That is why it is essential to achieve access to new markets ?

That is why it is essential to achieve access to new markets

- In January 2014, the World Trade Organization, recorded 583 free trade zones (of goods, services, people) between member countries, of which 377 of these agreements are in action. Currently, only the European Union has preferential free trade agreements in action with 47 countries; There are ongoing negotiations with 74 countries and it is thinking of negotiating with 12 countries.

- FROM JANUARY 2015, the Euro-Asian Economic Union is in action, in opposition to the European Union, a Free Trade Zone Agreement by Free Movement goods, goods and services between Russia Belarus and Kazakhstan, which has about 200 million people and Kyrgyzstan and Armenia are accessing.

- IN ASEAN, is nearing an agreement that provides for free trade between the ASEAN countries that count 600 million people and represent a market equivalent to the EU.
- Equally important is the possible agreement of Free Circulation EU / US which would create the world’s most important Free Trade Zone.


A constant opening of the country to foreign markets, a significant reduction or elimination of tariffs for incoming goods / services, increased competition in the internal market.
Given the scenario and global trends, focusing on the domestic market, will result in a gradual and significant decrease in market share and revenue. Approaching new markets will be essential, therefore, to maintain its market share and implement effective strategies to understand and expand the business.

Added to this is that the policies of sourcing and supply chain will be increasingly global, with a distribution chain of value, which were very cross, from the procurement of raw materials to the packaging of the finished product and distribution, so it will be even more strategic approach the foreign markets with conviction and a strategy for medium to long term.

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