LETTER OF CREDIT WORKSHOP – The operative management of the letter of credit after the new legislation about the international banking practice

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Date(s) - 11/03/2024
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LETTER OF CREDIT WORKSHOP – TRAINING MODULE DESCRIPTION: The operative management of the letter of credit after the new legislation about the international banking practice

RECIPIENTS : Foreign officers, export manager, bankers, business consultants, international commercial operators;



This workshop aims to give a hyper-specialized training path regarding the documentary credits and their operative management according to the new legislation about the international banking practice by the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris. This module aims to effectively manage two letters of credit, from the contractual agreement to the money collection. The participants will be directly involved to analyze the credit and to produce the operative documents beginning with the invoice and the packing list. A workstation will be shared between 3 and 4 participants.


1st PART :

• Export Credit Risk Management: how to effectively manage the credit risks in the international commercial transactions;
• Main differences between the insurance tools and the financial tools;
• The documentary credits: definition, characteristics, structure, operation, persons, operative use and legislation;
• The various types of documentary credit: by payment, by acceptance, by deferred payment, by negotiation, and by performance of banking institutions;
• How to avoid the bank risk and the country risk: how to have a confirmation of the documentary credits, the silent confirmation and the reliability;
• How to define the role of the bank?
• What does “Negotiation” mean?
• Which are the services for the “chosen Bank”?
• Exercises and analysis of various case studies;


The participants of the workshop will be divided into groups and they will prepare the documents for the two documentary credits with increasing level of complexity. At the end of the session the participants will hold an analysis and a discussion about the work done.


The teaching method includes both lectures with the help of slides and flip chart and active lectures with the participants to place in contexts the ideas and to adopt them in the common business life. Other methods will be used from the professor to make participants the main actors: use of real case studies, business games, role playing and other methods to support the analysis of concrete business scenarios and the reenactment of company problems by the elaboration of schemes useful for further actions. The participants will get specific frameworks to put to use the already acquired skills.

DIDACTIC MATERIAL : slides and articles, case studies and descriptive material in electronic format;

DURATION OF THE MODULE : 2 days (7 hours/day)

COST : ask for further information through the module contact;

PROFESSOR : Dr. Domenico Del Sorbo – Trade & Export Finance Specialist

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