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- RENEWABLE GRID PARITY PV ITALY – WE ARE LOOKING FOR LAND PLOTS TO BUILD GRID PARITY PHOTOVOLTAIC INSTALLATIONS : IBS, as sole spokesperson, will be the legal person that will organize all the bureaucratic procedure from the submission of the request to connect to the electrical line to the obtaining of the Autorizzazione Unica, in order to start building the installation . Agreements are being made with the investors, who want to buy the Authorizations, once they are granted . Investors are interested in installations ; whose size goes from 5 MW to 50 MW or more without limits . We encourage anyone who can point out not only plots, but also ready to build Authorization, to contact our managers .


- ITALY : on behalf of many purchasers ready to buy we look for installations or photovoltaic parks linked to the grid, the earth, the pursuit, bus shelters, rooftops .
- ITALY : we are seeking concessions both for photovoltaic and eolic projects in order to build installations of nominal output 10 – 20 MW and more without limits .
- POLAND : we are seeking concessions and projects for parks to be set up from 1 MW without superior limit for specialized Fund within the Photovoltaic .
- PROJECTS AND ABROAD INSTALLATIONS : for investors we are seeking installations connected to the grid already that may benefit from incentives or buildable projects with all the ready authorisations and tariff with state body both in the Photovoltaic and in the Eolic field .

- Availability of jobs within the construction sector and financed infrastructural construction job order to be performed in some non-EU countries . We will provide further information after request by interested Companies .

- Availability of trade structures at income in the market. In this moment mandate for sale of a commercial centre .
- On behalf of an investor we look for a heaven earth building in the city centre of Milan with active lease fee .
- We are looking for investors for important projects of housing development with a viability plan already performed and with operator available to detect the real estate already .

- Food & Beverage Products list and offer
- Fuel and products Oil & Gas : procedures and products list directly from the refineries .
- Chips and Pellet : we have producers in America and Canada, Russia, South America, South Africa who can supply products in whole ships at competitive prices.




News Business Opportunities Abroad and Funds

AGRIBUSINESS and FOOD FARMING CHAINS : for tomato, dairy and meat, and poultry food farming chains, greenhouses / systems for protected crops or agribusiness projects CLICK HERE .

FOREIGN COMMISSIONS : we have proxy and contact, through our network, with the leaderships of primary importance firms on the national and international scenery. These are firms interested in commissions in foreign countries on industrial sectors, construction, and energy. Following a few examples:
ENERGY: power station, gas turbines, steam turbines (120 MW), intelligent energy solutions, generating sets, marine generating sets, pumps, lighting tower also with lithium batteries, electrical generators, energy transformation, and distribution. Pipelines gas, refineries, service etc.
CONSTRUCTIONS AND INFRASTRUCTURES: hospitals, airports, bridges, dams, schools, harbors, hotels, roads, nonpetroleum perforations, etc.… In the case of dwellings or private facilities, a local high standing promoter is necessary.
HOSPITAL SECTOR AND MEDICAL DEVICES: furniture of beds and recovery rooms, operating rooms, planning and supplying “turnkey”, furniture with stainless steel design for operating rooms and sterilization rooms.

HOTEL SECTOR, CONTRACT & RESIDENTIAL: furniture ” interior design” and “living”, furniture “stuffed and curtains”, with possible supplying “turnkey”, for four/five/five-star luxury hotels, for potential clients all over the world. Kitchen furnishings, both for Hotels and for residential construction.

ELECTRICAL SUBJECT: electrification, machinery, revamping, optical fiber, etc.
AGRICULTURE: milk industries, tomatoes industries, processing plants, agricultural projects with the sale of animals and industries, machinery included etc.
WATER SUBJECT: purification, desalination, perforations, etc.
PACKAGING SUBJECT: creation of industries in food and pharmaceutical packaging, etc.
In case of contacts with the general contractor, institutions, able to produce commissions in a juridical context as an announcement, direct award, creation of a local company, joint venture please take contact with IBS through the page Contacts on the Menu.
Funding: in the case a funding would be requested in countries with a limited financial capacity, specialised funds are connect to the network, which can value if intervene and finance the activities especially in the case of major works, after verifying the availability of the country Central Bank where the works are budgeted, to issue appropriate guarantees.

