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Hotel Comunicazione e Marketing

The aim of the Department of Marketing and Communications: Branding Optimization, Social Media & Email Marketing

The main objective of this section is to communicate to the market and potential customers our philosophy of hospitality, the specific features that distinguish us, the environment and the atmosphere of our hotel, attention to detail and hospitality. We want to tell our guests their centrality in our actions, the importance that they play for us and the effectiveness of our action for the satisfaction of their needs.
For us, every customer is unique and special, and our efforts are directed to make him a stay, whatever the reason for his trip, which leaves a positive memory and a sign of our “home” that will allow him to choose us again and to talk well of us.

The brand for us is not only image but also content, essence and originality.
It will therefore developed a specific plan of communication with the use of several tools that can be transferred in a clear “sense” of a stay with us.
This will create a project that focuses on the development of BRAND and increasing the visibility of the structure. The research and subsequent management of SOCIAL CHANNELS allow you to reach a large number of visitors and potential new customers.

Using the same channel and with direct mailings, through appropriate tools and professional, you can create targeted promotions or emphasize existing ones. The result will be a significant increase in brand awareness, reputation and visibility online.

In addition, it will also be developed COMMUNICATION PLAN addressed to channel print, online and off line. Finally a plan for reporting, consistent over time, the performance and the feedback of every single action that will allow us to measure the results objectively.

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