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ABOUT US: IBS in partnership with Rubival International Srl, specialized in the agribusiness sector, in launching, implementation and coordination of food chains projects, intends to present some examples of food chain: dairy chain, tomato chain, poultry sector, processing plants, machinery, agricultural projects, selling of livestock, greenhouses, and systems for protected crops.

TARGETS: In the context of Agribusiness projects and chain, IBS and Rubival collaborate with the main companies specialized in the Agribusiness, and they have the suitable technical specialized competencies for the complete coordination of projects in the agri-food sector. IBS and Rubival can count on an internal operational unit and a qualified work team that includes agronomists, marketing experts, business planning, project management and also competencies for a 360-degrees management of projects including commercial and contractual contexts.

FOREIGN PROJECTS AND INTERNATIONALIZATION: In the context of foreign projects of internationalization or for foreign commissions where is requested to create from scratch an agri-food chain, or to respond with specific solutions to specific problems in the agribusiness sector, the work team is able to ensure the proper management of processes also abroad, through analysis and accurate strategies.

STAKEHOLDERS: The following information summarizes the competencies within IBS and Rubival through a list of some companies that have participated in practice in foreign projects. The projects have seen the intervention of authorities and subjects that have guaranteed the function of the export-credit insurance. Between the stakeholders also national and supranational authorities that have participated in the planning stage, arranging through suitable competent offices some geo-climatic and geological information of the interested lands and regions to the interventions.

PROJECT REFERENCES: This document, describes an example of chain and assortment of companies selected for the project dimensions and for the intervention typology. In other projects, the companies that will be involved could be the same or other companies, according to the project to realize. Specialized companies and with ten-year experience internationally have numerous references every time willing to accompany of a planning proposal.




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SPECIAL FERTILIZERS: Society leader in the Agribusiness sector that produces special fertilizers starting with raw materials of a very high quality able to optimize and obtain greater performances and organic efficiency of nutrient components. It is able to develop a complex and detailed nutritional strategy for each cultivation, linked to the soil type, to the growth environment and to expected results, the whole thing thanks to vertical competencies and to know-how purchases directly in the field globally on the most important agricultural areas of the world, from the Mediterranean basin to the Centre and South America, to the principal Arabic countries.

HIGH TECHNOLOGY FOR THE AGRICULTURE: Society founded and working in the agribusiness field since 1950, a leader in the production of machinery and systems for water and sewage distribution through the use of VRT satellite technologies. The company has gained a prime position in the production and selling of high technology plants and agricultural machinery for the agriculture and for breeding.


RUMIN-ART, SOLE, TERRA, ACQUA: Company equipped with specialization in feeding-stuffs, for all the requirements, from the cultivation to agricultural businesses (from sowing to cultivation, to conservation and harvest, rumen construction, supply, monitoring). The company develops studied products for any animal species: both milk powder, and food, supplements, and products specifically optimized for animals health as well as the environmental protection.


BARN EQUIPMENT: Company at the forefront in the zootechnics and agribusiness world for almost 50 years, with high innovative technologies in creating modern and functional breeding farms, focusing in particular on the general well-being of the animal.
It designs barns, plants and zootechnical centers both for cows and female buffalos and more. It has a wide range of equipment focused on the breeding of productive livestock: porks, sheep, goats, poultry and rabbits. It produces prefabricated steel structures, which apply in the zootechnics sector, but also in the agricultural and industrial sector in general.

MIXER-WAGONS, TELESCOPIC HANDLERS: Company who can plan, produce and sell worldwide mixer-wagons designed for the cattle industry, for the zootechnics sector and also produces telescopic handlers widely used in the agricultural sector, in the industrial and construction sectors. The company, founded in 1973, manages to preserve the tradition of a solid family guide, combined with dynamism and with an efficient organization as well as modernity of a big international group, today present in each continent with its own branch and distributors network and dedicated retailers. Well-know brand in the context of agribusiness and a name which is synonymous with reliability. It is also well-known for its continuous technological development and for a qualified assistance, as well as for an efficient service of after-sales support offered to their customers (Service and Spares).