BRAZILIAN BUSINESS TOUR , BUSINESS MISSION ITALY – BRAZIL. The Brazilian Business Tour, an important event promoted by industrial institutions, Italian and Brazilian bilateral associations and institutions, will occur in different cities like Recife, Fortaleza, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Curitiba, Florianopolis, São Paulo. The tour has the status of a business mission intended to create new business opportunities between Italian and Brazilian firms, it provides an institutional introduction to which meetings B2B in business rounds format will follow.
Main sectors:
Agro-industry (Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Ceará, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Pernambuco)
Footwear (Ceará, Pernambuco, Minas Gerais)
Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical e Biomedical (Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, Ceará)
Energy (Ceará, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, Pernambuco )
Infrastructure (Paraná, Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Sul, Rio de Janeiro)
Steelworker (Santa Catarina, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Pernambuco, Rio de Janeiro)
Mining (Paraná, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, Ceará, Minas Gerais)
Nautical and Naval (Santa Catarina, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul)
Oil & Gas (Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, Pernambuco)
Textile (Santa Catarina, Caerá, Pernamubuco, Minas Gerais)
For detail information, to access to the reserved page to download the brochure it is necessary to send your references and business data through the page CONTACTS of the website.

BULGARIA BUSINESS MISSIONS : through the General Confederation of Bulgarian Industry, business missions, meetings B2B and partner research, tax benefits and productive hub. Furthermore, a wide range of services is provided by professional offices of excellence in the legal, tax and fiscal, administrative fields, employee management and payslip included, as well as regulations related to labor law and quality assurance.

FUNDING FOR START-UP CANARIES, TENERIFE : business opportunities, tax breaks, funding and funds for innovative Start-ups on the sectors IT, electronics, automation, scientific research, nanotechnology, biotechnology, other news. The Special Zone Canaria (ZEC), Free Zone Tenerife (ZFT), customs and fiscal facilities, and other news.

CHINESE INCOMING FIRMS IN ITALY : Chinese delegations in Italy, firms selected by CCPIT and Chinese institutions, which meet Italian firm with specific purposes in the context of focused B2B meetings, strategic and commercial partnerships. Sectors: textile, mechanics, automotive, energy, chemical, pharmaceutical, medical, technological and innovation patents, Information and Communications Technology ITC, and lastly food and beverage and food farming products and other news.

MADE IN ITALY EXPORT IN CHINA : through Italian companies based in China and property digital agencies, the Italian firms can export the Made in Italy in China. Through e-commerce platforms and social channels, the Italian products are offered to 600 millions of people (on average connected to the internet every day), through B2C and B2B channels, everything managed by an advanced system ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). At the expense of the Italian firm a commercial commission on the sold out that includes front end, back end, lead to cash, operation services and shipping to the final purchaser. It’s like the Italian firm has in outsourcing its own distribution branch in China. The Italian firm would take care of providing the product that wants to commercialize cleared through customs in China, plus potential promotions. For some products, they can transit FTZ (Free Trade Zone) paying customs duties (that are the import expenses or the customs clearance of the product), after the sale has been perfected, with the possibility of serving also bordering countries that have FTZ agreements with China (for example Malaysia). Also the production of certificates in order to insert the product in China in accordance with the law is by the firm and an assistance for that is provided. All the categories of product are allowed (food, clothing and fashion, furniture, luxury, etc.), however when we will receive an expression of interest we shall do a preliminary feasibility analysis. Please submit the request for further information through the page CONTACTS.

OPPORTUNITIES ON ECOWAS COUNTRIES : through non-governmental organizations NGO and a delegate of ECOWAS, supranational entity linked to 54 African states, it is possible to identify focused possibilities of investment, both in the social field and in the business and different fields, from buildings, to energy and infrastructures for different types of investors. Through ECOWAS it is possible to establish a direct dialogue with the leaders of the member states institutions, with people who cover the highest offices. It is possible to obtain news and first-hand information, together with submitting developing projects, on the basis of strategical development lines, planned with Development Banks and with International Donors.

