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Green and Environmentally friendly Building

Progetto White Home Bioedilizia ed Edilizia Ecosostenibile 2

Green and Environmentally friendly Building


According to a WHITE ECONOMY perspective, we mean to realise a housing information centre for disabled people and a prototype of a “custom-built home”, ant seismic, totally environmentally friendly therefore zero impact, in an area near EXPO 2015.

The prototype then will be commercialised both in Italy and abroad, designed and built, according to the consumers’ needs, to the pool of companies involved, firms which represent the Italian and Swiss technologic excellence.

The energetic and environmental aspects will be placed at the centre, nevertheless particular attention will be address to the social scope and purpose of the intervention, through the execution of specific accessible multifunctional areas, to allow a correct quality of life, together with some creative and recovery activities, in the case in which the consumers ask in addition to a total energetic autonomy also a complete liveability and accessibility.
Industrial containers will be used, which guarantee the houses’ watertight seal in the cases of seismic events even of high intensity, combined and conveniently integrated with highly innovative technologies both structural and plant engineering, able to guarantee on request also accessibility and autonomy to disabled people.

The structure will be “intelligent” thanks to the perfect combination of an interdisciplinary team and to the application of a sequence of sensors that will be able to monitor every physic or environmental parameter of the dwelling spaces, the radioactivity generated from the radon, every biological parameters of the people who will live in the house, so that they can feel “protagonists” of their lives, with a continuous monitoring of everyday habits as well as of the possible rehabilitation and restoration activities related to the different diseases.
Therefore all that will be obtained through the interaction between the “social” focus of the initiative and the applications and the telecommunication technologies of recent experimentation, such as for example WASP (Wireless Accessible Sensor Populations).

These current topics are at the time closely monitored by the European Union and they will translate in fundamental objectives of the EU Welfare.

This project will be object of debates, conferences, demonstrations in all the national and international occasion where the WHITE ECONOMY will be promoted and implemented.

VIEW 1 container ed edilizia ecosostenibile
VIEW 2 container ed edilizia ecosostenibile
VIEW 3 container ed edilizia ecosostenibile
VIEW 4 container ed edilizia ecosostenibile
VIEW 5 container ed edilizia ecosostenibile
VIEW 6 container ed edilizia ecosostenibile
Planimetria container ed edilizia ecosostenibile


- Vittorio Aliprandi ( VSA GROUP General Manager);
- Mariangela Bonizzoni (Design and Communication);
- Giacomo Carone (REM-NG General Manager);
- Francesco Cultrera ( Interior designer );
- Michele Ferro (ABCert Direction);
- Danilo Filippini (Mapel Trading SA General Manager);
- Giampaolo Giuliani (Fondazione G.Giuliani General Manager);
- Vito Lavanga ( Dr in Physics and Chemistry);
- Marco Novelli (Nomec srl Engineer);
- Antonio Trento ( ICT Technician);
- Roberto Tocci ( Architect).

SPONSOR – SSSURL – Scuola Superiore di Studi Universitari e di Ricerca – Leonardo da Vinci

DRAWINGS AND DESIGN – “ti group” – Studio Architettura Urbanistica – Arch. Roberto Tocci

Specialist Advice on Hotels

Hotel Management consulenza camere redditività

How tourism has changed?

The economic crisis has emphasized the profound changes already happening in the tourist market, a sector in constant evolution in distributing and widespreading the tourist product.
About 85% of the world tourist users (business, leisure or other), looks for information on the reputation of hotels for the destination on the web, and 60% ends the reservation of the trip on line.
Most of all after the start of the mobile, the potentiality of the web, take for the tourist sector a big importance, in the exponential growth of the sales, allowing to reach infinite targets of customers and of markets at reasonable, flexible costs, and in real time.

What are the most evident evolutions?

The rapid transformation of the touristic demand concerns most of all the growth of its complexity. In mature markets, the communication in real time has led to instantaneous purchases, asking operators a higher flexibility in the answer times, pulling down the space-time limits.
The use of the web, has led to pulling down the times of execution of the requests, multiplying the sales channels and the visibility. It is therefore fundamental a correct management of the “WEB REPUTATION”, qualifying one’s own communication online supplying information of viral type and of sharing on the social canals.

In a market therefore at high competitiveness as that of tourism, in which there is a high perishability of the product, for example the hotel room if it is not occupied in time, knowing how to manage costs and quality of the offer, dynamic rating and politics of marketing on the web, are fundamental elements to enhance the profitability of the tourist enterprise.

What are the solutions to follow change and not to suffer it?

It is necessary to become an efficient organisation, with high quality standards, a constant quality of the services offered, and to satisfy the expectations of the guest since the first impact.
Since this tendency is in rapid growth, the solution is necessarily to evolve to seize new opportunities and markets, through elements of innovation, adjusting one’s own communication online, on the different targets of customers, optimizing the redditivity of the hotel. The web allows to create a very fast and direct interaction between the demand and the offer trough multicanal and innovative logics.

