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Antipirateria navale, scorta terrestre, protezione cantieri

Naval anti-piracy aboard merchant vessels with the Italian flag. Protection of terrestrial sites and escort politicians, entrepreneurs, managers, staff of Embassies, Organizations, Companies. Highly specialized services that only very few companies in the world are able to offer, through a qualified, professionally trained staff who served in the “special forces” of the Italian army and participated in missions abroad for long periods with control functions in hostile territories.

Associazione NovaPangea

The association NOVAPANGEA has been established thanks to the expert experience of the lawyers Claudio Borio and Alesandra Campia from the law firm “Studio Legale Borio & Campia”, with the goal of help entrepreneurs interested in developing their activities in the foreign markets, by ensuring them information and necessary services (certifications, contracts, translations etc.) and helping them to create joint ventures between companies in different foreign countries. The name NOVAPANGEA has not been decided randomly: Pangea was the name of the only continent that existed in the Paleozoic, experts believe that it included every territory and it has divided creating our continents. NOVAPANGEA imagines that through globalisation, and a profitable exchange and integration between populations , it is possible to virtually gather the territories of a “New Pangea” where every population feels part of a group. Also a platform B2B, PANDORA TRADES INTERNATIONAL, is part of this project.

Beacon Srl

Beacon Srl is a company specialised in responses to disasters and situations of International humanitarian crisis. Services to NGOs, Governmental Organizations & International Agencies. From the planning of the reaction through the all qualified technical staff, to the real-time formation of the operators, in order to manage the emergency with the maximum of promptness and efficiency; prevention campaigns and monitoring systems, protection plans and civil defence. A 360-degree support to “Forecast, Prevent, Respond to an Emergency, Reconstruct”. Services planned depending on the specific emergency or international crisis, and fast times of reaction; within 18 hours, the Crisis Response Team is ready and organized in order to reach the destination. Food & Beverage

Agro-food products without preservatives, no dyes, no chemical additives, organic farming and low environmental impact. For the line for Pharmacies and Parapharmacies label in Braille for the blind.

Conact, Private Equity e Investimenti

German Society connected to international investors and investment funds, extremely active in international projects, in the field of Real Estate, Industrial and Loans.


Cultur is a different idea of communicating in the world of Food & Beverage. In addition to being a tool for the dissemination of news and curiosity about the world agri-food is also an opportunity for promotion of food excellence through corporate videos and documentaries, commercials, logos speaker audio, interviews, forecast on private channel or on our transmission “Arianna: The Thread of Culture”.


EGA was created with the aim of supplying companies with the necessary technological resources to produce more and better. Established in 2009 by managers and professionals with more than 25 years experience in the sector, EGA designs and creates technologically avant-garde plants for industry. The sectors served are many and are constantly increasing in line with new opportunities for growth offered by the market. From its headquarters in Mestrino (PD), EGA coordinates work-sites all over the world, gaining the trust of a continuous stream of new clients and contributing to the development of the global economy. The core business of EGA is concentrated both on the design, supply and custom construction of industrial machinery and on the installation of plants for the production of energy from renewable sources. These activities have been gradually joined by new works carried out according to specific requests. This has led to the creation of various divisions within EGA, with diversified characteristics and competence. The common denominator is the search for excellence in quality in order to satisfy every one of the client company’s requirements through tailor-made solutions. INSULATION MATERIALS: Machinery for the processing of polyurethane PU, PIR and PUR, plants for the storage of blowing agents, plants for the production of polyurethane PU, PIR and PUR, machinery and plants for the production of XPS polystyrene panels. REFRIGERATION: refrigerated warehouses and cells for the conservation of fruit and vegetables, technologies for the construction of refrigerated vehicles, technology for the creation of display cases using R290. MECHANICAL & ELECTRICAL: heating, cooling, air treatment, fire prevention and water treatment plants, home and industrial power plants. AEROSOL: plants and technology for the production of aerosol cans. BIOMEDICAL: clean rooms. PLASTIC: moulds for diverse sectors: automotive, electrical materials and illumination, packaging, hobbies. Moulding of thermoplastic materials: mono and bi materials, emptying of details with gas. RENEWABLE ENERGY: biogas, biomethane, stripping and composting plants. Solar powered plants for the production of hot water. Equipment for the production of electrical energy with photovoltaic modules. Equipment for the production of electrical energy with vegetable oil through cogeneration.

ESAE Srl spinoff Università Studi Milano, circuito NETVAL, Energie Rinnovabili

ESAE has as its goal to develop products, bringing the know-how in favour of companies in the context of: agricultural and biological sciences, energy conservation, capture and convert CO2 into organic matter, energy production using renewable sources .


Events and shows streamed to your website from any location in Milan and nearby EXPO. Publishing project “Service ExpoTV1.” Promotion and advertising via the web, with testimonials from events in Milan and from Expo2015.

Maroc Business Strategies SARL

Company partners of IBS in the state of Morocco, in the area of ​​commercial research, business development, training, logistics and distribution.

Studio Boni, Locazione Internazionale

International rental, relocation services, homesearch destined to business made in 24 hours; international buying and selling of properties; immigration files, visas; international successions and inheritances; network of specialized notaries and lawyers. International house hunting.

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