Hotel Distribuzione e Canali di Vendita

The aim of Distribution: Optimizing Sales Channels on and off line

We talked about this, but it is worth reiterating some basic concepts that today are involved significantly on the distribution of the tourism product.
First, the web has completely transformed the communication system and information retrieval enabling the end user to form their own opinions directly compared to what is offered and the satisfaction of their needs and expectations.

Therefore, knowing how to get in touch with this vast pool of market, knowing how to implement the wishes and needs, establishing a direct communication exchange and dialogue between them, meaning to perceive the pulse of the market and adjust accordingly the offer to the changing needs of customers.

Making an assessment of the existing channels and their productivity, new channels of distribution will be analyzed on the basis of changing market evaluating the actual adherence to the tourist flows and their ability to intercept tourism demand in relation to our product.
It will also optimize the content of the channels of sale (photos, texts, etc), so you always have effective tools.

- Search and continually assess new sales channels online;
- Create any new products and manage the connections between the various channels;
- Create promotions and events promotions for the web;

- To harmonize the rates of all the sales channels used;
- Manage operationally sales channels online daily;
- Check the pick up daily requests and actual bookings;

- Check daily quotas on all the sales channels online;
- Optimize the content-channel online sales.

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