International Financial Strategies

We talk about a path aimed at achieving a SUBSIDY, for companies that propose SUSTAINABLE PROJECTS. It is fundamental that the company and the project were ready to be presented (with a fast DD), and that there was a convincing Business Plan. The Subsidy may be provided whether the company had its own line of credit from a bank or not. Obviously, in the first case, the procedure will be faster.
Moreover, the client’s receiving bank must suit those who provide the service. There are different ways to obtain the subsidy, CONTACT US for more details.

Private Equity, Mini Bond, Scouting Investors

Private equity is a service offered to raise capital through private investors, angel investors or funds belonging to investors, who invest money in venture capital in order to support a business not listed in growth, enabling the company to achieve growth targets with a strategic plan.
A minibond is a bond issued by a company not listed. Thanks to new rules and concessions, even in Italy it is possible to carry out a private placement of debt from companies, even if not necessarily listed directly to investors.

Financial / Funds and Industrial Investors

to Develop New Photovoltaic / Wind / Hydro Authorizations

IBS in Joint Venture with Engineering Companies characterized by important track records of projects leading up to construction, and Industrial and Financial Investors, develops Photovoltaic Authorizations in Ground Grid Parity ( on industrial, agricultural, ex – quarries ), on Roofs . Finally, hydroelectric and wind power stations .
Interested investors can visit the page : PHOTOVOLTAIC DEVELOPMENT

Venture Capital by Simest or other Sovereign Funds

What Simest can offer:
- Participation in the venture capital firms and outside the EU, supported by Italian companies or subsidiaries in the European Union (including Italy); Simest purchases minority stakes (up to a maximum of 49%), as a silent partner; it is possible to access a public venture capital fund;
- Contributions on the interest of the loan;
- Start-up Fund;
- Specific assistance to developing countries;
- Soft loans;
- Export Credits;
Other networks of investors:
- Anima Investment Network and Euromed, a network that includes 80 government agencies in the Mediterranean Territories and other international networks that is able to fund about 800 projects a year.

Trade Finance & Export Financing, Export Credit & Credits Insurance (Sace, ECA’s), Risk Management

Trade Finance and Export Financing in Export Management and company internationalisation projects, Credit risk management in International business transaction. Documentary credits, International bank guarantees, Bank Payment Obligation, LC and Stand By Letter of Credit.
ECA’s Main areas of service:
- Insurance solutions to medium and long-term protection of foreign investments, credit insurance and credit lines for export, re-insurance, financial guarantees, structured finance and project finance;
- Insurance solutions for short-term credit insurance, risks related to construction;
- Mobilization of receivables and factoring.

Financing & Banking

Assistance and advice about Credit Strategy, Credit protection, business financing;
Channels of contact with Banca Intesa, Unicredit, BNP Paribas and foreign subsidiaries;
Channels of contact with EBRD, EIB, EBRD, African Development Bank Fund, and other banks of the world Development.

Due diligence

Organized activity aimed at the collection and verification of information of a financial nature; financial, economic, managerial, strategic, fiscal and environmental details of a company in order to obtain a detailed picture / assessment of reality into being. Can be carried out for the area of Strategic and Market Area, Accounting, Legal area, the area of Tax, the Financial area, the area of Environmental, the area of Information Systems.

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