TWINPOWER 650: the new twin rotors “experimental” helicopter made in USA

TWINPOWER 650: the new twin rotors “experimental” helicopter made in USA

Twinpower 650 elicottero elicotteri helicopter
Twinpower 650 elicottero elicotteri helicopter taxi ambulanza

Special configurations for valuable goods transfer, ambulance “scoop and run” service, borders patrol, law enforcement missions, VIP air-tender, full cargo or combi, and much more

Looking for clients, local dealers, marketing promoters

Some have compared the profile of the Twinpower 650 to a “scaled-down Chinook” with eight seats available in a large size cabin. The “Baby-Chinook” will be ready to fly in 2017, and suitable for several types of missions .

The IBS’ profile

IBS is an Italian company providing full-service and professional assistance to enterprises looking for new markets and willing to expand their commercial and industrial capabilities worldwide. IBS cooperates with a new USA industrial enterprise – based in Florida – for the internationalisation of their business focused on the new “Baby-Chinook” helicopter: the TWINPOWER 650. AVIOTECH will also assembling a two and a four seats helicopters, both for private use and/or public services.

The IBS’ goal is to find new CLIENTS and to select and appoint DEALERS and COMMERCIAL AGENTS , interested to be involved in the aeronautical activity and in the new industrial venture. Both the two and four seats models of AVIOTECH’ helicopters are fully operative and available at low cost. They will be delivered pre-registered and insured in USA.

The TWINPOWER 650 – The new “Baby-Chinook” -by AVIOTECH INTERNATIONAL

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The “Baby-Chinook” project was realized by a team of engineers linked to AVIONAV Ltd, an aeronautical company established in Tunisia (2007, February ) by an Italian’ investor. AVIONAV Ltd. is still operative and fully owned by a group of Tunisian’ investors and engineers. Further information on present activities can be found on their website, please click here:

The “Baby Chinook” project was developed from 2009 to 2014 and now it is ready for the pre-industrial and pre-marketing stage.

The TWINPOWER 650 – The Realisation –

The realisation will be made with the full support of a number of USA subcontractors, all of them qualified in the helicopter’s branch and with a long-time proven technical capability.


Preliminary contacts with a customer interested in buying 50 units have been made. Their order will be completed by supplying spare parts and providing after-sales service and pilot trainings.

The Twinpower 650 is also suitable for missions in desert areas. Preliminary requests from trustworthy international potential clients have been received.

motore engine Twinpower 650

The 650 HP Turbine


Rotors: FAA approved design by Sikorsky (USA)
Standard Turbine by Pratt & Whitney PT-6-A-64 (Canada)
On request: Rolls Royce C 47 B/M ( UK )
Avionic by Garmin (USA)
Gearbox and integrate propulsion system by ZF AVIATION (USA)
USA’ classification : ”experimental”
Seats : pilot + seven
Max. Power : 650 – 700 HP
Turbine : Pratt & Whitney PT-6-A-64
Fuel : JP-4 – Aeronautical Kerosene
Controls : Electronic Throttle Governor, FADEC
Fuel Tank : 118 US Gallon (450 l)
Consumption /h: 28-29 US Gall (108 – 110 l)
Standard range : 390 nml approx. (over 600 Km)
Endurance : 4 h approx.
Cruising speed : 74 kts (153 km/h)
Max Speed : 87 kts (160 Km/h)
Empty Weight: : 3306 Lbs – (1500 Kg)
Useful Load : 1984 Lbs – (900 Kg)
Gross Weight : 5291 Lbs – (2400 Kg)
Special installations; : extra tanks, floats, agri-kit, Infrared/Video Camera – fire-fighting systems, special devices, etc.


- The start-up capital will be a private investment of one million dollars.
- The USA-based activity will be supported by the local administration as well as by the local banking system.


Opportunities to establish a large industrial facility near Sanford (FL) have been identified.


- The helicopter will be paid by opening a standard irrevocable L/C 100% available after the positive tests made in USA.
No advance payment is required.
- A 3% deposit is requested to pay the first registration fees as well as the first insurance made at favour of the owner.
- Delivery will be made in standard HE 40’ containers.


PASSENGERS: six – seven seats accommodation + pilot
VIP: four seats / special configurations available on request
AMBULANCE: one/two patient accommodation
AMBULANCE “scoop and run” missions: special accommodation for four patients. Battlefield missions’ capability
VALUABLE GOODS transfer: equipped with safety boxes for bank-to-bank service
AGRI-MISSION: with spray kit – Chemical product capacity: depending on the type of missions
PATROL: with TV/Infrared camera, SPOT lights, and special devices
LAW ENFORCEMENT: with special devices on request
LONG RANGE PATROL: with extra-tanks and special devices
CARGO: 1540 Lbs (700 kg ) all cargo
COMBI: 881 Lbs (400 Kg ) cargo capacity + pilot + two seats
TRAINING: two-pilot accommodation for training + inspectors’ accommodations


- FLOATS: for maritime utilisation.
- HOOK and WINCH: for rescue missions and/or special transports and/or positioning.
- SNOW: landing gears for on-the-ice missions.
- ARMOURED elements for ballistic protection.

… and MORE

In the new industrial facility will be assembled, fully equipped and tested
GHIBLI 160, a two seats helicopter, and GHIBLI 260 a four seats helicopter.
Both models are equipped with high performances, new engines running with standard unleaded fuel for automotive use.


Aviotech Int

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- Twinpower 650 Helicopter twp650-spec The technical infos DOWNLOAD
- Comparison between the JP-4 Kerosene and then the Unleaded gasoline use CLICK HERE


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