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Avv. Donato Nitti
Esperto Proprietà Intellettuale, Contrattualistica Internazionale e Reti di Imprese


- The professional activity of lawyer Donato Nitti focuses on the fields of intellectual property, networks of enterprises and international trade contracts. Among his clients are Italian and foreign private companies, public bodies, banks and financial institutions, co-operatives consortia and non-profit organisations of national and international importance;
- He has been nominated by the Court of Florence as lawyer of bankruptcy procedures for controversies concerning industrial property and unfair competition;
- As concerns the field of intellectual property, lawyer Nitti assists enterprises, inventors, university researchers and start-ups in the exploitation and protection of their rights, in the establishment and foundation of the enterprises, in the negotiation of contracts (non-disclosure agreements, licences, transfers, joint venture agreements) and in the judicial proceedings, concerning licences, secret information, trademarks and copyright;
- In the international trade, lawyer Nitti mainly handle with joint venture constitutions abroad, technology transfer agreements and distribution agreements (sales contracts, franchising, agency and intermediation) and international sales contracts of personal properties;
- In the field of the disagreement, he has taken part in arbitrations, as arbitrator and member of arbitration committees;
- In the field of Networks, he has worked in a good deal of plans and founded several Networks of Enterprises.


- Admitted to the Bar of Lawyers of Florence, Italy, since 4/11/1998;
- Admitted to the Bar of Lawyers with right of audience to appear before the Court of Cassation and other Supreme Courts, since 25/2/2011;
- Registered mediator at the Conciliation Body of Florence.


- Law degree, magna cum laude (University of Florence, 1994);
- Ph. D. in Comparative Private Law and Private Law of the European Union (University of Macerata, 2009);


- From 1995 to 2002 Expert of Comparative Private Law at the Faculty of Law of the Universities of Florence and Siena;
- Since 2013 teacher in the course for Network Manager organized by the University Foundation Marco Biagi of the Universities of Modena and Reggio Emilia;
- Since 2014 teacher in seminars in the field of the course of Commercial Law at Law Department in the University of Pisa, Degree in Banking, Finance and Financial markets;
- Member of the Scientific Committee of the Foundation for Professional training of the Board of Lawyers of Florence;
- Member of the Coordinating Committee of the Permanent Observer: Youth and Media;
- Editor of IP blog in Florence devoted to the intellectual property, the competition and the networks of enterprises;
- Editor of the e-book collection “Intellectual Property” of Altalex Publisher;
- Delegate for the Region of Tuscany of AssoretiPMI.


Author of many publications and teacher in seminars and courses at several Chambers of Commerce, Industrial Associations, Institutes and Universities.

Avv. Francesca Letizia Falbo
Esperta in Contrattualistica Internazionale, Diritto Comunitario e Commerciale, Controversie, Arbitrato, Investimenti Esteri


- Classical High School Diploma at Liceo Classico Statale C. Cavour Torino;
- Bachelor’s Degree in Law at Università degli Studi di Torino, with a score of 110/110 cum laude;
- Vocational education for practicing Law at Facoltà di Giurisprudenza, Università di Torino;
- License to practice Law and admitted Attorney at Law;
- Ph. D in Public and Private International Law, Università degli Studi di Milano;
- Member of International Practice Group ( IPG).


• English
• French
• Spanish


• Community Law and International Trade Law;
• International Contracting;
• Trade disputes settlements;
• International arbitration;
• Assistance and counseling for Italian and foreign investments.

The professional activity of the attorney Francesca Letizia Falbo pursued in Law Firm Comba e Associati and then in Law Firm Falbo, focuses on Community Law and International Trade Law, on an intensive legal activity in International Contracting, on the settlements of Trade Disputes, on International arbitration , providing counseling and assistance for foreign investments and inward investments.
The attorney Falbo guides Italian firms, especially SMEs, towards new markets, and provides assistance for foreign firms interested in the Italian market, legal and counsel activity alongside firms specialised in several industrial fields and product markets.
Recently is providing counseling at CEIP (Piemonte Agency for Investments, Export and Tourism and ADACI (Italian Supply Chain and Management Association).


