New settlement solution in international chain finance: Bank Payment Obligation (BPO)

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Date(s) - 01/06/2026
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TRAINING MODULE DESCRIPTION: New settlement solution in international chain finance: Bank Payment Obligation (BPO)

RECIPIENTS : Foreign officers, export managers, international commercial operators, bankers;


AIMS : This module aims to deeply describe the position and the operation of the BPO by analyzing the main articles of the ICC’s URBPO.


• Analysis of the actual scenarios and future prospects of the international trade;
• Position of the BPO;
• Benefits for the banks, clients and sellers;
• BPO vs LC/SBLC: which are the main differences?
• Definition, persons, structure and operative use of the BPO;
• Definition: Baseline, Established Baseline, Obligor Bank, Payment Obligation Segment, Recipient Bank, Submitting Bank, Transaction Matching Application, Zero Mismatches;
• What is theBPO Flow;
• BPO: Establishing a Baseline;
• How to modify a BPO;
• Fulfilling a BPO;
• Single and Partial Shipments;
• Which effects for: Data Match/Data Mismatch on Data Set Submission;
• The operative conditions and the spread of the BPO;
Focus: analysis and discussion of the main articles of the Uniform Rules for Bank Payment Obligation (URBPO), publication no. 750 ICC effective from 1/7/2013:
• Art. 3: Bank undertaking is irrevocable and independent;
• Art. 6 Bank Payment Obligations v. Contracts;
• Art. 7 Data v. Documents, Goods, Services or Performance;
• Art. 10 Undertaking of an Obligor Bank;
• Art. 12 Disclaimer on Effectiveness of Data;
• Art. 13 Force Majeure;
• Art. 14 Unavailability of a Transaction Matching Application;
• Art. 15 Applicable Law;
• Art. 16 Assignment of Proceeds;
- Test and Assessment;
- Q&A Session and conclusions.


Lectures with the help of slides and flip chart, active lectures with the participants to place in contexts the ideas and to adopt them in the common business life. Other methods will be used to make participants the main actors: role playing, use of real case studies, role games and other methods to analyze concrete business scenarios, recreate real company problems and elaborate schemes to summarize the concepts. In particular, the participants will learn how to put to use the already acquired skills.

DIDACTIC MATERIAL : descriptive material and case studies (slides and articles) will be given to the participants in electronic format;

DURATION OF THE MODULE : 1 day (7 hours)

COST : ask for further information through the module contact;

PROFESSOR : Dr. Domenico Del Sorbo – Trade & Export Finance Specialist

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