceived quality, promotional activities, etc …
- Optimizing the Cost of sales (purchases, food costing, process, control).
– Management of staff costs (planning and control).
– Activities of Budgeting and methodologies for the economic control / management of function of different types of locals.
– Analysis and Organization / standardization process.
– Efficiency in warehouse management and inventory.
– The operating budget, analysis of fixed and variable costs, how to determine the breakeven point. – Tools of detection / processing, reporting.
– Tutorials: question time and resolution and practical cases.

Path about services costing :

The course’s aim is to provide the right knowledge of the instruments in order to make decisions through the analysis of the business and budgeting costs. Following the classification of costs, the modalities designed for construction for an adequate use of every piece of information of the useful economic and financial kind and as a support for making important decisions will be developed. The starting point is an analysis of the costs and the configuration of the same, within an accounting logic implemented by cost center and after this step, the following consists in analyzing the various methodologies Costing (Direct Costing Method, Full Costing Method).