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Checkup for export or FDI Foreign Direct Investment

A check-up for Export and International Affairs, is a tool to assess the strongness of the Company and therefore the safety and sustainability of actions toward the Markets in the short, medium and long term. First is a Feasibility Analysis General and a Mini Market Analysis and Country Analysis.
This analysis also highlights distortions or unattainable goals of the Company, by way of company size, production capacity and logistics insufficient with respect to the expansion strategy or country of interest for excessive breadth of the market.
Subsequently, the intervention is based on the following core elements:
- FINANCIAL CHECK-UP : capital structure / financial performance indicators. Request: forecast cash flow, cost of capital and return of Investment;
- COMMERCIAL STRUCTURE CHECK-UP, domestic, foreign and marketing strategies;
- BUSINESS ORGANISATION CHECK-UP: compatibility of the organisational asset that the Company intends to adopt abroad, first with respect to the competitive situation / market conditions in which it will operate, and the average profile of the professional staff; the latter summarizes the know-how, skills, attitudes and robustness of the present Human capital in the Company, with respect to what is required for the foreign challenge. In this module, we also look at how the company has been adapted, to the culture of the country of destination.
Request: analysis can be integrated with a more specific analysis of the personnel, under conditions of stress or unfavorable, and it applies to the first captains in the Company, or profiles that are going to more than others affect strategic choices or have greater specific importance in the company.
Optional: Lean Production, Manufacturing and 6 Sigma, Check-up , analysis and optimization of processes. Analysis and corrective actions, in order to give the Company greater efficiency, while also achieving a significant reduction in costs, 30-40% after one week.
The point of this analysis is to “identify and practice in the company only value activities, for which my client is willing to pay me,” contrary locate and eliminate waste. This is achieved through analysis and subsequent implementation of lean processes, a skeleton key operational activities, correct strategies / policies Deployment, and a system of Visual and Meeting Management.
The competition abroad may be high, therefore compete in the market by unloading of waste and inefficiency provides greater guarantees of success together and to remain aligned with the objectives of EBIT and EBITDA.

Communication and Marketing Tools

Analytical and Strategic Marketing, Market and Competitors Analysis , Research and Market Strategies, Strategic Marketing Plans ;
Business modeling and forecasting, canvass model, product placement;
Management of brand policies, corporate and brand identity, brand awareness;
Online and offline advertising campaigns, media plans, activities of social marketing and web marketing;
Analysis of customer satisfaction;

Solutions for Export and Export Management

Sales & Export Specialist to create your own sales network abroad, a strategic consulting to 360 degrees for the company.
From scouting for opportunities and partners for trade agreements (including providers research and scouting), agents, importers, distributors, wholesalers, solutions for your growth, developing your business, through the search for potential customers, developing new markets, through processes of internationalization, business negotiations, arranging commercial areas.
All this due to the quality of our Export Manager, competent, result-oriented, with strong personal motivation, sharing multicultural experiences, which allow us to adapt them to the different characteristics of the trading partners and markets.
In a nutshell, the right combination of strategy outlining the direction, and concrete operations that transforms the potential for revenue growth for the company.

Missions, Trade Shows, B2B meetings

IBS, due to the strong connections with the institutional authorities and the Chambers of Commerce, will point you in all the Missions and Trade Shows to the foreign country of interest already in the program, together with the private initiatives of third parties belonging to the network.
Ad hoc missions, Business to Business meetings, workshops, or other ad hoc initiatives can be organized on request.
It ‘also available service, “Send us to the TRADE SHOWS instead of you“, which allows the company to have an agreed number of business contacts secured, concerning the Trade Show of interest, greatly reducing the cost of collecting information on the relevant market and potential partners of interest.

Internationalization / IDE (Foreign Direct Investment) Activities

To open a Company Abroad: complete Feasibility Analysis, the international scenario analysis, country analysis and risk management, market analysis, marketing and strategies for internationalization, supply chain management (sourcing policies, processes, efficiency, cost and time reordering), finance, business planning; advice on trademark registration and administrative practices for opening foreign companies (from representative office to subsidiary, from production licenses, to contractual or equity joint venture , etc..), support to the family of the farmer; incubators scouting where the company can establish, support and starting-up business abroad, scouting funds and facilities in the foreign state, subsidies, infrastructure provided by the state for business or commercial activity.

Business Planning

Business Planning for both small-scale projects, or BOT projects (build operate transfer) by analysts and economists of high specialization and experience in various industries (service, oil, construction, real estate, industrial).

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