- International contracting and international trade law professor at CEIP, ADACI, Torino’s Chamber of Commerce, other Industrial Associations in Piemonte addressing to companies and companies officials, public officials and foreign entrepreneurs.
- Lectureship in “Guiding Italian SMEs toward foreign market”, mainly towards Brazilian, Chinese, Turkish and American markets, in cooperation with foreign advice structures, providing legal, commercial, accounting consultation in order to ensure the localisation of the Italian investments abroad, (including the designation of sites, recruiting, logistics and fiscal subsidy) and support for the registration with the competent authority for the investment, establishment of companies under local Law, Joint Venture agreements and contracts.
- Since 2003 Synergistic Chair Professor of International Law and Community Law at Facoltà di Giurisprudenza Università di Torino. Chair Professor of International Organization at Facoltà di Scienze Politiche Università degli Studi di Torino, as an expert in the field.
- 2006 – 2009 English tutor for Master of Laws (LLM) in “International Organizations, International Criminal Law and Crime Prevention”, through United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research (UNICRI) and Università degli Studi di Torino.


- Conference speaker “Debt collection in EU” – Centro Congressi Torino;
- Conference speaker “Debt collection in EU, Innovations for companies given the EU regulation 805/2004″ – Chamber of Commerce of Cuneo.
- Conference speaker “Trademark protection and Made-In protection” – Convention Centre of Torino.
- Conference speaker “ International debt collection” – Confartigianato Province of Cuneo.
- Conference speaker “Debt collection and international contracting” – Associazione Industriale di Novara.
- Seminar speaker “Debt collection protection abroad: to prevent and to manage the risks of non-payment” – External Centre, Chambers of Commerce of Piemonte.
- Speaker “Contest of Supply Chain and trade dispute settlements with subcontractors” at degree course in Foreign Commerce, Facoltà di Economia Università degli Studi di Torino.
- Conference speaker “How to protect the company that exports” – Unione Industriali of the Province of Alessandria.
- Conference speaker “Doing business in Turkey: companies, contracts, treasury” – Unione Industriali della Provincia di Alessandria e Associazione degli Industriali di Novara
- Speaker management course “Supply Management”, on behalf of ADACI for management.
- Speaker senior manager course “International Contracting” on behalf of ADACI for management.
- Seminar speaker “Business Procurement” organised by ADACI Italian Supply Chain and Management Association of Torino.
- Professor at second-level Professional Master’s Program in “Procurement Management” Università di Roma II (Tor Vergata), concerning international contracting and supply chain management.
- Road Show speaker, book launch “Trade Finance, Export, risks, coverage and payement. Which errors to avoid” in Rome and Bologna, organised by Unicredit Corporate Banking and Il Sole24Ore.
- Speaker course for managers “International contracting and import-export of weponry goods”.
- Speaker advanced course for managers with several years experience “Legal and national and international contracting aspects” on behalf of ADACI for management.
- Conference speaker at ADACI regarding “Cultural, legal and linguistic aspect in international commerce relationships”.
- Professor at second-level Professional Master’s Program in “Procurement Management” Università di Roma II (Tor Vergata) regarding “International purchase and its various legal implications”.
- Speaker course “How to protect oneself when purchasing in India, China and emerging Countries”, for companies registered with ADACI.
- Seminar speaker “The ABC of the legal aspect in purchasing” at societies.
- Professor course “The legal elements of Import-export” – Piemonte Agency for Investments, Export and Tourism.
- Speaker advanced course for senior managers “Purchasing in China, India and emerging Countries: the protections” on behalf of ADACI in Ravenna.
- Speaker course “National contracting specialised on the supplies. Identification and management of contracting risks” – Banco Popolare di Lodi.
- Professor at the seminar “The ABC of Import-export; legal and contractual aspects – Industrial associations of Savona, Industrial associations of Cuneo;
- Professor course “National and international contracting”, Ravenna.
- Speaker at the book launch “Falsi amici e trappole linguistiche” by Professor Silvia Ferreri – Fondazione Avvocatura Torinese Fulvio Croce.
- Professor at the workshop “China: legal and contractual aspects” – Confindustria Cuneo.
- Professor at the workshop “India: legal and contractual aspects” – Confindustria Cuneo.
- Professor at the workshop “Brasile: legal and contractual aspects” – Confindustria Cuneo.
- Professor at the workshop “Russia: legal and contractual aspects” – Confindustria Cuneo.
- Professor at the workshop “Turchia: legal and contractual aspects” – Confindustria Cuneo.