COMPLETE MANAGING OF THE MILKING: Agribusiness company leader in the Italian market designs equipment and milking plants as well as innovative solutions for a global approach to breeding, using the most advanced technology currently available, in order to optimize the management of the modern agricultural dairy business. Modern and sophisticated technologies are successfully applied to dairy cows, female buffalos, goats, and sheep. A wide range of products for every breeding requirement: from milk extraction to milk refrigeration, robots to automate processes, pasteurization, and calfs automatic feeding, so a for a global 360 degrees management of processes, in conditions of hygiene and healthiness.


QUALITY AND SAFE HANDLING OF FOOD: World leader company in the agribusiness sector specialized in the provision of establishments and process machinery for the agri-food sector, equipment for the treatment of dairy products, a wide range of milk pasteurization units, UHT lines ( Ultra High Temperature), self-cleaning centrifuges and in line milk and cream standardized, completed with a new generation of membrane filtration systems. The level of engineering is very high, there is a constant research of solutions and quality performances, innovative process technologies to get a wide range of liquid food, such as products with solid content or high-viscosity products. Modern control and industrial automation systems to ensure the highest reliability and efficiency, from the littlest and simplest in their architecture plants to the most complex production lines for the management of complex processes and productive systems. Rationalize of energy, water, and natural resources consumptions, leading at the same time to a maximization of the production efficiency.

ASEPTIC PACKAGING OF LIQUID PRODUCTS: for over 30 years the company has worked in the Agribusiness sector and now offers high innovative global solutions to packaging in a completely aseptic way liquid products in a wide range of poly-laminate cardboard containers (applicator, secondary packaging, Ultra-High-Temperature UHT sterilization system/pasteurization, packaging). The company equipped with ISO 9001 certification by the DNV, present in the list of milk packaging material suppliers which have been approved by FDA. The managing system of food safety certified through the scheme FSSC 22000, such that enables it to produce packaging material certified FSC™ and PEFC™.


NITROGEN REDUCTION AND BIOGAS PRODUCTION: Company leader in the context of the biogas sector and systems created and optimized for manure and organic compound processing with nitrogen reduction. Great references due to the fact that it can boast more than 250 bio-energetic project worldwide.


SLAUGHTERHOUSES, WITH DEBONING AND MANIPULATION OF THE MEATS, PLANTS FOR CATTLE, PIGS AND SHEEP: Company with significant expertise in the planning and realization of complete lines for the slaughtering, working and deboning of cattle, pigs, sheep, and goats. In the context of the Agribusiness, the company offers advanced technological and user-friendly solutions completely in accordance with European and USDA health regulations into force. Complete lines and equipment concerning stables, halls for cattle, pigs, sheep and goats slaughter, halls for the working and deboning of pigs, machines for processing by-products.


FOOD INDUSTRY REFRIGERATION: Experience, undisputed quality, reliability and complete safety in the design and in the realization of refrigeration facilities for agri-food industry that the company exports worldwide. Use of “cold” for refrigeration and food conservation, cheese and cold cuts drying and ripening, cooling of cereals contained in silos and refrigerated transport, production of big systems for industrial refrigeration in the Agribusiness.


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Global group turned to Agribusiness, which is able to integrate competencies, scientific resources, technical and commercial support, in order to guarantee to people who work in agriculture a complete and unique offer of seeds, crop protection, a coherent whole of integrated solutions which are able to maximize the profitability of the entire farm and to satisfy the most demanding requests of the agri-food chain, focusing their attention on innovation, high quality and sustainability, to produce more and better.

SEEDS: obtaining excellent results from crops in term of quality and productivity, relating to the environment, climate and soil condition and to technical nature means used in the context of cultivation, also thanks to advanced and excellent quality seeds, turned to sectors of small-grain cereals, corn, industrial and horticultural crops.

CROP PROTECTION PRODUCTS: to protect crops through a wide and organized range of crop protection products for the majority of plant health problems: from weed management to harmful insect control, to fungal diseases, for a broad-spectrum protection of crops in line with a modern sustainable agriculture.

CROPS, HORTICULTURE, AND VALUE: high contents in terms of innovation and high-value, products valid for crop protection both chemical and biological, a wide range of integrated productive solutions, which comply with the diversified needs of the entire chain.


The project of chain for the industrial tomato production has as purpose incrementing qualitative and quantitative yield in view of a lower and more efficient use of resources as soil, water, crop protection products and nutrients. Agreements relating to genetics, innovative crop protection products combined with a crop protection and crop enhancement protocol, to get a “quality chain” of industrial tomato. The protocol offers to farmers:

•INNOVATIVE GENETICS: for a high productive and transformation yield for tomato puree, finely chopped tomatoes, peeled tomatoes and diced tomatoes and to increase the resistance of different types of cereals to stress and pathogens, in different growing conditions.

