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Date(s) - 08/03/2024
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How to select, appoint, effectively manage an Agent or Distributor in a foreign country, considering the internal regulations on compensation to distributors

Operate abroad through an Agent or Distributor is one of the most appropriate tools to be able to penetrate before the market of another country and then manage it.
First, it is necessary according to its structure and intentions to be pursued, find the most suitable form of collaboration: the choice is between an agency relationship or distribution. Second, it assumes great importance is the evaluation and appropriate selection of the local to assign the task of Agent or Distributor.
Depending on the nature of the relationship, the contract will have different characteristics, in order to adequately protect the Italian company.
This is certainly the most complex and delicate phase, since it is necessary:
- Draw up a contract that takes into account legislation sometimes imperative of the country in which it will operate;
- Consider legislation of international character;
- Address all the most important aspects for the Italian production company (length of service, termination, reporting obligations, identification of business objectives, etc.).
Among the issues to manage the contract, you are taking a strong critical in recent years, the ratio of the concession, specifically the conclusion of the report, because of a severance agreement that, in some countries, including the EU, is also provided for in favor of distributors.
The course analyzes and develops the main themes starting with the construction of the contract between the company and the agent / distributor, including its management during the relationship and casework.

- Provide a comprehensive presentation of the nature of the agency and in the case of distribution, and the characteristics that specifically it assumes in the EU and outside the EU;
- Identify what are the criteria for assessing the foreign partner, in order to identify and select the most suitable partners in order to promote the development of sales in the market of the foreign country chosen;
- Deepen contractual issues that define the relationship between the production company and the Italian foreign agent or distributor.

- The agency contract: the content, the applicable law, the obligations of the agent, the obligations of the principal, the obligation to pay the severance pay in the case of Italy and other EU countries and non-EU, the consequences of choosing to operate through an agent for the purpose of its administrative structure and logistics;
- The agency contract: the payment of commissions, the inclusion or not of the exclusivity clause, duration and termination of the contract, the severance pay. Profiles in both the EU and non-EU;
- The distribution agreement: the applicable law, the content characterizing the relationship, the obligations of the parties, brand protection, discipline in different countries;
- The distribution agreement: the means of payment, duration and resolution. The severance benefits that the distributor is provided in some EU countries; the consequences and protections.

- Lawyer Stefano Manara
- Lawyer Francesca Falbo
- Dr. Ilene Pisano
- Dr. Elisa Judica

OPTIONAL co-teaching in English Att. Jesse D. Hartgring
- Partner of the law firm “Hoens & Souren Keereweer Advocaten” (Netherlands), member Insolad Dutch Association of lawyers specializing in bankruptcy law. He overview particularly wide, together with extensive experience in restructuring and corporate reorganization and bankruptcy trustee as enabling him to better advise companies as part of their business transactions.
The Lawyer. Hartgring is a member of a worldwide network of lawyers and accountants with a high degree of specialization in commercial transactions of intentional and work in the area of international contracts and corporate law at the international level.

- 1 day to 8 hours;

- The course can be partially or fully funded by joint funds LINK


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