Relational area courses, contents and catalogue

Area Relazionale e Tecniche di vendita, Comunicazione Efficace, Gestione del Cliente, Lavorare in Equipe

Relation area courses: What is the meaning of it ?

We mean paths that have been set in order to develop communicative skills, interaction skills and management of customers skills. The results that have been achieved after the educational intervention are linked to a better ability in interacting with the customers both italian and from other nations , then they are also linked to the utilization, after having achieved them, instruments and techniques in order to be able to communicate more efficiently in various circumstances, to the ambition of a self-communicative excellence so that it is going to be possible to reach aims both personal and business-like.

In order to be more precise:

- Achieve and activate operative instruments in order to communicate efficiently in shorter times;
- Use English language ( both for a daily common use and for a technical terminology) to communicate with foreign people;
- Communicate using the verbal component of communication, and that non-verbal and para-verbal through body language; formal expression of different emotions;
- Be assertive e manage aggressiveness and passiveness, activate the right incentives in order to ease the counterpart in the collaboration and in the negotiation, driving , though without manipulating, the mediation, in order to get to the point of convincing and persuading the interlocutor;
- Improve own self personal communicative style in the management of conflicts.

Examples of courses and contents of the catalogue regarding the relational area

Techniques of communication and management of customers

- The aim of our path is to provide with characteristic and useful skills in order to be able to optimize the approach to various kinds of customers or interlocutors, providing standard techniques of PNL for getting on well with the customers and be in tune with them, though without manipulating them.
– Some of the topics that will be discussed:
- Management of a pity customer and of complaints.
- Awareness and emotional intelligence in the relationship with others.
- “Communicate” at the customer’s service.
- Efficient management of verbal, non-verbal, para-verbal components of communication.

Efficient sale techniques

- The aim is to understand how to plan, organize , and lead to a good end the the sale negotiation, understanding the customer needs, though leading successfully the sale negotiation; establishing useful and long-lasting interpersonal relationships.
- Understand an efficient method, master specific sale techniques, be able to make questions, be able to debate, answering to the customer objections, conclude in a positive way the sale negotiation.

Being able to work in a team

- The aim of the course is to develop in the participants the capacity of integrate and harmonize skills and both theoretical and practical personal knowledge in order to develop the creativity and team-working processes.
– Sensitize in the respect of the importance of quality and of the roles of every single person inside the working team , achieve the instruments and the experiences for self-motivation in achieving together the aims of the working team, strength and arising the soul of the team and adopting a correct behavior toward new solutions.