TURKEY a full discussion by import-export forms of stable presence: the impact on foreign companies of reforms in July 2012

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Date(s) - 02/09/2024
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TURKEY, a full discussion by import-export forms of stable presence: the impact on foreign companies of reforms in July 2012

In a foreign country outside U.E. the business of buying and selling are characterized by a sum of problems for the most part similar together with some typical peculiarities of each country. Since July 1, 2012, Turkey has amended its civil code and company, changing the structure of society and for that the contents of some international contracts, such as the commercial agency.
After analysis and country risk analysis business that is the function that acquired the marketing function of a company should know in depth, will be considered the valuation techniques of local companies abroad, the definition of the terms and conditions of payment, shipping and returning the goods to be processed.

- Provide adequate and up-to-date on the socio-political situation in Turkey;
- Highlight the business opportunities offered by this market;
- To highlight the difficulties and obstacles that hinder the management of client companies or suppliers of goods / services in the territory of Turkey;
- Highlighting the most important aspects in the legal, fiscal, administrative and customs.

- Examine the main socio-economic indicators;
- Analysis of the laws and regulations in commercial use;
- Highlight the features of the political system;
- Examine the approach to be used with the institutions;
- Analyze the economic culture of the country;
- Examination of institutional support structures on site, to identify and select potential customers and suppliers;
- The conclusion of the contract;
- The general conditions of sale and special conditions: the value and proper use;
- The International Law of the contract: a choice of law, the applicable law in the absence of choice;
- The order and the order confirmation: important legal and correct drafting techniques;
- Warranty: applicability and forecasts according to the Vienna Convention, the possibility of exemption;
- Terms of surrender Incoterms CCI: What can determine the Incoterm, when it is appropriate to choose a term rather than the other;
- The dispute is with foreign suppliers with customers: how to avoid it through proper management of the contract;
- Sharing and discussion of practical cases.
- Payments and safeguards to be put in the text of the contract: the negotiation of contract terms, the importance of the contract and the mistakes to avoid;
- The means of payment to suppliers and customers;
- The means of payment guaranteed by banks and forms of bank guarantee (letter of credit, the effects endorsed by the bank, stand by letter of credit) and means not guaranteed by the bank (bank, COD cash on delivery, CAD cash against documents, foreign checks, bills of exchange);
- The forms of credit insurance;
- The recovery of the credit.

- Lawyer Stefano Manara
- Lawyer Francesca Falbo
- Dr. Ilene Pisano
- Dr. Elisa Judica

- 1 day to 8 hours.

- The path may be partially / fully funded by joint funds LINK.


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