Is there any risk to Export or actions in the FDI?

Export Credit Risk Map from OECD - OCSE

Is there any risk to Export or actions in the FDI?

Risks for actions or Export FDI (foreign direct investment), can be distinguished:

- LEGAL : contractual relations, disputes, litigation against private or public;

- COMMERCIAL reliability private party, payments, credits , commercial risks, litigation;

- COUNTRY RISK : risk related to the counterparty sovereign, political and economic stability in the country, reports of the foreign country in relation to the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the International Credit Agencies;


There is not always aware of the complexity involved in an action of Export.

LINK OECD OECD Credit Risk Map

An example

- The simple erroneous attribution of the Customs Code, involves sanctions and import, a criminal offense. Many rely on the shipper or carrier in the determination of the Customs Code , and in some cases may work, only that the codes are changed, the law is very lively in this area;

- In order to protect themselves from the risk would be advisable to seek the advice of customs with a BTI ( Binding Tariff Information ), which is valid in all the customs of the world for 6 years (reduced the time by the standards of the New EU Customs Code). This is because when the Customs in a sample check to recognize a fault, it should be back to check the previous 3 years, and if the Company inadvertently and in good faith was based on an incorrect Customs Code, it would automatically be subject to a penalty cumulative often of enormous proportions.

- Therefore, it is important to devote the proper attention and obtain information from qualified individuals, when considering a share of exports and even more so in the case of FDI (foreign direct investment).

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