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International Contracts

Integrated legal assistance for international business operations; contracts and commercial international law, national and international contracts;
Trademarks and patents, protection of intellectual property, corporate law (merging and acquisition), establishment of joint ventures and foreign companies;
Competition law and market regulation. Real estate, private international law, international contracts; drafting of contracts for enterprise network, information and documentation on foreign regulations, certifications required by product and sector.

Customs and Transport

Specialized advice to businesses, related to international transport and customs issues, managing contractual relationships with carriers and freight forwarders, correct identification of the incoterms to be included in the contract of sale to identify the correct transfer of ownership and risk, and costs / cost transfer goods, and the person responsible for the customs formalities in the import / export transactions; also mandatory certification and dual use restrictive measures; definition of the most effective strategy in the internationalization process for customs, customs planning (including Free Trade Zone, bonded warehouses and VAT); advice for analysis and future management of custom tax implications for import / export, customs resolution of a dispute at national or Community law level;
Consultancy for VAT in foreign trades, in intra-Community trade in Intrastate forms, in the black list, in the calculation of excise duties in exports; bans in import / export, imports, TPP (Outward processing), T.P.A. (Inward processing), drafting of opinions regarding the origin of goods, made in, preferential origin of goods, consultancy in acquiring the title of approved exporter, or AEO (Authorised Economic Operator), farm inspections, consulting in procedures for payments with foreign currency , incoterms, contracts.

International Taxation

Taxation and international tax law; National and international tax consulting, tax planning, assistance in the application of direct and indirect taxes in the country of reference; litigation and management issues of fiscal origin inside and outside the EU; optimal tax planning, in accordance with regulations, thus avoiding illicit transfer of economic and financial activities abroad, relocation abroad, incorporation of companies in tax havens; support and advice in the development of commercial activities with operators blacklist; transfer price, functional analysis, risk weighting, defining benchmarks, solution of problems and transfer price issues examined by the tax office; fiscal management issues inside and outside the EU, VAT in foreign transactions, advice on tax laws in foreign countries, and regulations governing the transfer / posting workers abroad.

Accounting, Consulting and Payroll Abroad

Accounting: accounting, assistance in the formation of companies and in the performance of the various legal and tax requirements. Mergers, conversions, transfers and liquidations.
Negotiate corporate merging and acquisition, company consultancy and planning, assistance in company negotiations, conflict resolution, international assistance for entrepreneurs.
Business consulting, tax and contractual transactions for the purchase and renovation of real estate, investment evaluation and feasibility studies.
Annual and interim financial statements, auditing, budgeting and reporting governance, risk assessment, fraud auditing, compliance audits.
Payroll: Payroll, expat employment law counselling and solutions for overseas workers, annual statements and ordinary payroll service.

Payments, Debt Collection and Litigation

Risk management and debt collection abroad, requires a careful assessment of relationship with the other party, different approach whether private or public, understand how reliable the custom is and the resulting solvency; in this part of the political and commercial risks analysis and the identification of effective payment terms, that may reduce the risk of insolvency and litigation.
IBS can assist companies in managing international payments, consulting and operational support in the management practices of export and trade finance; in the analysis and subsequent management of documentary credits, bank guarantees in international context.
Consultancy in the activity of collecting credit, by means of judicial debt collection procedures as the European order for payment, foreign direct actions and enforcement proceedings; management of court debt collection abroad, through the negotiation and drafting recovery plans, definition of settlement agreements, debt restructuring plans; assistance in bankruptcy and insolvency abroad.

Litigation and ADR

Advices and assistance in litigation, both civil and commercial in Italy or abroad, supporting in foreign bankruptcy proceedings; assistance in the resolution of legal disputes in Italy or abroad; support in procedures of arbitration and mediation, ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution), both in Italy and abroad.

Geopolitical Review and Risk Assessment

Geopolitical Review – Services :
- Country Profile
- Geopolitical Risk Analysis
- Observatory Conflicts
- Actors Profile
- Country Security Assessment
- Travel Security Plan
LINK Geopolitical Review – Services

Development of New Photovoltaic, Wind and Hydroelectric Authorizations

IBS in Joint Venture with Structured Design Companies and important track records of Authorized Deliverables, develops New Authorizations for Photovoltaic Grid Parity / Wind / Hydroelectric Plants through the Single Authorization . It will handle the following activities :
(example for Photovoltaic)
- PRELIMINARY CHECKS : site conformation, slopes, irradiation, constraint analysis, connection to the electricity grid and connection costs, layout, preliminary option with the owner, preparation of the site file .
- PLANNING, ENGINEERING ACTIVITIES, AUTHORIZATION PROCESS : from the connection request to the electricity network, up to the single authorization .
- EPC : if of interest, EPC / BOS ( Balance of System ) service with the most advanced technology but with prices among the most competitive on the market .

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