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Scouting for reliable business partners and opportunities, solutions for your growth, agents, importers, distributors, developing business, also by looking for potential customers. For Agri-food sector Database more than 11.000 importers and distributors divided by country. MADE IN ITALY AGRI-FOOD OFFERS:

Missions, Trade Show, B2B meetings, Incoming

Thanks to connections with institutions and Chambers of Commerce in Italy and abroad, IBS is able to support Missions and Trade Shows in foreign countries of interest , and in addition we can inform you of any initiatives of others partners in the network. B2B meetings, missions, thematic workshops, ad hoc, and special events on request;
A new service is available: “Send us to the Trade Show instead of you”; we are able to provide you a certain number of qualified business contacts, for Trade Show of your interest. Ask us for more information via contact form, and sign up to our newsletter for any events of interests;

Invest in EU

Through the contact form you can ask for any information for opportunities and investements in countries and sectors you are interested in: real estate, construction, fine chemicals, precision engineering, food, fashion, luxury, other;

We recommend:

ALBANIA : excellent solution for both inbound and outbound Call Center; personnel with high communication skills and general knowledge, operators who are fluent in Italian, (and other languages) that are trained with specific training, according to the purpose of the Call Center; wages much lower than average costs in Europe, flexibility and speed in the administrative practices.

BENELUX (The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg):
- Export Management and Business Development, because of the datacentre presence in these territories and ten-purposes presence in these countries. Business unit opening and financial, legal and logistic consultancy.

POLAND : incubator for innovative projects up to 200,000 Euros for projects with high innovative content.

ROMANIA: You can buy photovoltaic parks and wind farms with a green certificate and energy.

SLOVENIA : to invest in real estate and construction, investments in real estate and energy.

SPAIN : Renewable energies – Chemical – Industrial machineries – Construction – Agri-food – Fashion (Companies belonging to areas other than those mentioned above, will be subjected to evaluation);
- Invest in a start-up which will be used to produce extra virgin olive oil, high quality, intended for the Mexican market, channels gourmet, supermarkets, department stores, large-scale distribution, high cuisine.

- OTHERS OPPORTUNITIES and attractive investments for companies in the Far-east which are interested in business within the European Union ; more info on request.

Invest in Extra-EU

Using the contact form, request the opportunity for the country and sector of interest: food, fashion, luxury, construction, real estate, fine chemicals, precision engineering.

We recommend:

ALGERIA areas of interest:
- Agriculture and Agrifood; tools and materials to make irrigation systems more efficient, as well as the agricultural production, logistics and food distribution, chicken and cattle farming, introduction of seeds, fertiliser;
- Renewable Energies and Environment, photovoltaic, and toxic industrial waste recovery and recycling;
- Construction, building materials, real estate, public building work, construction of roads, pavements: and so on.
- Leisure, welfare and tourism;
- Automotive components and part replacement;
- New Technologies: communication, audiovisual sector, private TV, set-up of TV studios, studio creation, training / internship of the personnel at leading companies; (i.e. , ongoing BBC project and EU funds thanks to neighborhood policies).

AZERBAIJAN : investing opportunities in a large project in collaboration with the institutions of the country relative to meat, carcasses and imported products.

IVORY COAST and BURKINA FASO : invest in the project or buy high-tech products, designed patented and manufactured on site by Italian Engineers. Products: electric pumps based on solar energy; solar dryers; ecological solar Kitchens; photovoltaic systems; special machines for rice harvesting. Direct Assignment from government for construction of roads, hotels, power plants and facilities.

CHINA : opportunities in the field of Food, Fashion, Footwear, Made in Italy, to exhibit and sell their products in the exhibition space of 5000 square meters reserved for the Made in Italy, in a shopping complex wholesale of 1,800,000 square meters, in the town of Jimo, a city under the management of the city of Qingdao in Shangdong region, where the main Chinese buyers transit. The design of the project was made by an Italian company that was responsible for the concept stores and furniture. The sales staff in the exhibition space, is Chinese trained by Italian technicians. The area is a big tourist center with 138km of beach, a golf course, a spa on the sea and its mega structures, generating a trade of more than $ 100 billion annually. Together with YIWU and Kungming, Jimo are the three main districts of distribution wholesale largest in China;
Even available Showrooms for luxury products in the field of furniture and jewelery.

