Human Capital Development and Organization


Check-up of Management Structure Abroad

Understand if it is sustainable for a company to access the foreign market in the long term
It allows Companies to evaluate risks / benefits of a Foreign Direct Investment or Export activity; reveals information to improve efficiency even compared to the domestic market.
Elements to check:
- Analysis of general feasibility, market and country analysis ;
- Private equity / financing and company performance indicators , cash flow and cost of capital forecast;
- Marketing and Sales structure;
- Management structure of the company whether compatible with foreign countries, related to the market in which the company is going to perform and within average business professional profile of the personnel;
Optional : check-up to assess the potential and abilities of the first lines of the organization by means of objective assessment certificates (also multilingual) and corrective training for people to better perform. Any grants to finance the project with joint funds or with other national or European funds.

Expatriate Management and Cross Cultures

The management of expatriates abroad is an element of great importance and should be done with awareness and strategy to ensure that there are adequate economic returns and the expected profits. Identifying the profiles correctly is the first step, to train them to go to the next step success in the role; however, activities on foreign markets, both for expatriates and resident staff in the country, it is essential to adequately consider cultural differences or the so-called Cross Culture.
IBS provides advices and training on the management of cultural diversity / relational, which significantly affects both the start-up firms and the governance of structured and consolidated companies. Some examples: what prevails in decision-making? is the paradigm of goal management, individualistic or collectivist? Is the hierarchy and status important, or you tend to put everyone on the same level? How do you manage relationships and time? Do the people try to avoid or to tolerate something uncertain could happen? Do people use a “high” or “low context communication” (reporting or not minor events of everyday life)? Is it preferred harmony and style complacent or clarity of communication with a frank and direct confrontation? Are communications more formal or informal ? Concerning negotiations what style should you take in respect of the leader or the follower, if there is no agreement / understanding / clarity concerning to the directives? How to bring out the values and how to integrate them with others?

Training and Consulting on Management, HR & Technical Training, in the country of origin and abroad

Talent Management, and paths of development of the person, which is the pulsating soul of the project; the individual brings value and can ensure the success of the project, supporting the business completely. Areas covered:
Top Management and HR: Driving Change, Change Management strategies, Cross Culture and Diversity Management, Communication and Team building, leadership and followership, Time management, etc..
Export: Export Manager and Export Supervisor training;
Marketing: Analytic and Strategic Marketing, Operational Market Plan;
Commercial area: how to motivate and manage Sales manager, Phone Sales, Area Manager being more effective in managing complex negotiations using appropiate Negotiation Techniques;
Technical Area: Logistics, Purchasing, Manufacturing (Lean Production), Design, Quality and Safety, or other issues according to specific needs.

Enterprise Networks Constitution and Network Enterprise Management

Management and development of corporate networks, with particular attention to the establishment of the business, marketing plans, strategic and operational communication plans, promotion and commercial development of the network, network managers.

Recruiting, Executive Search, Head hunting, in the country of origin and abroad

After defining a Job Description and having acquired all the information, we will activate the selection process abroad, for the identification of the candidates, through foreign companies partner with proven experience in recruiting, executive search, headhunting. Certified Tools will be used for objective evaluation of candidates and for greater assurance of meeting the target of competences required. The research will be aimed at identifying management profiles and senior managers (management plant, quality and engineering manager), Technical Profiles (R & D, product development manager, etc.), Finance Profiles with appropriate knowledge of laws, regulations, economic aspects and characteristics of the institutions of the country where they are going to perform their competences. That includes the identification of profiles from the domestic market to be expatriates in the foreign country for the start-up of projects and companies.

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