Case History

Acqua Nerea S.P.A. Acqua minerale

ACQUA NEREA SPA Pure water in the heart of the National Park of the Sibillini Mountains, flows in the locality Vallinfante Castelsantangelo sul Nera (MC). Its origin from the mountains of the Umbria-Marche Apennines, in a pristine environment that is protected and guarantee of a pure source, free from any sort of pollution. Acqua Nerea is bottled with technologically advanced systems, respecting the environment that surrounds it, according with the philosophy of protectionism-environment of the National Park. NEREA AND INFANTS: due to its characteristics of high purity, Water Nerea is certified for infants. MISSION: “Our mission is to provide high quality water for the welfare and health of consumers.” Sergio Mandorlini (Founder)

Elesia S.P.A.

ELESIA S.p.A was founded in Rome in 1991 by a team of managers with years of experience with Italian and international companies working in the military, industrial electronics and research fields. In a few years Elesia has gained a leading position in the Italian market for the supply of real-time and embedded platforms, including “turnkey platforms in the telecommunications, military and industrial markets”. Today, Elesia has its headquarters in Rome, and it also has sales offices located in the northern part of Italy: Bologna and Turin.

La Tazzina Srl, Caffè e prodotti derivati

LA TAZZINA SRL, Passion, taste, sensibility, originality, the ideal mix and the starting point for a Company which, for over 50 years has been on the market. Since 1954, La Tazzina Srl takes care of his clients with professionality and courtesy, but also with attention to new trends in the coffee industry. Collaborations with major coffee roasters and grocers in Italy. “The customization of the various products and the continuing search for new products means that we can meet the needs of our customers and to spread more and more of our technology, our experience, production capacity and why not … More and more the aroma of coffee “Gilberto Maioli (The Founder)

Lavelli Impianti Group Srl

LAVELLI IMPIANTI GROUP SRL The philosophy of Lavelli Impianti Group S.r.l. for its goods is based on research and development as well as protection and respect of the environment and safety of structures. It works in small and medium dimension projects but also in important residential and industrial buildings.
Industrial installations: cogeneration and trigeneration, reduction and filtering of fumes and dusts, solvents recovery, waste-to-energy buildings, systems for the production of steam, superheated water, diathermic oil, fire protection installations and sprinklers, transport of solvents, glues. Installations for liquefied natural gas (LND) transport, lpg, cryogenic gases, plants for treatment and purification of industrial waters. Construction of thermal power station, construction of stainless steel structures for food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, architectures. Design and construction of low-cost prefabricated buildings.
Renewable energies: cogeneration and trigeneration plants, geothermal plants, photovoltaic systems, solar thermal systems.
Carpentry: construction of heavy and mid-heavy metal frameworks, structures for bridges.

Metro Security Express Srl

METRO SECURITY EXPRESS SRL: Through highly qualified personnel and applied technologies, Metro Security Express Srl provides integrated security services, efficient and effective for the peace of families and businesses. A reference point also for the transport service and safety of values, thanks also to its armored vault. Fiduciary control. Accompanying and VIP support.

Schneider's Srl

SCHNEIDER’S Srl started its business in 1969, developing during these years important and specific markets related to the physical and property safety against possible intrusions and / or aggression, gaining a wide reputation through forty years of experience. Schneider’s Srl, via its patent, is also involved in tele-irrigation, an innovative service that enables, thanks to highly advanced technological systems, to tele-irrigare green area at any distance, for a strengthening of the security of the apartments.

TV Studio Roma

TV STUDIO ROMA is a company operating in the market of the Technical Service in Television framework. It can provide the big broadcasting, today consisting primarily of RAI, Mediaset, Sky, LA7, of all technicians and media for television productions. TV Studio Rome SERVICES: concept, design, realization of TV commercials and institutional communication; creation and playout of graphic contents; direction and technical coordination; supplying equipments for direct streaming or satellite. Television Studio fully equipped to implement any project.

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