RUSSIA: Possibility for Italian Firm to be represented in Russia in trade show contexts, in business meetings, or in events organized to promote bilateral business opportunities between Russia and Italy, by salespersons, agents, or commercial consultants Italian – Russian. In addition to a private channel, opportunities made available by the General Confederation of Russian Industry and by Russian consuls in the framework of cooperation with Italian industrial associations also exist. This cooperation makes accessible packages for SMEs with extremely contained prices, with an array of services that range from a support for an opportunity scouting, to an operative support also structured for firms interested in Russian territory, which want to install in Russia, or participate to commissions, in the areas of Moscow, Saint Petersburg, other more strategical regions, but also territories with high potential and less known, together with countries with Free Trade Agreement and free exchange with Russia, as Belarus, Kazakhstan, Serbia. Other sectors that we point out are: oil and gas, automotive, medical, agriculture, biotech and tender for commissions in different fields.

KAZAKHSTAN BUSINESS : Business opportunities in Kazakhstan, representative office in prestigious structure near government institutions, with possibility of rents at very low prices for offices and headquarters or for outsourcing services with local personnel. Opportunity on the renewable energy sector, at Expo 2017 in Aksana and other news.

JAPAN, KOREA, MADE IN ITALY : opportunity of Made in Italy export in Japan and Korea. “Tesori d’Italia” magazine and promotion of Italian brands of excellence. Meetings B2B with buyers, distributors. Expository spaces in Nagoya at Galleria Italia with over 25.000 visits of specialized operators.

UGANDA : business opportunity in Uganda, list of active services, opportunity on the renewable energy sector, photovoltaic parks and PPP with purchase of energy produced, together with different types of opportunities, for example on the construction sector, electrification, public works, on the mining field.

MAURITANIA FISHING SECTOR : opportunities on the fishing sector in Mauritania, an extremely fishy zone of West Africa, through the elaboration of fishing products and successive commercialisation on the region and adjacent countries.

PHOTOVOLTAIC PARK IN VENTURE CAPITAL : investors for the construction of photovoltaic plants with PPP and rates to arrange with government authorities, (depending on where the parks would place, on the average solar radiation, and if the target areas are devoid of electric covering, therefore on the country priorities). The whole thing in territories of high radiation and in the face of multi-annual purchase agreements of the produced energy, guaranteed by insurances recognized by the International Monetary Fund, however in areas not subjected to disorders or risks of political, economic or operative nature, considered above of the acceptable threshold.

HIGHLIGHTS : business opportunities on foreign countries both on the European Union and extra-EU countries in different commodity-related sectors and other news.

ICE BRUSSELS : tenders, contracts, third countries programs, extra-EU tenders, tax benefits, funding and opportunities through ICE Brussels and other news.

ITALIAN REGIONAL FUNDS: Allocated funds for the development of areas in the center and in the south of Italy. These are funds and funding that favor occupational projects or innovative patents and innovative start-ups that have repercussion on the territories in terms of employment and revival of the productive and socio-economic industries. For information and news contact us for an estimation of your entrepreneurial project. It is advisable to have a preliminary synthetic business plan.

News Food and Beverage and Commodities

AGRI-FOOD CATALOGUE AND OFFERS : agro-food catalogue with agricultural and food products of excellence as Parmesan Reggiano, different cheeses, Parma ham, hams and cold meats also PDO, durum wheat dried pasta in different formats and different protein content, Neapolitan fresh pasta, rice, tomato, fresh and frozen fish, sauces and preserves, vegetables, mushrooms, truffle, fruits, legumes, cereals, coffee, milk, ice cream, plain and sparkling water, white wines, red wines, sparkling wines, Muscats, olive oil and extra virgin olive oil, and other Made in Italy products + some imported products, some commodities as sugar, flours, wheat, vegetable oil both rough and refined (sunflower oil, corn oil, soy oil) etc. included. Continuing offers, spot offers, stock offers.

ALLERGENS-FREE PASTA : we are responsible for finding pasta buyers and distributors with innovative features, in the different variation of fresh pasta, dried pasta, filled pasta, completely allergens-free (no gluten, no eggs, no lactose, no mono e diglycerides), also with certified vegan and BIO versions. A perfect combination of tastiness and health. Global innovation, pasta is supplemented by fibers and vitamins with the addition of vegetables and legumes; in this way, it has also a glycemic index very low.

