Why to start with a check-up?

Export Check-up e Mercati Esteri

Why to start with a check-up?

A CHECK-UP is the first step to assess the feasibility and convenience for a company, in order to have access to foreign markets.
It allows the property to the Board of Directors, the CEO to assess opportunities and risks associated with an export share of FDI or foreign; it provides very useful information to improve the efficiency and operation of the company, including with respect to the domestic market, thus brings across a significant added value.

Needed elements:

Analysis of the ASSET / FINANCIAL company and the performance indicators;
- Forecast on the basis of expected cash flow;
- Cost of Capital and Investment return;

- Marketing Strategies;

ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE COMPANY, stressing the fragility compared to the foreign challenge;
- Optional: Check-up organizational behaviour on the premises of the key people and any remedial training;

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