Education and Training


Education and Training

Being efficient and effective quality are essential in a modern business hotel.
The internal organization, supported by job descriptions and organizational planning are the essential tool for a high quality of services and a careful cost management.
In addition, the image of the hotel is on the professional skills of those who work there and it is in direct contact with the user.

For these reasons, involve all employees in a strategic plan reception and efficiency becomes a major element in the success of our efforts.
Human capital is an essential element for the success of our business and then share through targeted training for each department, the strategic organizational and business, develop their professionalism and act on the sense of belonging to the company are essential principles .

The education and training (ON THE JOB sessions or front) of the staff and management is critical to the success and development of a commercial hotel. Every department of the Hotel requires specialized training, and above all studied the characteristics of the facility.

Thanks to our EXPERIENCE IN THE FIELD, gained over many years, we can offer practical solutions to the problems that arise every day in the hotel and it is important to address and solve, solutions based on the reality of the concepts and operations through the adoption by the staff adequate CONDUCT, aiming to optimize the production / productivity in all departments of the hotel, improving the overall efficiency, effectiveness in terms of reduced service costs.

Are available and will be used as necessary tools for an objective assessment of the abilities and capacities of the staff of the themes to be developed, to make a precise analysis of the initial situation, and to implement training interventions really specific on critical areas or by train.

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