Price Management

Hotel Price Management

The objective of the Price Management: analyze historical data and forecasts (Forecasting)

Through the analysis of historical data of the Hotel, the average price and REVPAR (calculated on the profitability of the room available rooms and not on those in employment), along with other indicators that we will not be here to call for short exposure should be performed a focused assessment of the perception of the market compared to the price / quality ratio of our offer.

Having previously defined quality standards of our products and services, you are going to indentificare of the tariff schedules of segmented based on the time, the services requested, length of stay, number of occupants, and how many other variables we deem appropriate to identify the different types of clients to whom they are diversified tariff levels that will interact with the progress of requests and confirmations.
After this analysis will be established tariff policy future, shared with the property. We aim to implement a policy “strongly REVENUE ORIENTED”, customized to the needs and trends of the market.

- Analysis and optimization of the next trade policies and pricing;
- Strategic management of the daily tariff policy both on-line and off-line;
- Evaluation daily tariff levels applied to the online channel;

- Analysis of the continuous flow of reservation relating to individual sales channels;
- Create different pricing plans based on demand and market needs;
- Analysis of hotel services in order to increase the feedback or reviews on-line;
- Analysis and development activities related to brand reputation.

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