Social and healthcare area, Courses and seminars

Catalogo Corsi Area Socio Assistenziale e crediti ECM

Social and healthcare area: Courses and seminars


The Training courses and the upgrading make possible the skills development and the job interesting. According to the Ministry of Health plan, in the social and healthcare field, the workers and facilitators have some features, including:
- having the theoretical knowledge and keep themselves up to date (learning to know);
- having the technical and/or practical skills (learning to do);
- having the communication and social skills (learning to be).

Due to the ongoing and rapid development of knowledge and organizational and technological innovations, it is even more difficult for a social worker to be able to maintain the three features at an adequate level of performance. This means keep themselves always “skilled and up to date”.

For this reason, it is extremely important that every year the training goals are set in the interest of each worker.

- Training course on a cross- sectorial basis: it will provide all the basic tools to the participants for an efficient communication and for individual and group satisfying relationships;
- Training course for a professional technique: it will give the opportunity of gaining specialized knowledge and the ongoing professional upgrading for the participants/learners;
- Training course on mandatory and institutional issues: it allows to the beneficiaries to learn and master a language, a logic and some operational tools for the management of the issues that the worker could face. These issues could be subject to a specific regulation, including:

- the safeguard and prevention in the workplace (see safety at work);
- the biological risk;
- the cargo handling;
- an emergency plan;
- the course for the workers in case of fire-fighting;
- the Privacy protection;
- other.

The training courses, which are set out below in the catalogue, are a summary of the training provision from Stella Polare.

Every event is customizable to the final customer’s needs or goals/ expectations.

Thanks to our methodology, we are able to carry out, in accordance with the business spokespersons, an accurate analysis of the needs/ goals. We can also provide an adequate support during the phase of the teaching planning, in the contents setting, in the scouting / selection of the speakers / professors and in the management/ overview of the contents supply, mainly focused on the organizational goals of the Enterprise.

What can guarantee the quality of our training activities is that customer has to monitor every event for a final evaluation carried out by the main business spokesperson, together with the feedback collection from the beneficiaries and from the professor / trainer. It guarantees a 360-degree view of the training efficiency course and of the achievement of the goals set out before. They will be monitored through an adequate survey carried out at the end of the course and after six months from the end of the course.

Our trainers are workers with an expertise in the social and healthcare sector, chosen very carefully depending on the technical specialized skills and on the experiences gained in specific fields of competence. They are also experts in teaching and learning with adults. Looking further to the shared values, the trainers have the important task of leading and supporting the learner /customer in achieving the best performance.

The courses will be acknowledged and qualified by the Ministry of Health in order to achieve the ECM credits. These are mandatory in the field of healthcare jobs (see examples Social and Health seminars) and can be gained paying a fee or financed (partially or entirely) by the Joint Inter-professional funds.

According to the last assumption, Stella Polare worries about managing the procedure from the requirement of the facilitation to the credits achievement. It takes care of the training plans development, their presentation, the management of all the training activities in accordance with the implementing regulations set out by the financing bodies and with the procedures of the Ministry of the Health, taking care of reporting on the project.