CUBA : building accommodation within hospitality, and mission or direct contacts with importers from State.

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO : assistance in the creation of local companies and joint ventures aiming to the request of concessions for mining metals and subsequent exploitation of mineral resources of the country.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC : We are looking for an investor/constructor in order to realise traditional luxury villas from 200 to 400 squared meters. We are looking for investors/constructors in order to realise 22 meters tower in the business centre and a 9 meters building along the sea. The owning and managing society of BAVARO hotel sales 33% of its stocks.

ECOWAS / CEDEAO : Agri-food & program for women in Africa by African Diplomatic Academy and Economic Community of West African States ECOWAS. NOURDIGN It is a project for technology innovation in food companies and agriculture transformation, in order to increase self-sufficiency, improve most vulnerable people and woman socio-economic conditions, for a sustainable development of different territories. It has started a pilot project in Senegal thanks to National Institutes resources, International Bodies, Women Associations, Development Banks. We are looking for investors in order to start this project in other areas.

GHANA : investing in a project in the field of food processing for the local market.

INDIA : join a Business Incubator, assistance to 360 degrees, administrative documents and legal support to intercept local partners, production and marketing.

INDONESIA : investing in the production and marketing of drones (machines for civil use) and locally produced for the Asian market.

ISRAEL : New Technologies: software, defense technologies, bio-medical, irrigation, and innovative technological projects.

IVORY COAST : Constructions , public works, construction of industrial zones, free zones, dams, roads, surface metro. Shipyard and coast control. Fishery and subsidies by the government to develop this sector. Agri-food sector, supply, transformation, trade, classic and street food restaurants, thematic showrooms.

JORDAN, PALESTINE, IRAQ, LEBANON and SAUDI ARABIA : the companies that most invest in MENA market are those operating in the construction and real estate sectors, as well as energetic, financial and other NGOs;
ENVIROMENT: Renewable energy: the media group is accessible through public procurements, direct negotiation with the public administration and private negotiation. There are various benefits for companies investing in renewable energies; Waste: new waste management plan. Collection, waste treatment and waste to energy. Loans have been made available by international bodies; Water: water treatment and distribution programs;
CONSTRUCTION AND REAL ESTATE: various opportunities for investments in the private sector;
NGOs: because of the various humanitarian emergencies Jordan had to face, most of the non-lucrative organizations have their regional offices in Amman. Space for those companies that operate in the service sector for administration via call of proposal that the various ngos;
HEALTH CARE: Jordan is the medical hub of the Middle East: various opportunities within the pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical sectors.

LIBYA and KAZAKHSTAN : investment in construction projects and industrial constructions, Italian consortium in collaboration with the foreign network.

MAURITANIA : Fishery: Mauritania has the most clean and prolific sea in Africa, however around 50% of fish is ate fresh or frozen, only 10% is canned, the rest is wasted. There is the opportunity to develop this sectos, inside a free zone with fiscal and administrative facilitations. Through a small production line it is possible to access in the country and develop a business with African and North American markets;
- Real estates sector: there are important possibilities both for developers and constructors through the construction of prefab for low cost social apartments;
- It is possible to create public and private partnerships in fishery, algae farming, fish ships, trade, mines, infrastructures, residential houses, public services (hospitals, public services, sport centres), tourism.

MOROCCO , areas of interest and services:
- Marketing Analysis, market research, and spread of the brand in the country, feasibility studies, business opportunities, customer research and/or vendors; business consulting and business management in outsourcing; Legal Information, Customs advice; the practice of opening company and bureaucratic procedures; organization and corporate strategy, creation and management of the company; accounting advice; practical transfer of goods, logistics and shipping; Finance facilitated in Morocco; Business Planning; Signalling Specialist sector; Info banking system.
- Scouting contracts and participation in international invitations to tender in the construction sector, real estate, renewable energies;
- Real Estate, construction of terraced houses, creation of opportunities and support during the entire process until the conclusion of the work.