- Magazine “Diritto internazionale dell’economia” (International Law of Economics).
- Newsletter “Dall’Unione Europea” (From the European Union) by Chamber of Commerce of Torino. Book series: Il recupero crediti nei nuovi Stati membri dell’UE (Debt Collection in new EU Member States).
From paper format to electronic format: Legal value of electronic documents and electronic invoice.
Corporate social responsibility: a little known concept.
Operating abroad: how to produce abroad and cooperate with a local partner.
Operating abroad: how to protect the “Made-in” and value one’s trademark.
Operating abroad: how to collect debts inside the EU.
Operating abroad: how to purchase and sell abroad.
- Co-author “Quaderno Unione Europea istruzioni per l’uso: “Made In”, strategie per il produttore italiano” (The notebook of European Union, Istruction Manual: “Made-in”, strategies for the italian producer) by Sportello Europa Unioncamere Piemonte and Euro Info Centre Chamber of Commerce of Torino.
- Book review cooperation D. Comba, “Il Commercio Internazionale” (International Trade) by Il Sole 24 Ore.
- Co-author with D. Comba of “Contratti Internazionali. Cosa cambierà nei Nuovi Paesi” (International Contracting. What will change inside New Countries) on “Guida ai nuovi Paesi dell’Unione Europea” (Guide to New Members of European Union), dossier of “Agevolazioni e incentivi per le imprese” (Facilitations and subsidies for companies) n. 6/2004, by Il Sole 24 Ore.
- Co-author of the book “Trade Finance, Export, rischi, copertura e pagamento. Gli errori da non fare” (“Trade Finance, Export, risks, coverage and payement. Which errors to avoid”) in cooperation with Unicredit Corporate Banking and Il Sole 24 Ore.
- Authore of the article “La legge applicabile ai contratti internazionali: il Reg. U.E. 593/2008” (The Law applicable to international contracting: eu regulation 593/2008) on “Il meglio di Newsmercati” Ed. 2009 (The best of Newsmercati Edition 2009).

Avv. Stefano Manara
Esperto Contrattualistica e Commercio Internazionale, Arbitrato, Contenzioso e Recupero Crediti


- In 1999 he obtains a High School leaving qualification in Accounting and Business at the “Oscar Romero” Business School in Rivoli (TO);
- In 15.12.2005 he obtains a Master’s degree in Law at the University of Turin (Italy); Graduation-Thesis Title: Personnel Management: an economic approach; supervisor: Professor A.Venturini;
- In 2008 he attends a Forensic Professional Course arranged by the Bar Association in the Law School of the University of Turin;
- In 2009 he obtains the professional qualification to practice Law.


- Italian (mother tongue)
- English
- French


- Arbitration
- International trade
- Contentious procedure
- Debt collection procedure
- The Lawyer Stefano Manara specializes in drafting and reviewing different kinds of contracts, mainly international ones, contracts of sale, agency agreements, business procurement, trademark and know-how, tenders, technology transfer, pharmaceutical representative and joint venture.
- He is able to provide legal assistance in national and international arbitration, in the resolution of disputes in out-of-court phase through the drafting of compromise settlements and in front of the competent judicial authorities, both national and international.
- The professional activity provided also considers legal assistance in the field of the debt collection procedure, both in EU and non-EU, and support in constituting companies in Italy and abroad, as well as in the research of business partners in Italy and abroad.


