Documentary credits: How to prepare international transport documents properly

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Date(s) - 01/09/2026



TRAINING MODULE DESCRIPTION: Documentary credits: How to prepare international transport documents properly

TARGET : The course is indicated for foreign office operators, couriers, forwarding agents, bankers, corporate advisers.

COURSE LEVEL : Advanced:


When examining the documents regarding documentary credits, a large proportion of discrepancies concerns the transport documents. That is why this module is intended to be a specialist training course concerning the preparation of transport documents in support of a practice of credit with the specific objective of understanding its main issues and therefore produce compliant documents.


• Documentary credits:definition, distinctive features, structure, operation, typologies, subjects, practicality, standard regulations;
• How to prepare transport documents in accordance with the legislation UCP 600 ICC and the recommendations under ISBP 745 ICC;
• Multi-modal Transport Document;
• Air Transport Document;
• Rail, road or inland Waterway Transport Documents;
• Courier Receipt, Post Receipt or Certificate of Posting;
• Bill of Lading;
• Sea-Way Bill;
• Charter Party Bill of Lading;
• For each Transport Document there is going to be an investigation concerning the following aspects: manner of the release, identification of the appointed courier, description of goods and shipping date, potential corrections, shipper and transfer, consignee, notify party, transshipment, processing of transport document copies;
• Analysis of articles 26 and 27 UCP 600 ICC: “On Deck”, “Shipper’s Load and Count”, “Said by Shipper to Contain”, “Clean Transport Document” and “Charges Additional to Freight”;
• Focus: On board notations and exceptions, complete analysis of possible options;
• Practice and analysis of practical situations;
• Q&A session.


The teaching will include frontal lessons with a slide show and the use of a flip chart, constant interaction with the participant in order to contextualize the concepts in respect to the business world.
Teaching activity will involve techniques focusing on the participant as focal point of the learning process.
The training process includes practicing, real business case studies, business game and role playing and other teaching methods encouraging the analysis of real-life situations by recreating business problems and developing reference patterns which will stimulate action.
Attendees will be offered context and specific teaching situations in order to put previously acquired competence into practice.

TEACHING MATERIAL : Slide shows and articles, real case studies and educational material provided in electronic format.

NUMBER OF COURSE HOURS : One day; (7 actual hours);

COST : Request information using the contact form;

PROFESSOR : Dr. Domenico Del Sorbo – Trade & Export Finance Specialist.

documenti di trasporto internazionali


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