FOOD & BEVERAGE TOP OF THE LINE : BIO and top of the line food and beverage. Firms of made in Italy excellence, products at the top in terms of product quality, BIO certification, organoleptic properties and health. From rice to pasta, from wine of high-quality grapes to extra virgin oil of primary quality, products with unique nutritive properties.

MIXED BERRIES AND FROZEN MUSHROOMS: a Russian producer market leader of mixed berries and frozen mushrooms is looking for buyers and strategical partnership to develop the opening in Italy and Europe.

WINE, WINES, WINE CELLARS FROM OLTREPO’ PAVESE: IBS is pleased to promote high quality wines from best Wine Cellars, origin from Oltrepo’ Pavese in Italy. RED WINES : O.P. BARBERA, also Oak barrel (barriques) aged. ROSSO RUBINO, sweet red wine made from Croatina grapes (100%). O.P. BONARDA, from pure Croatina grapes. O.P. BUTTAFUOCO, made by blending Croatina, Barbera and Uva Rara grapes. VINACERO, made from Pinot Noir grapes vinified red. O.P. BARBERA this is the not sparkling version of Barbera. WHITE WINES : O.P. PINOT NERO, made from Pinot noir (85%) and Chardonnay (15%) grapes. O.P. RIESLING ITALICO, white wine made from 80% Italic Riesling grapes and 20% Rhine Riesling variety. CROSE’ , rosé wine made from Pinot Noir grapes vinified rosé. O.P. CHARDONNAY, white aromatic dry wine made from 100% Chardonnay grapes. PINOT GRIGIO, white wine, full, yellow pale, with delicate fragrance and pleasantly soft flavor. LACLIMA, chardonnay, oak barrel (barriques) aged. LACLIMA is made with the grapes from our “Prumù” vineyards. SPARKLING WINES : PINOT SPUMANTE CHARMAT (SPARKLING), made from Pinot Noir grapes, vinified white by Charmat method. ROSE’ SPUMANTE CHARMAT (SPARKLING), made from Pinot Noir grapes, vinified pink by Charmat method. PINOT SPUMANTE BRUT (SPARKLING), made from Pinot Noir grapes (85%) and Chardonnay grapes (15%). MOSCATO DI VOLPARA, traditional recipe, sparkling, and passito which is made from Moscato grapes left to dry on the wine stocks until late November. For further information please contact us.

WHISKY: a distillery in Slovenia can provide high-quality whiskey with industrial production in bulk or in bottle at prices of great interest for wholesalers and sellers.

MINING PRODUCTS: haematite, limestone, bentonite, barite crystals, white and ochre talc, calcium carbonate, limonite, directly from the producer through property mine, importing firms or buyers on the paint sector or users of the above-mentioned products.

PELLET PRODUCERS : dimension 6-8 mm, colour both and dark pellets, competitive costs per tonne, detailed information available (product fiche and description), supply both through packaging bulks as big bag 1000 kg, and bags from 15 kg. Ashes 0,23 – 0,27% very low, because the used raw material is first-rate wood used for the design and construction of wooden houses and the remains are used for the pellet production. Pellet both for civil use top of the line, and for industrial use. Logistics and delivery both by truck and by ship. Minimum order 1 container or 1 truck.

WOODEN TRUNKS AND FIREWOOD PRODUCER : firewood and wooden trunks producer. For an estimate contact us indicating quantity, diameter, type of wood and humidity. Logistics through ship, train and truck.

VEGETABLE OILS : We make available vegetable oils, refined, crude or degummed products at competitive prices through Refineries located in Ukraine, Russia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Bulgaria and Hungary. Available vegetable oils : sunflower oil, csfo, corn oil, soybean oil, palm oil, cpo, colza oil, palm methyl ester, palmrdb – cp 8 / cp 10, UCO ( used cooking oil ) . The packaging can be both in PET bottles with a capacity of 1, 2, 5, 10 liters, and in bulk or flexitank, depending on the type of product. CIF delivery basis, 2.00 % performance bond. For further information, please contact us.

SUNFLOWER OIL PRODUCER : sunflower oil producer with Black Sea origin, raw or refined product, it is possible to provide both bulks and bottles, competitive price, minimum 1 container/month by ship or road transport minimum order 1 truck.