- 16.10.2014: teacher in the course “Legal Aspects of Purchases and Supply Management (L2-O)”, at Adaci, in Milan;
- 21.05.2014: teacher in the course “Private International Law and Introduction to International Contracts”, at Adaci, in Milan;
- Speaker at conferences on “Agency Agreements and International Distribution”;
- Speaker at conferences on “China: Legal and Contractual aspects”;
- Speaker at conferences on “The ABC of the Import-Export, Legal and Contractual aspects”;
- Speaker at conferences on “International Contracts”;
- Speaker at conferences on “The debt collection procedure in EU”;
- At ADACI in Turin, he provides legal advice on contracts, concerning the purchases, for ADACI members;
- He monthly provides legal advice at the “ADACI Law Centre” ;
- 26.06.2007: speaker at the seminar “The Protection of Creditors in International Trade” at the Foreign Centre of the Chambers of Commerce of Piedmont.


- Co-author in the redaction of the volume La Gara di Acquisto; dalla definizione dei fabbi-sogni, alla comparizione delle offerte dei fornitori, by Alessio Pasa and Vincenzo Patanè, Niuma Editions, 2012;
- He collaborates with Francesca Falbo, lawyer and co-author of the volume Trade Finance, gli errori da evitare, in cooperation with Unicredit Corporate Banking, Sole24Ore Editions;
- Co-author of the volume I requisiti di sicurezza dei prodotti. I sistemi di certificazione in Europa, USA, India e Cina, in the series “Quaderno Unione Europea; istruzioni per l’uso”, published in July 2007, through the Sportello Europa Unioncamere Piemonte and Euro Info Centre (Chamber of Commerce of Turin);
- He collaborates with Francesca Falbo, lawyer and co-author of the volume Made In, in the series “Quaderno Unione Europea; istruzioni per l’uso”, published in November 2006, through the Sportello Europa Unioncamere Piemonte and Euro Info Centre (Chamber of Commerce of Turin);


- Co-founder and President of Turin section of JCI (Junior Chamber International);
- National Legal Adviser of JCI Italy in 2015 (Junior Chamber International)

Dott. Domenico Del Sorbo
Trade and Export Finance Specialist


- MBA Master in International Business at the MIB School of Management in Trieste, accredited AMBA and ASFOR;
- Degree in Economics of International Trade and Currency Markets, at Parthenope University


- Expert in Export Management and Internationalization of Enterprises processes; Marketing strategies and solutions for the management of credit and financial risk of the Enterprise;
- In particular, specialized in Trade Finance tools: Documentary Credit, Documentary Collections and Stand By Letter of Credit, International Bank Guarantees, Bank Payment Obligation (BPO); Incoterms® 2010; Export Financing; Export credit insurance, as well as and Insurance Sacebt products and Sace Spa;
- Consulting and professional activity for SMEs, in the management of documentary credit and bank guarantees;
- Adviser for the ICE-ITA Agency; Unioncamere of Lombardia; Chamber System Services; Unioncamere of Campania and Puglia; Foreign Centre Abruzzo; Chamber of Commerce of Ferrara, Chieti, Forlì-Cesena, Pescara; Confindustria of Bari and Barletta, Andria, Trani; as well professional activity for business schools and banks.


- Trainer and Speaker on behalf of Italian Chambers of Commerce, Organizations and Trade and Industrial Associations, ICE Agency;
- Professor on contract at the Link Campus University, in Naples, on “Economics of Financial Institutions and Corporate Finance”;
- He is part of the Online Experts of the World Pass platform and Infoexport of the Chamber System;
- He collaborates with Newsmercati, Newsletter of the Chamber System;


- Founding Member of BCC Cooperative Credit Bank of Naples;
- Associate of Credimpex Italia, Association with the purpose of disseminating knowledge and tools of regulation of international trade.


