Revenue Management

Hotel Revenue Management


It’s an articulated and complex philosophy, expressing itself in a strategic commercial plan in view of a bettering of our productive capacity and thus to the exponential improvement of occupation of our rooms intervening on the market with different price levels and services, that determine the attention of the market towards our structure.
In effect, if we want to make a practical example, the strategy of revenue is well represented by the flower field in our photograph.

We have to be able to sow different types of flowers that can satisfy a wide range of potential customers, to identify the characteristics that every flower must have to satisfy the customer’s needs and to match our offer to the right price according to the period and to the relationship between the demand and the offer.
All this has of course to be supported by an effective system of listening to the market, of communicative exchange with it and a capacity to transmit the qualities and the characteristics of our brand.
In order to simplify we have to sell the right product/service, in the right moment, to the right customer and with the right channel.

Therefore when we talk of Revenue Management we mean directly the politics of tariffs and the sales channels online and offline, sustained by adequate actions of marketing.
The result is the optimisation of the average occupation of the rooms during the year and the increase of the average redditivity of the rooms.

Following the continuous evolution of the market, means implementing constantly our plan of marketing and communication that completes the offer.
The objective is always and only that of widen our reference market, to improve the attention to the customer, disintermediate the sale of our rooms and to build customer loyalty.

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