•CROP PROTECTION PRODUCTS: that are able to protect plants and to improve their physiological efficiency, carrying out a positive on productive and qualitative yield, optimizing the water efficiency or the sugar content or other functional components, with a significant reduction of the apical rot (physiological imbalance that can reduce substantially yields and quality of processed products).

A high-quality level of the product at the beginning of the transformation process is essential to get high-quality products: the quality is created in the field and is kept throughout the chain, through to the end-user.


The first tomato chain in Italy composed of companies that cover the entire chain: the study of soils, fertigation, transformation, plant nursery activities, commercialization, production of industrial and harvesting machines.

MEDIATION AND COMMERCIALIZATION: A company operating in the mediation of agri-food products in the formats both for industry, catering, and retail, distributed worldwide, with a network of foreign collaborators, transformation industries, distribution chains and importers.

PRODUCTS FOR THE AGRICULTURE: A company in the agribusiness that has provided products for the agriculture and zootechnics sectors for 25 years. Seeds: targeted selection (cereals, fodder plants, and vegetables) for the needs of the cultivation geographical area.
Fertilizers: specific products for the indicated crop, “sophisticated” solutions to “controlled transfer” to guarantee balanced growth and high-quality productions.

Crop protection products: low environmental impact crop protecting products to safeguard health.
Solutions for zootechnics: genetics, food and nutrition, environment and animal sanitization.
Specialized technical support: technical/commercial staff for the best solution according to productive targets, after-sale assistance for the best investment yield.

RAW MATERIALS AND SEMI-FINISHED PRODUCTS FOR FOOD: A company which has been operating for 35 years in the agribusiness sector, in particular in raw materials, semi-finished, canned fruit and vegetables, finished goods. Industrial food packaging, second-hand machinery for the food industry.

PACKAGING MACHINERY: A leader company in the construction of labeling and cartooning machines and special lines for cylindrical and metal cans for over 70 years.

MACHINES FOR FILTRATION, IRRIGATION, AND MONITORING: A company that designs and supplies filtration and micro-irrigation plants, weather stations, Tele control systems of plants and soil moisture, IT solutions and databases, flexible tanks for the storage of liquids, in every sector of agriculture.

PLANNING AND CONSTRUCTION OF MACHINES: Consultation for industrial layouts in the agribusiness industry sector, and in particular in the canning industry, provision of machines and lines in existing establishments, development and planning of new production lines, solving problems concerning quality and/or production yield, analysis and validation of stabilization thermal processes, 360 degrees consultation on the finely chopped tomatoes production.

FOOD INDUSTRY PLANTS: A leader company in design, construction, and sale of plants intended for the food industry. The company implements lines for tomato and fruit manufacturing to obtain tomato paste, tomato puree, fruit juice, jams and other by-products and it is able to realize complete turnkey projects. Construction of enzymatic inactivation plants, extraction of juice or pulp, concentration, clarification, filtration, pasteurization and sterilization with subsequent aseptic filling, in cans and jars.

MOVEMENT OF GOODS: A specialized company in innovative systems of palletisation and movement, to guarantee the supply of high-quality products with the greatest energy saving and the lowest maintenance costs for the client.

ECOSYSTEMS: This company works in the agri-environmental sector: in agronomic rehabilitations and improvement of agricultural soils.
It has a laboratory for physicochemical and microbiological analyses in the agronomic, environmental and industrial fields.
It has a research laboratory where innovative projects in the agricultural, ecologic, industrial and agribusiness sectors are developed.

SELF-PROPELLED MACHINES: World leader company in the construction and commercialization of self-propelled machines for the tomato harvest. These machines are innovative, technologic and more functional. The tomato harvesters are the feather in the cap of the company, but also the machines for strawberries, onions, cucumbers and peppers (the only company who can make a machine for the pepper) are very good. The company has designed optical selectors, for their machines, which can recognize flaws and colors of fruits independently of natural lighting conditions. This guarantees the quality of the products, rejecting unripe or dirty tomatoes, soil and stones during the harvesting, assuring the quality of the raw material. The launch of even more eco-friendly machines is foreseen, to minimize both consumption and environmental impact. At the same time, the machines will be easier to handle, user-friendly and with a high productivity.