COCOA : unrefined cocoa in seeds to grind, origin Ivory Coast, the world’s largest producer of cocoa beans for the following chocolate production.

COMMODITIES : different commodities, from the top quality made in Italy products listed at the Borsa di Parma (such as Parmigiano Reggiano, Prosciutto di Parma and other cold cuts, tomato-derived products, fodder, grain, meal etc.) , to vegetable seeds (sunflower oil, corn oil, soybean oil, palm oil, rapeseed oil), to petroleum products, (fuel, oil and gas), metal and others. For INFORMATION, requests and other news send us a mail.

STOCKS : stock of merchandise, of various typology, from food, to wines and beverage, sauces and spices, clothing and accessories (shirts, bathrobes, etc.), furnishings and bed sheets (mattress covers, rags, etc.), household articles (lamps, etc.) and kitchen (pans, knives, etc.), design articles, clocks, jewels, article for the house-cleaning, etc.

FUELS AND PETROLEUM PRODUCTS: IBS has direct relationships with official agents of Refineries from Russia, Middle East, South America, Libya, Iraq and Iran. The FOB and CIF purchasing procedures and the main products provided are indicated in the specific page. Click on the link to visit the Fuels page. Complete list of Products :
MAZUT 100 GOST 10585 99
MAZUT M100 GOST 10585 75

Niche and foreign partnership business news, latest news

Thanks to our foreign network, we have direct contact with agents and ownerships, opportunity promoters that we recommend to follow. For requests or offers contact us.

REAL ESTATE MOROCCO : real estate project in Morocco in Casablanca, luxury apartment buildings with advanced domotics, ventilation systems, smart city project.

PHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCTS: buyers, distributors and strategical partnerships for pharmaceutical products in surgery and regenerative medicine, tissues, equipment, and biotechnologies are required.

MERGING AND ACQUISITION OPERATIONS: merging and acquisitions in the sectors biomedical pharmaceutical and orthopedic devices, ICT augmented reality and internet of things, food, catering, plastics, electromechanical, components. Kind of deals: start-up, turnaround, acquisition, acquisition/capital increase. Available info: risk level, actual enterprise value, turnover, EBITDA (%), net funding position, growth potential / achievable turnover, requirement object of the round, share sold with the round, expected IRR, way-out period (nr. years), way-out cash multiple, exit strategy, potential partners of the operation. Write us an email indicating your business data and your contact personal references and detail information will be provided.

CONCESSIONS OF RENEWABLE ENERGIES sale of concessions on the renewable sector – PPA (power purchase agreement). Examples: aeolian project Brazil, aeolian project Greece, photovoltaic project Jordan, photovoltaic project Egypt and photovoltaic Morocco. Turnkey plants also available.

KNOW-HOW SALE : stone elements for interiors sector for extra-EU countries, assistance on the phase of productive and operative facility start-up, training of the staff included.

OIL PRODUCTS : through a distributive company product in Italy with 26 platforms of ownership dislocated on the national territory, we can facilitate the contract for the supply of the following products. METHANE through primary refineries and societies with the monopoly of the distribution in Europe of the product therefore with a discount compared to secondary distributors. LPG and PROPANE, DIESEL (EN 590 – 10 PPM, PETROL. For big buyers, end users or end buyers of big quantities this company can manage directly the relation with the refineries, therefore, can organize the transport of big volumes with competitive prices by ship. Also of JP54 and other products.

MINING INVESTMENTS in Morocco, Tanzania, Colombia and in addition investments in Cu, Ni, Graphite, Lithium trough companies located in Canada e Switzerland. Top-level lawyers and banks.

INNOVATIVE DROPSHIPPING START-UP : sometimes indicated as drop ship, innovative start-up which presents a better business model than the business model of the companies on the market. Dropshipping permits an increase of the sales volume, enabling the management of the logistics also on foreign commissions. The peculiarity is that the goods are in the warehouse of the supplier and the seller, who is a separated entity, can perfect the sale and the good will be directly sent from the warehouse to the end user, only after the payment is perfected. All the sale process and the integrated supply chain are managed by a website. Contact us for updates and latest project news.