OMAN : investing in major tenders, roads and airports.

PANAMA: Investments made in the construction sector regarding social housing, photovoltaic parks, hydroelectric power stations.

PERU : opportunities in the areas of Renewable Energy, in the Mechanical sector.

SENEGAL : Large-scale works, airports, bridges, railroads, aqueducts, roads, power stations. Craftsmanship: create partnerships between Italian and Senegal companies, in order to make wood craftsmanship to sell in Senegal and in North Africa. It is possible to import worked seedes from Italy without paying duties, moreover the government is ready to by a wide part of the craftsmanship.

SWITZERLAND : incentives from the cantons and the confederation for start-ups and industrial projects; big Foundation with 20 million funds for innovative projects in collaboration with the University.

TANZANIA areas of interest:
- Mining sector : mining concessions and extraction of salt , coal, diamonds, metals mainly gold, ferrous materials, tungsten, lead and minerals such as magnesium, phosphate. Link to opportunities in the mining sector;
- Health systems: making services accessible even in remote regions, at the moment poorly covered by the services in synergy with the governmental authorities;
- Agriculture: making agricultural work more efficient and, in particular, intervening in the distribution chain and in the refrigeration of products with a low shelf life;
- Water resources: management of basins of water, a resource of great value in the country, and purification of water to prevent diseases and premature deaths especially of the lower classes.

TUNISIA : thanks to our physical presence in the country, assistance in opening of offices and manufacturing headquarters by utilizing incentives made available by the Tunisian Government to facilitate foreign direct investment in the country. Business development activities and International relocation of project personnel abroad.
- Productive delocalisation with strong tax advantages for totally exporting companies and for companies involved in the production of automotive, plastics, or medical sector (clinics, laboratories, aesthetics etc.), advanced and innovative technologies;
- Delocalisation of services and services in various sectors, for example: administrative, call center, etc. ;
- Agricultural sector: assistance in the intensive agriculture and irrigation systems and supporting technologies, scouting funding;
- Energetic sector: studies of applicability and funding;
- Building sector: advanced technologies (insulation, anti seismic, etc. ) for the construction of residential commercial and industrial buildings; institutional positions in public works;
- EXPORTING TO TUNISIA: Timber for the furniture industry and aids for its export (pallets, etc. ), wood processing for heating purposes; tires and auto parts; advisory services for 4-5 star hotels and accommodation facilities to raise the quality of service delivered.

- Opportunities in Renewable Energies overall in the photovoltaic park sector with twenty-years concession for grid connected installations;
- Construction sector and overall significant transport routes and roads;
- It is required a society to electrify in areas not covered by electricity.

Invest in Italy

Purchase of companies and Real Estate;
How to open a company , bureaucratic information, incentives, simplified procedure through ministry and contacts, a network of lawyers and accountants to support the legal, administrative and accounting, payroll, developments in the labor market and news, notices concerning to women’s entrepreneurship;
Scouting investors for start-up projects and companies;
Also recommended:
Starting-up production of craft beer : invest in the project; markets to commercialize the product, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Switzerland;
Web Portal : Investing in a start-up Italian portal for SMEs and professionals, for brand awareness on the web and business development; online website being launched;
Web Site : Investing in start-up Italian portal dedicated to incoming tourism in Italy from China from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Investment in Lombardy

Through our connection with institutions, news of the Italian government to attract investments and investors, throught our advisors specialized on a wide range of services: merging and acquisitions, scouting spaces free of charge for settlement company, caring free and easy procedure for obtaining permits and visa in the recruitment of all professional profiles for the enterprise, training on issues related to legal and tax framework or other, the ability to take advantage from a very extensive network of highly skilled professionals on topics of various nature.

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