Seminar: Business Opportunities with the United Nations, UNDP, WFP, FAO and IFAD

Seminario ICE 4 dicembre 2014 Nazioni Unite, UNPD, WFP, FAO, IFAD

Seminar: Business Opportunities with the United Nations, UNDP, WFP, FAO and IFAD

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The Agency for the promotion of Italian enterprises abroad and of Internationalization ICE, ORGANIZES in Rome, December 4, 2014, the seminar: “Business Opportunities with the United Nations: UNDP, WFP, FAO and IFAD.”

The seminar will be technical and operative, and will focus on opportunities in the areas of:

- Safety equipment;
- Medical equipment and pharmaceutical products;
- Communication technology;
- Engineering;
- Vehicles, logistics and transport, logistical support to the missions;
- Procurement;
- Fertilizer and Agricultural machinery.


- To analyze the tendering process of the United Nations and its supply system;
- To fully understand the procedure to register as a supplier and the United Nations Global Marketplace;
- To intercept opportunities through the activities of the Secretariat, by means of the UNDP (United Nations Procurement Division) tenders;
- To analyze opportunities from logistics base in Brindisi (UN Global Service Centre);
- Business opportunities of the WFP (World Food Programme), FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) and the IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development);
- To discuss with the Specialist of UNDP, WFP, FAO and IFAD.


Registration: at 9:00 a.m.
Start: at 9:30 a.m
- Short opening session with Institutional Representatives;
- Technical and operational session and UN / PD, WFP, FAO and IFAD specialists;
Afternoon: meetings between speakers and participants;
Closing time: at 19:00

LOCATION: ICE headquarters in Rome Via Liszt, 21 EUR (Sala Pirelli)

FOR ENTRIES: fill in the application to the seminar using the following link

DEADLINE TO REGISTER: on November 28, 2014, at 12:00;

- Dr. Alessio Longo
- Dr. ssa Raffaela Di Emidio
- Tel. +39.06 5992 9465/6889
- Email: organismi.internazionali(a)