LOGISTIC OPERATOR: Operator in Italy leader in the sector of logistics and FMGC transport, can boast more than ten years of deliveries, and partnerships with the most important companies of the large-scale distribution.

PACKAGING: A company that has been for 20 years in the context of tomato by-product and fruit packaging on national and international markets with its production of cylindrical and truncated cone-shaped barrels to ensure very good services in the field of movement and transport of foodstuffs, and high savings in the field of storage, security and logistics.


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The company has a wide experience in the agribusiness, realizes turnkey projects for the production of eggs and broilers, poultry plants, laying hens systems, alternative systems / cage-free, free-range systems, chicken manure treatment. It designs prefabricated barns of all sizes, brooders for chickens, laying hens, broilers, breeders, feed and egg collection systems, silos, chicken manure removal, watering, heating and ventilation systems, air intake systems, electrical installations and alarm systems, lighting systems, computer control systems.


The company propose solutions at the forefront of building plants for laying hens, from the first day of life until the end of the production process, fully integrated systems for the broiler farming, automated and computer systems on watering, feeding, egg collecting, Universal Plus enrichment, cage doors, air conditioning and heating, removal, drying and storage of chicken manure, computerized management, barns, accessibility, cleanness.


The company is a leader in the design, construction, and installation of equipment used in slaughtering plants for chickens, turkeys, rabbits and porks. Thanks to experience gained since 1956, the company can offer to their clients a complete range of machinery that cover all stages of the process: collecting and transport of live chickens, their slaughtering, evisceration, cooling, sectioning and then debone. The company uses an innovative method called LAPS, to stun and slaughter the poultry, so it can guarantee the observance of all requirements indicated by the existing legislation for animal welfare.


This company is a world leader in the manufacturing of lines for the slaughtering of chickens, rabbits, and quails, as well as cockerel, plants, and equipment for turkeys, gooses, ducks, guinea fowls, and partridges and pigeons. It designs, realizes and installs machines, plants and supervision software for slaughtering lines and for training services, technical assistance, after-sale assistance and all the spare parts.


A well-established company, a leader in Italy and Europe in the slaughtering sector and in the processing of red meat as cattle, horses, porks, sheep, goats and white meats as chickens, turkeys, and ducks. The company designs, builds and installs turnkey slaughtering plants, it is specialized in poultry plants, it has an EU sanitary certification and produces plants in full compliance with CEE and USDA sanitary regulations. It produces with renown, formalized, codified and controlled cycles which allow, first of all, the availability of the products as well as the management of potential non-conforming products. Slaughtering plants for cattle with a production of up to 80 units/hour, porks up 500 units/hour, sheep up to 600 units/hour, white meats up to 10.000 units/hour.


agribusiness serre e sistemi colture protette

A company operating in the agribusiness entitled to design and installation of greenhouses and systems for the protected crops operating with the ISO 9001 quality system. It has been working for more than 20 years in the high-tech plant design and installation sector, in the continuous improvement of the products, technologies, processes, services and flows in global terms. It can realize turnkey projects, from the foundations to the roof, integrated systems for the protected crops, greenhouses, aluminum pallets, computer fertigation systems, high-tech plants, controlling all the activities: both the plant design and installation part and the complementary part as civil works of substructure, greenhouses, greenhouses for experimentation and educational activities, working areas, internal transport systems, vision optical system of wiring, pallets, heating systems, fertigation, ebb and flow, water systems, thermal protection, fog, special plants, monitoring systems and computers for greenhouses, electrical system.

The company studies and realizes personalized projects according to the specific needs of every client, and carries out all the necessary civil works: soil bearing capacity, greenhouse capacity, excavation works, earthquake zones, collection or disposal, drainage, drains and conveyance of rainwater, shafts for ducts, cement corridors, foundation plinths and pallets, ebb and flow on the concrete. The company is also specialized in facilities:

• Glasshouses designed and realized to contain the most advanced technological installations.
• Installation of steel, aluminum and glass greenhouses from the smallest dimensions to the biggest sizes.
• Creation of experimental greenhouses.
• Glasshouses or arch greenhouses with a plastic cover, with the installation of specific plants able to create the ideal microclimate for every kind of horticultural and flower experimentations.

The control and computerized monitoring of every system allow to store and compare in time the process values that can influence the crop growth.


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