What includes all this?

The opening of new markets with their specificities and peculiarities, involves factors to customize and diversify the service.

Why not forget the Cross Culture?

The accurate study of habits and cultures, allows to take care of the “DETAILS OF THE SERVICE”, in a way to be in line with different traditions respecting specific needs; all this “makes the difference” in the perceived of the CUSTOMER.
Also an overall view of the land, through the unique characteristics; the gastronomic, naturalistic, artistic and cultural offer, become all elements for a product politics, for an effective hospitality and for a correct reference for the markets.

Why are our Solutions different?

Our solutions are flexible and dynamic, they allow us to:
- help the hotel to create a product that improves the hotel characteristics and of the land in which it is inserted, compared with the request;
- operate the integrated commercial development through the planning of strategies of marketing mix and the management of the sales channels;
- through advanced instrumentations of analysis of the demand and the application of dynamic tarifs as lever stimulus of the market.

What is the value added of our Expertise?

Over the last 15 years, our attention has concentrated on the technologic evolution applied to hospitality and tourism; we have reached a high specialisation in the sector of hotel consultancy in these fields:
- Start-up;
- Pre-opening;
- Advanced web marketing;
- Revenue and yield management;
- Brand reputation;
- Communication and online contents;
- Web analytics.

What instruments do we use?

We operate creating a direct interaction between the demand and the offer, increasing the disintermediation in the sale of the product, building customer loyalty, lowering the commercial costs. We operate and implement the ordinary management of the hotel:
- Strategic plans, marketing mix and advanced web marketing;
- Revenue management;
- Social media marketing;
- Booking engine;
- Usability of the web sites;
- Statistical evaluations and data analysis;
- Brand reputation and communication online;
- Analysis of the tourist product and reference targets;
- Definition of objectives and monitoring of results;
- Training of personnel in presence and at distance.

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Product Marketing

Hotel Marketing di prodotto

Objective of the product marketing: identifying the product and the reference target

The MKT of product has got a key function to plan the REVENUE and the commercial politics of every single structure or hotel.
We start with the analysis and a data collection on the destination, from a market study, from the reference target, basing also on the historical data on production, the analysis of the sales channels, of the origin markets travelled from the hotel and lastly the stay indexes:

- SWOT analysis;
- Analysis of the reference market;
- Identification of competitors;
- Elaboration and gathering of statistical data on the fluxes and origin (bodies, observers, etc.);
- Calculation of the stay indexes such as: length of stay, ADR, RevPar, Booking Window, etc depending on the markets and of the origin fluxes and on the period of the year;
- Analysis and successive evaluation of the complete mapping of the distribution of the hotel;
- Analysis of the clusterized production for the single customer targets;
- Analysis of the production processes and of the quality standards;
- Plan and implement (if not already existing) the management control and analytical accountability that creates a relationship on costs and revenues of every single sector, emphasizing the fixed costs, the variable costs and the degree of productivity and the efficiency of every single sector.


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Revenue Management

Hotel Revenue Management


It’s an articulated and complex philosophy, expressing itself in a strategic commercial plan in view of a bettering of our productive capacity and thus to the exponential improvement of occupation of our rooms intervening on the market with different price levels and services, that determine the attention of the market towards our structure.
In effect, if we want to make a practical example, the strategy of revenue is well represented by the flower field in our photograph.

We have to be able to sow different types of flowers that can satisfy a wide range of potential customers, to identify the characteristics that every flower must have to satisfy the customer’s needs and to match our offer to the right price according to the period and to the relationship between the demand and the offer.
All this has of course to be supported by an effective system of listening to the market, of communicative exchange with it and a capacity to transmit the qualities and the characteristics of our brand.
In order to simplify we have to sell the right product/service, in the right moment, to the right customer and with the right channel.

Therefore when we talk of Revenue Management we mean directly the politics of tariffs and the sales channels online and offline, sustained by adequate actions of marketing.
The result is the optimisation of the average occupation of the rooms during the year and the increase of the average redditivity of the rooms.

Following the continuous evolution of the market, means implementing constantly our plan of marketing and communication that completes the offer.
The objective is always and only that of widen our reference market, to improve the attention to the customer, disintermediate the sale of our rooms and to build customer loyalty.

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Price Management

Hotel Price Management

The objective of the Price Management: analyze historical data and forecasts (Forecasting)

Through the analysis of historical data of the Hotel, the average price and REVPAR (calculated on the profitability of the room available rooms and not on those in employment), along with other indicators that we will not be here to call for short exposure should be performed a focused assessment of the perception of the market compared to the price / quality ratio of our offer.