He writes articles for Newsmercati, Italian Chambers System newsletter, together with an intense activity on behalf of Organizations and specialized Agencies.


- Documentary Credit: how to prepare the “Draft”;
- Documentary Credit: types and Draft;
- Documentary Credit: how to prepare the invoice;
- Documentary Credit: how to prepare the air transport document;
- Documentary Credit: how to prepare the document for road transport;
- Documentary Credit: how to prepare the multimodal transport document;
- Documentary Credit: how to prepare the Bill of Lading;
- Documentary Credit: the role of the Advising Bank;
- Documentary Credit: how to prepare the Certificate of Origin;
- Documentary Credit: how to prepare the Weight List;
- Documentary Credit: how to prepare the Packing List;
- Documentary Credit: “on the basis of the Documents Alone”;
- Documentary credits: Articles 12 and 7c of the UCP 600 ICC and the effects for banks and enterprises;
- Documentary Credit: how to prepare the “Beneficiary’s Certificate”;
- The Documentary Collection;
- LC: Letter of Credit changes the regulations;
- How to instruct the bank to issue the LC;
- The Letter of Credit transferable;
- The Standby Letter of Credit;
- Confirmation in a Letter of Credit;
- The Letter of Credit becomes electronic;
- How to instruct the bank to issue a Letter of Credit;
- Deposit to Guarantees: the Escrow Accounts;
- The Escrow Accounts in the practice of International Trade;
- International banking guarantees on first demand;
- Export Credit Risk Management;
- Silent confirmation or star del credere ?
- Bank risk and country risk;
- The Trade Facilitation Programme;
- The coverage of Risk Bank and the Country Risk;
- The insurance policies in the short and in the medium to long term;
- The Sace Guarantee for internationalization;
- Sacebt Insurance policies;
- The insurance policies in the short and medium term;
- The advantages of Forfaiting;
- Secrets of Forfaiting;
- The Revolving Credit;
- Incoterms ® 2010;
- The UCP 600 ICC;


- Documentary Transactions;
- Export Credit Risk Management: the tools in the short term;
- The Bank and services for Internationalization;
- Export Finance: tools for the global market.

Dott. Enrico Lupo
Tax Planning, consulenza fiscale e societaria


- Secondary-school diploma at Liceo Scientifico Pio IX and Visconti, Italy;
- Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Roma 3 University, Italy;
- Training at ODCEC, Certified Public Accountants, Auditors and Advisors, Rome, Italy;
- Training: “IVA nei rapporti internazionali” (VAT for international transaction) at ODCEC, Certified Public Accountants, Auditors and Advisors, Rome, Italy;
- Training: “Il bilancio con i principi contabili internazionali IAS
- IFRS” (IAS Financial Statements) at ODCEC, Certified Public Accountants, Auditors and Advisors, Rome, Italy;
- Training about “Fiscale e societario in lingua inglese” (Tax and Corporation in English);
- Training “Il patrocinio Tributario” (Tax Advocacy) and “RETI di IMPRESA” (Enterprise Network) at Telos Organisation;
- Training “Controllo e principi di revisione degli Enti Locali” (Control and Auditing Standards of the Local Authorities) at ADC Association.


- Senior Consultat and TaxFin Partner. Tax planning, expert advise and strategic planning of the asset. Analysis and control of the cash flow. Tax litigation, individual income tax return. Financial statement, management control system, declarations and fulfillments. Accounting services even online, bookkeeping, budgeting, reporting, corporate consultant. Business plan, purchases and valuation of the businesses. Services and administrative support to startups and foreign businesses that want to invest in Italy, fiscal residence. Keeping the corporate and account books.
- Interface with foreign businesses, civil and fiscal management of stable organizations and branch offices of foreign businesses in Italy. Financial statement with financial, environmental and social information in English. Reporting: tax planning, prospectus and individual income tax return, partner meeting, management report, auditor control.
- In according to the fiscal and civil law, regarding the fiscal current assets and sustainability, Planning and supervision of sector studies and indicators to predict the level of taxation in the selected short term.


