Venture Capital parco fotovoltaico campo impianto


We are looking for NATIONAL or INTERNATIONAL investors for A VENTURE CAPITAL PROJECT with the aim of building a SOLAR PARK or more SOLAR PARKS with a power rating between 3 and 5 MW each one, via photovoltaic modules using solar energy and photovoltaic effect for electricity generation. Government bodies will buy it by providing renewable and insurance cover for country risk and other risks for 20 years.


SOLAR PARK: it is made of photovoltaic modules, connecting solar cables, control panel, inverter, protection and control panel. The plant type will be grid connected, that is networked through a distribution power grid managed by government bodies. It may include automatic sun-tracker plant.

PLANT RATED POWER: 3 –5 MW and more plants of this rated power could be created in different areas in the foreign country.

GENERATED ENERGY MANAGER: the electricity generated from the photovoltaic plant will be bought by government bodies responsible for the management of the power grid, and this supply will be regulated by a government/state granting.

GRANTING DURATION: 20 years renewed.

INSURANCE: the insurance policy provided by supranational and intergovernmental bodies, as well as by the state government where the plant will be built, will aim to preserve the plant owner, financial partners / investors against risks related to the activity. They shall include specifically the country risk, the economic and operational risks providing a complete coverage for the risks related to the project, in order to guarantee the return on invested capital and profits accruing from the selling of the generated energy in case of different problems.

AMORTISATION: the plant amortisation is estimated to 4-5 years depending on the electricity production (related to the photovoltaic panels performance) and to the import of KWh which will be negotiated with the authorities and government bodies depending on the place where the plant or the plants will be built. Moreover, if the efficiency plant targets will be achieved, there could be an even shorter period of amortisation, by maximizing the investment profitability.

INVESTMENT PROTIFABILITY (VENTURE CAPITAL): given the fact that the recovery period of the invested capital is very short, the remaining years in which the granting will be active will provide a high profit and it will be the same in the next period following the renewal of the granting after the deadline.

PLANT MANUFACTURER: numerous photovoltaic modules / panels manufacturers from Italy and abroad are currently under assessment. The plant manufacturer will be chosen by evaluating its capacity to ensure that the quality level and the technologic innovation of the panels and of the plant will be able to guarantee:

 High quality and types of panels used in the plant complying with the territory features where the photovoltaic park will be built. Being high-intensity solar radiation areas, they will be treated as HTR (high temperature resistant) technologies.
 Regardless of the production place of the panels above mentioned (Italian or foreign production) they shall be certified considering the efficiency level and duration of the single panel in the expected weather conditions. Moreover, they should have an adequate yield for panel and square meter taking into consideration an average solar radiation equal to around 5,0 KWh/m2 / day on level ground.
 The type of panel will be mono or polycrystalline depending on the presence or the absence of the solar tracker which increases the electricity production and the whole yield plant.
 Durability of the single panel.
 Number of production lines to achieve the desired outcome, with a coherent number of inverters.
 Production of a high number of KWh in ideal conditions in one year, in accordance with the plant features.
 Space to be considered additional in order to built roads for vehicles using for maintenance.
 Low-cost maintenance program, capable of maintaining the plant efficiency at best over time.
 Maintenance program and needed equipment.
 Production departments separated in order to provide to the single maintenance without stopping the overflows of the remaining departments in the network.
 Control system of the real production of the single department and monitoring of possible manufacturing failure or anomalies system, a production monitoring system. A possible smart grid for continuity shall be required by institutions or for some plant located in some specific areas.
 Turnkey plant provided at a competitive price.
 We shall guarantee an adequate territorial extension in order to guarantee the needed space to built the photovoltaic park.


In the framework of a completely independent project we are also interested to private investors for stand-alone power plant through plants not connected to the distribution network, which shall exploit the energy produced and stored though power accumulator (power cell). The plant will consist of a photovoltaic station, accumulator, switching governor, inverter.


Anyone interested in applying for partner/investor/financer in the framework of the VENTURE CAPITAL projects above mentioned, is asked to contact us by filling in the form of CONTACT by highlighting “PHOTOVOLTAIC PARK” in the application SUBJECT and by specifying the own references to be called back.

Thank you for the attention
IBS Secretary


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