Having previously defined quality standards of our products and services, you are going to indentificare of the tariff schedules of segmented based on the time, the services requested, length of stay, number of occupants, and how many other variables we deem appropriate to identify the different types of clients to whom they are diversified tariff levels that will interact with the progress of requests and confirmations.
After this analysis will be established tariff policy future, shared with the property. We aim to implement a policy “strongly REVENUE ORIENTED”, customized to the needs and trends of the market.

- Analysis and optimization of the next trade policies and pricing;
- Strategic management of the daily tariff policy both on-line and off-line;
- Evaluation daily tariff levels applied to the online channel;

- Analysis of the continuous flow of reservation relating to individual sales channels;
- Create different pricing plans based on demand and market needs;
- Analysis of hotel services in order to increase the feedback or reviews on-line;
- Analysis and development activities related to brand reputation.

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Hotel Distribuzione e Canali di Vendita

The aim of Distribution: Optimizing Sales Channels on and off line

We talked about this, but it is worth reiterating some basic concepts that today are involved significantly on the distribution of the tourism product.
First, the web has completely transformed the communication system and information retrieval enabling the end user to form their own opinions directly compared to what is offered and the satisfaction of their needs and expectations.

Therefore, knowing how to get in touch with this vast pool of market, knowing how to implement the wishes and needs, establishing a direct communication exchange and dialogue between them, meaning to perceive the pulse of the market and adjust accordingly the offer to the changing needs of customers.

Making an assessment of the existing channels and their productivity, new channels of distribution will be analyzed on the basis of changing market evaluating the actual adherence to the tourist flows and their ability to intercept tourism demand in relation to our product.
It will also optimize the content of the channels of sale (photos, texts, etc), so you always have effective tools.

- Search and continually assess new sales channels online;
- Create any new products and manage the connections between the various channels;
- Create promotions and events promotions for the web;

- To harmonize the rates of all the sales channels used;
- Manage operationally sales channels online daily;
- Check the pick up daily requests and actual bookings;

- Check daily quotas on all the sales channels online;
- Optimize the content-channel online sales.

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Marketing and Communications

Hotel Comunicazione e Marketing

The aim of the Department of Marketing and Communications: Branding Optimization, Social Media & Email Marketing

The main objective of this section is to communicate to the market and potential customers our philosophy of hospitality, the specific features that distinguish us, the environment and the atmosphere of our hotel, attention to detail and hospitality. We want to tell our guests their centrality in our actions, the importance that they play for us and the effectiveness of our action for the satisfaction of their needs.
For us, every customer is unique and special, and our efforts are directed to make him a stay, whatever the reason for his trip, which leaves a positive memory and a sign of our “home” that will allow him to choose us again and to talk well of us.

The brand for us is not only image but also content, essence and originality.
It will therefore developed a specific plan of communication with the use of several tools that can be transferred in a clear “sense” of a stay with us.
This will create a project that focuses on the development of BRAND and increasing the visibility of the structure. The research and subsequent management of SOCIAL CHANNELS allow you to reach a large number of visitors and potential new customers.

Using the same channel and with direct mailings, through appropriate tools and professional, you can create targeted promotions or emphasize existing ones. The result will be a significant increase in brand awareness, reputation and visibility online.

In addition, it will also be developed COMMUNICATION PLAN addressed to channel print, online and off line. Finally a plan for reporting, consistent over time, the performance and the feedback of every single action that will allow us to measure the results objectively.

Training Hotel EN
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Education and Training


Education and Training

Being efficient and effective quality are essential in a modern business hotel.
The internal organization, supported by job descriptions and organizational planning are the essential tool for a high quality of services and a careful cost management.
In addition, the image of the hotel is on the professional skills of those who work there and it is in direct contact with the user.

For these reasons, involve all employees in a strategic plan reception and efficiency becomes a major element in the success of our efforts.
Human capital is an essential element for the success of our business and then share through targeted training for each department, the strategic organizational and business, develop their professionalism and act on the sense of belonging to the company are essential principles .

The education and training (ON THE JOB sessions or front) of the staff and management is critical to the success and development of a commercial hotel. Every department of the Hotel requires specialized training, and above all studied the characteristics of the facility.

Thanks to our EXPERIENCE IN THE FIELD, gained over many years, we can offer practical solutions to the problems that arise every day in the hotel and it is important to address and solve, solutions based on the reality of the concepts and operations through the adoption by the staff adequate CONDUCT, aiming to optimize the production / productivity in all departments of the hotel, improving the overall efficiency, effectiveness in terms of reduced service costs.

Are available and will be used as necessary tools for an objective assessment of the abilities and capacities of the staff of the themes to be developed, to make a precise analysis of the initial situation, and to implement training interventions really specific on critical areas or by train.

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