- Fiscal planning and fiscal monitoring (quadro RW included), individual income tax return, IMU, IVAE, IVAFE, VAT management, declaration and support in case of relations with the public administration.
- Fiscal simulations according to the annual incomes or to assets, to define the level of fiscal taxation and/or coherence with the system for assessing income. Assistance for inspections and in case of tax litigations with the Italian Agency of Revenue.
- Help for the respect of the fiscal fulfillment for foreigners that aim to open a business, work, invest or transfer the residence in Italy.

Dott. Giuseppe Capoderose
Esperto Business Planning e Analisi di Fattibilità


- Senior professional in the administration, finance and control area. He gained more than twenty years of experience strengthened on European level in enterprises of different sizes, complexity and sectors.
- In his professional career he hold several positions of responsibility in finance and control area, both for public and private companies, holding mainly the business advisor role concerning all the main issues in the administration, in the finance and in the management control area.
- His main proficiency areas are economical and financial planning, financial analysis, directional control, corporate performance measurement, investment projects evaluation, business evaluation. – In recent years he has assisted businesses with complex and fragile issues, among which: restructuring plans, refinancing debt, costs reduction, acquisitions and divestments, quotation in the Italian Stock Market projects.
- He is currently focusing his attention and his commitment in supporting the businesses finding and enforcing the most suitable strategies for a growth in the international markets.
- He is professor and a IBS team member, a tax consultant, a business planner and an expert of feasibility studies.


- Master’s degree in Economics and Business at L.U.I.S.S. Guido Carli University in Rome, Italy;
- Master’s degree in Finance and Control at Pisa University, Italy;
- Executive Master for Company Internationalization at NIBI, New International Business Institute, Milan, Italy;
- Professional qualification as Tax Consultant and as Finance Controller.


- Speaker in the workshop entitled “Best practices per l’impostazione ed alimentazione del sistema di contabilità analitica di Gruppo in un’architettura multi ERP & applicazioni legacy” (Best Practices for the Setting Up of the Analytical Accounting Group in a Multi ERP & Legacy Applications) by Unicredit/Bank Pekao.
- Professor of the Master Course “Introduzione alla metodologia ABC / ABM con presentazione di un caso aziendale” (Introduction of the Methodology ABC and ABM and Presentation of a Case-Study) in Master “Business data analysis”, by Politecnico University of Milan, Engineering Faculty, Department of Research Electronics and Information.
- Speaker in a multi-unit conference entitled “Strumenti informativi a supporto del processo decisionale” (Decision Making’s Support Through Informative Tools) , by Duke Italia
- Professor in a course for aspiring Young Entrepreneurs entitled “Metodologia di costruzione del Business Plan: principi generali di redazione e casi aziendali di studio” (How to Make a Business Plan: Editorial General Principles and Business Case-Study), by Tecnopolis Parco Scientifico e Tecnologico.
- Professor in a refresher course entitled “Introduzione al Controllo di Gestione: un modello di riferimento per le PMI” (Introduction to Management Accounting: Reference Model for the SMEs), by Regione Sicilia.
- Speaker in a multi-unit conference. Title “Principi e tecniche di redazione del bilancio consolidato ex D.Lgs. n. 127/1991″ (Principles and Techniques of Drafting a Consolidated Financial Statements ex Legislative Decree NO. 127/1991), by Confindustria Bergamo.
- Speaker in a conference during the Forum PA. Title “Introduzione alla contabilità economica e al budget per CdR nelle AA.CC con presentazione di un caso aziendale” (Introduction to Economic Accounting and to the Budget for the Commitee of Regions in AA.CC. with the Presentation of a Case-Study), by Mostra Forum PA.
- Speaker at Oracle Expo. Title of the speech “Strumenti innovativi di misurazione della performance aziendale: EVA, VBM, BSC” (Innovative Tools of Corporate’s Performance Measurement: EVA, VBM, BSC), by Oracle.
- Speaker at “CFO Summit”. Title of the speech “Il nuovo ruolo della Direzione AFC nella internet economy” (The New Role of the Administration, Finance and Control Direction in the Internet Economy), by Business International.
- Speaker in a multi-unit conference. Title “Implicazioni contabili dell’adozione dell’Euro come moneta di conto” (Accounting Implications of the Adoption of Euro as Currency), by Paradigma.
- Speaker in a conference about the changeover to Euro. Title “Passaggio all’Euro: requisiti legali e di business” (The Changeover to Euro: Legal and Business Requirements), by Milano Finanza.
- Speaker in a conference about “L’Euro e l’impatto sui sistemi gestionali” (Euro currency and the Impact on the Management Systems). Title of the course “Migrazione all’Euro: impatto sui sistemi informativi” (The changeover to Euro: Impact to the Information Systems), by Assintel.

