The Coaching is express in the best way, your potential, strongly increase your performances, considerably decrease the time to achieve ambitious goals, in professional field but also private (Life Coaching). Going beyond your limits, wrong ideas, non-functional behaviours, and other limits which are very often only inside us or in the context we live. These limits prevent us from express our skills.


It is a process in which a person who wants to perform better, ask for the help of an expert (coachee), with adequate skills, who handles with confidence techniques and adequate behaviours the potential realised by the coachee that we will call to make things easier “the customer”.

It starts with a goal (which comes form a need or a desire) and before starting a path, there is a step in which are analysed different elements, to understand if it is possible for the customer to achieve the goal; and if there is the necessary motivation to start a process that will require an important engagement of the customer.

For this reason it is essential that the customer asks himself is he/she really wants to start this path, it is also important to ask yourself if it is really possible to achieve the goal; in conclusion if it is right to do this path for the customer.

At operative level, the goal is divided in different steps, easy to achieve, and verification steps decided by the coach and the customer.


The coaching can be adopted in different life context:

- it is common in a company, if an entrepreneur has to face a difficult field, such as a company. Especially today, when it is important to promptly respond to the market and to stakeholders, where a wrong or late decision, means very soon a failure, revenue or business losses, or in the most dramatic cases it will mean exit from the market.

- also a manager with a very challenging goal, with many obstacles, both in managing co-workers, complex dynamics and with interlocutors outside the company. If he has to acquire new skills in a short time, and these skills don’t have a specific background he/she has to learn “how to learn” and how to manage a complex situation which changes very fast;

- let’s think about a company which has or want to access to foreign market, export or internationalisation in case of a representation office or a foreign production site. It is evident that in addition to problems with the Italian market, there will be many problems/opportunities such as custom service, legal, fiscal, business, but also cultural which very often slow down this process and need a specific strategy, and fast decisions;

- there is also the case of the person who wants to be stronger in his/her life, in private or professional situations, who wants to realise his/her dreams and life goals. In this process too, called Life Coaching, the goal is to improve the personal empowerment. This process excludes psychological intervention which are part of something really different.


By using behaviours and attitudes, learned through specific techniques but also with customer attitudes, it is possible to improve potentials and skills the customer doesn’t know to have.
The customer improves his/her self-confidence, he/she wants to exit from the comfort zone and manipulate the surrounding environment in order to achieve the goal.
At the same time, the Coach is always near to remember the client his/her commitments, the Coach motivates the customer if problems during the coaching decrease the focus on the goal.

Rather than making theoretical explanations, which might be bring, we prefer making examples to create an image or to have few simple ideas, because simple ideas, are based on a complex background which is not always visible.

Example n.1 : Someone said us we have a spot in the face, we would remove it. How can we do it without using a mirror?
The Coach is our mirror, during growth processes it helps us think to where we are compared with where we would be, allowing the customer to be aware of essential aspects, which prevent him/her from doing same actions by him/herself. In other words, with this work the customer can see some areas of darkness.

Example n.2 : We are in a thick forest and it is difficult to find the path to exit. The Coach is on the top of a near hill and he/she can see where we are, in order to help our natural path.

Example n.3 : We have to train to participate in a competition, however we don’t know how to do.
In this case, the Coach will be our trainer, and according to the model he/she adopts (in order to give tips to the customer), the Coach might also be a mentor and make available for the customer tools which work for that specific context, in order to achieve the goal.

Example n.4 : We continually bounce on a rubber wall, an obstacle that prevent us from continue our path, because we are approaching always in the same way a request from a strategic supplier, who is not available to negotiate, so there isn’t a way out
The Coach questions that that is the most suitable way and the only way possible, he/she opens to new scenarios rejecting our certainties. In this way we discover that the solution is close at hand.


We don’t want to convince those who don’t believe that the Coaching works really good, because it is difficult to explain something that it is possible to understand only by living it.
Think about how difficult is explain with words, the feeling you have while watching a “sunset in the Equator”, without photos and without any context; or the taste of a new food, never tried before…

The Coaching is based on 30 years of history , people who tested this technique have been satisfied, so a customer who positively talks about it is the best way to spread this service.
However, we would also alert potential customers that in order to be efficient, has to be done by experts who have specific methods, people who studied for it, in institutes, people with master degrees etc.

An adequate education is not enough, the Coach has to be delete or has to handle some behaviours, believes and ideas, in order to make more functional his/her work with the customer.

In other words, before start working the Coach has to start a path with another Coach and with a supervisor, to delete his weakness, things that don’t allow him/her to make a neutral analysis. In order to satisfy customer needs and to be involved him/herself.


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