HELICOPTER BUYERS SCOUTING : American-made helicopter 8 passenger seats for money transport, transport to platforms, borders patrol, law enforcement. Much lower costs than the average market costs. Buyers and distributors scouting.

PILLOW FOR BEDRIDDEN INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES : innovative start-up and patent made by specialists in physiotherapy, that have produced a new pillow for bedridden which solves or improves a lot of problems that worry the people forced to long hospital stays or bed rests due to serious diseases or clinical pathologies. Search for investors.

INVESTMENT IN ARTWORKS: artworks of primary importance and notoriety, direct contact with owners or owners’ direct agents. Procedures supervised by accredited experts with multi-year activities in the field and high standing. Utmost discretion and confidentiality.

REAL ESTATES FOR SALE : real estates for sale in Italy and in other countries, hotels of virtue in Milan, Rome, Venice, Florence and in primary European cities. Shopping centers, SNF (skilled nursing facilities) in Italy. Farms and vineyards of virtue for sale with or without annexed restaurant and accommodation in the territories of the Italian wine excellence.

Services news

FOREIGN DESK : active services in foreign desk and in the branches of IBS partners abroad.

TRADE AND EXPORT FINANCE : selection of commercial and financial partners, creation and management of export contracts, searching for and negotiation of banking tools for export and trade finance (documentary letter of credit LC, stand by letter of credit SBLC, bank guarantees, forfeiting, etc.), export credits management. Through our partners, we are able to establish relationships with the main financial centres of the world, such as London, New York, and Hong Kong, and with banks and institutional agencies for export support and development.

INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL STRATEGIES : the aim of this project is the obtaining of a financing, within sustainable projects, credible business plans, presentable companies, due diligence, and experts in the financial field.

QUOTE COMPANIES ON THE STOCK EXCHANGE : consultation to quote a company on the Stock Exchange, quotation on the Stock Exchange and high finance for companies operating in the mining field and in biotechnologies and pharmaceutical sectors.

INNOVATIVE PLATFORM E-MAIL AND TEXT MARKETING : a platform to set or support marketing and communication business strategies through a highly technological and innovative system. Advertising campaign custom-made able to show you concretely the power of your system to increase sales, e-commerce, or advertise initiative and events both for mobile marketing and PC. An integrated system of customer journey, micro-contents distributed over time by text and email, solutions landing page and story telling. On the basis of the way of approach, the behavior of the potential consumer is measured and analyzed by the mobile analytic and customer forms. The interactions between users are analyzed, measured with a temporal view. Personalisation of contents for the future communications. The platform no longer provides a simply custom target but a predictive target. Tens of millions of contacts just in Italy and extended international presence. Promotions, lead, coupons, dynamic surveys, booking, deal, mflyer, donations and story telling. Tracking, lead scoring, predictive marketing.

GEOPOLITICS & INTELLIGENCE, RISK ASSESSMENT : geopolitics and intelligence, risk assessment, country profile, geopolitical risk analysis, observatory conflicts, actor profile, country security assessment, travel security plan.

ARTICLES INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS : different articles of geopolitical, socio- economic, technical subjects, concerning different regions and areas divided in continents.

SACE INSURANCE OF THE CREDIT : SACE and insurance of the credit, Country Risk Map, risk non-payment counterpart sovereign, banking, corporate, contractual violations, capital transfer and other risk linked to internationalisation, detailed for each foreign country, with insurance solutions of the credit and insurability conditions.

SEND US IN FAIR IN YOUR PLACE : IBS sends a consultant to the fair of interest between those planned in the different foreign countries, it collects a certificate and agreed number of commercial contracts and business cards, without the Italian company having to commit the valuable time of their collaborators. Centralizing the service, through a person who is present and has proxy for more than a company, you get savings in costs and time.

BUSINESS MATCHING : business matching, meetings B2B, commercial and entrepreneurial missions. Business meetings upon request according to the needs of the companies.

SERVICES FOR PATENTS AND START-UPS : services for owners of patents and start-ups through professionals with a high expertise in the management of inventions, patents, product industrialization, star-up development.

INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES : investment opportunities for investors, also innovative start-ups and financial investments.

TRADES PLATFORM platform B2B, business to business Pandora Trades International.


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