Dott. Simone Del Nevo
Esperto Doganalista e Pubblicista

Over 20 years of experience in the field of Customs Advising, Degree in “Economics” at the University of Parma, Master in “Managing the quality of Transport Companies” at the National School of Transportation;

Since 2004, Registered at the National Register of Customs Brokers, since 2005 registered in the register of Publicist;

TEACHER in seminars and master classes at: Il Sole 24 Ore, International Business, Industry associations, Apet Toscana, Lombardia Unioncamere, Chamber of Commerce Modena, Forlì, Piacenza and Ferrara, National School Transportation;

ADVICES for the following institutions: Industry associations of Brescia, Biella, Piacenza, Lecco, Monza and Brianza, Rimini, Modena, Alto Milanese, Cremona, Apet Toscana, Lombardia Unioncamere, Ascom Parma;

AUTHOR and co-author of publications specialized in customs matters:

- VAT, Export & Customs (Edition 2014);
- The origin of the goods: preferential and non-preferential origin (2012 Edition);
- Practical Guide to filling in information concerning goods in the Intrastat format and services (Edition 2011);
- Author of numerous professional articles on behalf of: Il Sole 24 Ore, Il Giornale della Logistica, Il Doganalista, Newsmercati, ItaliaOggi7. Ilenia Pisano
Specialista in Contrattualistica Internazionale, Diritto Commerciale, Controversie, Recupero Crediti


- Secondary-school diploma at Liceo Scientifico Statale C. Darwin in Rivoli, Italy;
- Master’s degree at University of Turin, Law Department. Dissertation “Principi Costituzionali in materia di Immunità” (Constitutional Principles on Immunity), with Prof. A. Giorgis;
- Forensic training course at University of Turin, Law Department, organized by Consiglio dell’Ordine degli Avvocati;
- She is registered at the Italian Lawyers’ professional association.


- Italian;
- Spanish;
- English.


- International Commercial Law and International Trade;
- Commercial Dispute Resolution;
- Foreign Debt Collection;

Dr. Pisano is an expert in national and international contracts’ drafting and reviewing, sales contracts and selling concession, businesses contracts, distribution, franchising and business affiliation, contracts, trademark licensing and know-how, industrial technology. She is able to provide a legal assistance and support in the mediation process and in the commercial disputes resolution, both during the extra juridical phase through settlement agreements and before the National Judiciary Authorities for issues that don’t exceed the sum of € 25.822,84. Her competences also includes the legal assistance for debt collection both in the national territory, in the EU area and in the extra EU area, the support for businesses incorporation both in the Italian territory and abroad, as well as finding economical and commercial partners in Italy and in foreign countries.


- Professor in courses about “Il contratto di acquisto” (Purchase Agreement);
- Professor in courses about “Corso base Acquisti, aspetti Legali degli acquisti” (Purchase Basic Course, Legalities of Purchasing) through ADACI;
- Professor in purchasing training courses “Contrattualistica Nazionale ed Internazionale” (National and International Contracts);
- Professor in courses about the “Diritto internazionale privato e introduzione alla contrattualistica internazionale” (Private International Law and Introduction to the International Contracts).

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