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In cooperation with our Geopolitics and Risk Assessment partner, the following services are part of a long period strategic planning, which aims to provide a complete and optimised support for those companies who want to securely handle a multidisciplinary mission abroad.

The following tools support the decision maker during the mission phase, in terms of analysis and previsions for future situations.

This aims to create useful analysis and intelligence tools in private sector, which are fundamental in order to optimise time and costs, in an always more interconnected world, where information has a key role in every strategic decision.

Geopolitics & Intelligence – Services :

Country Profile

The Country Profile report underlines the foreign country general features and conditions, describing the main and essential assets, in order to have an overall and detailed view of the fundamental evaluation information such as:
- territorial morphology;
- economic aspects;
- political aspects;
- legislation and legal framework;
- social conditions of populations.

Moreover it provides useful information for those who have to travel in that country, such as visas, vaccinations etc.. and what is needed or recommended by the organisms in charge.
The Country Profile report contains updates concerning the last 6 months relating to the country analysed.
In order to have a first evaluation about the territory and the world area where we focused our attention, we suggest to draft the Country Profile report during the first stage of strategic activities in the framework of internationalisation operations.

Geopolitical Risk Analysis

Geopolitical Risk Analysis services analyse every aspect of the country system, in order to track the real situation in the field, finding specific assets linked to the most significant risks in the framework of an operation in a foreign country. Regarding the country under consideration, with the Geopolitical Risk Analysis, policy makers can analyse the possible future strategies which they may carry out to cope with a crisis. In case it is possible they try to create future situations and alternative strategies.
During the analysis are especially taken into consideration regional geopolitical dynamics, in order to be able to foresee and estimate which will be the territorial and country future, in terms of political stability, and international relations with a particular attention to other regional actors.
The Geopolitical Risk Analysis is extremely important for an investor/financier who wants to take long / short term actions efficiently and safely.

Observatory Conflicts

After having drafted the country evaluation report through the Geopolitical Risk Analysis, in case of instability it will be possible to monitor the ongoing conditions with frequent analysis, which are necessary both for the decision process and the right planning of company strategies.
Moreover the Observatory Conflicts monitoring is also provided for Italian companies which are already abroad and need information about the territorial situation on the field.

Actors Profile

This informative tool aims to analytically describe the main actors which are actively involved in the context or in the situation of the evaluated territory.
Actors Profile makes a very important analysis process in order to identify and study both the working competitors in the area and the counterparts linked to the territory capable of producing an added value to the foreign project.
In order to understand the importance of the Actors Profile report it is sufficient to think about a conflict or a political instability:
- what does having a detailed and reliable actor profile mean?
- it means being able to find the counterparts, future key role people to start a worthy dialogue with, in order to create a successful strategical process in the future.

Country Security Assessment

The Country Security Assessment report taken into consideration now, is the highest performing tool to track a general and complete evaluation about the objective situation of the analysed country.
Categories and threat vectors evaluated are:
- safety indicator;
- crime rate;
- spread of terrorism and exposure of the population;
- regularity and typology of the offences against the person;
- security services available or that can be activated;
- medical indications.
In particular, the Country Security Assessment report considers the recent situation linked to social and civil conditions linked to the security observed in the analysed country during the last months (usually three).
The Country Security Assessment is intended to business operators who want to understand the security conditions of the country where they want to set up a business.
Therefore the Country Security Assessment is crucial to be prepared for the on site mission, in order to securing the company personnel who will go to the foreign country where the business will be set up.

Travel Security Plan

Unlike the aforementioned reports, the Travel Security Plan is composed of an operative plan used to secure the personnel which has to go to the analysed foreign country.
The Travel Security Plan is create in order to satisfy the customer company needs, through a study on itineraries, identification of locations of interest, planning of transport means used on site.
Moreover this report has a large range of contingency operative plans that guarantee an immediate and efficient response to eventual on site crisis.
The centralised contact management between armed forces, private security and embassies is the strength that makes complete the Travel Security Plan report.
In order to fully explain the Travel security we use our partner, a private security company that has guaranteed for years logistics and personnel for foreign missions, providing a high qualified service.

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