Stella Polare 2008 Srl

LOGO STELLA POLARE 2008 SRL per la formazione finanziata

STELLA POLARE 2008, guarantee company: managing society of financed formation and down market formation paths


STELLA POLARE 2008 SRL, guarantee company has the aim to plan, promote, as well as realize financed or down market formative activities, addressed to employees and to production and services companies entrepreneurs.

FOCUS: generate added value

Financed and non-financed formation brings added value which is relevant on a strategic level if it gets planned taking in consideration the concrete needs of companies, respecting the correct times of enterprise activities, supplied with coherent quality with the aim of developing the company, pledging a professional and human in values experience.


We start from an accurate analysis and a detection of formative basic requirements in order to get to the point of planning and identifying the proposals and the personalized solutions, “stitched on the needs” of an enterprise, from the identification and realization of financed or down market formation plans, to the monitoring and evaluation with an overall efficacy and quality of every single realized intervention.


STELLA POLARE 2008 SRL, guarantee company, uses, therefore, specialized competences both in the inner staff and in the relationships with external bodies: a combination of freelancers in many various businesslike and sectorials realities with a warranty regarding flexibility and efficacy in the achievement of fixed aims.

The staff, regarding the business sector, the business dimensions, the territorial localization and the kind of formation that needs to be supplied, can oversee the following processes:

- Analysis and survey about the company formative basic requirements.
- Specific consultancy.
- Identification of the right financing tool.
- Planning and scheduling of a formative plan.
- Identification and selection of masters in sinergy with the company.
- Presentation and approval of formative plans.
- Operative management of courses.
- Direction of the project, coordination activities, continuous protection and monitoring in terms of efficacy of products and of the processes of interventions.
- Follow-up in order to value the formative interventions and to capitalize the results.


STELLA POLARE 2008 SRL, guarantee company, uses for the managing of a part of the bureaucratics and administratives activities, a professional formation body, qualified in Emilia Romagna in range of continuous and permanent formation and of apprenticeship ( cod. system 9029). Such body is also qualified among the Interprofessional Joint Funds ( Fon.Ter. Accr. 294) in order to present and manage the formative, businesslike, business-to-business, sectorials and territorials plans.


Territorial flexibility: we are organized for realizing business, sectorial or territorial formative plans both on the regional territory and on the extra-regional one.
Accurate choice of financing sources: we select the most suitable financing tool regarding the company features and the formative plan needs. There are sources that come from different Interprofessional Joints Funds with different times and modalities of supplying.

High organizational flexibility: we offer methodological and organizational support, as well as modulate interventions regarding the common aims, the formative action, the process and the formative product.

Wide selection of formative contents : the company can choose between specialized on export and internationalization and strategic contents, instruments of communication and marketing, strategies of approach to countries/markets, linguistic, informatic or administrative transversal tools, compulsory contents in the area of security, quality and, at the end, sectorial matters ( services, health, education, commercial networks, production, etc…)

In the service planning , the enterprises will find the answers to the real needs and will appreciate the supplying of personalized and identified with specific businesslike realities formative plans.
Selection of masters: teachers identified regarding the specific needs and in sinergy with the beneficiary company or teachers selected by a staff of professional qualified workers.

PLAN IN A PERSONALIZED WAY: analysis of business basic requirements, use of peculiarities of different funds and supplying of services, always with the best advantage for the customers.

- High quality of the formative offer in order to generate a compact added value: the formation as a vital productive input, which places side by side the enterprise which evolves and thinks about the future thanks to a professional plan focused for each member of the human capital which grows in the real value of each society.

FINANCED FORMATION: the advantages for the companies:

- Being able to increase the competitiveness of the enterprise, reaching our self aims of growth and development and reducing the business costs which should be employed in the formation.

- Recovery of costs that need to be shouldered in each case, for example: the use of locals, the general costs, the equipment, the consultancy for quality, security etc…

- Having a partner which is able to manage and supply many various formative paths, managing all the phases for the company itself, relieving the company from every administrative or bureaucratic encumbrance, therefore by the choice of the Interprofessional Joint Funds and by the related enrollment to the presentation of the project and the request of financing, to the managing of the project and the closure of the latter including: the balance sheet and the certification of the formative path.

- Customized paths stitched on specific needs (including individual paths and coaching ones). Go to the page Formative Voucher in order to have pieces of information about the individual paths directly from the formative catalogues.

- All the phases won’t have any extra encumbrances at the expense of the companies.

- Being able to use the distance formation or the blended learning when it is compatible with the formative aims.

In other terms, our remuneration is included in the project and it gets refined exclusively for financing requests which have obtained a positive outcome.

Catalogue of the courses


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