Are there any funds or grants?

Are there any funds or grants?

Absolutely YES.
Through joint funds it is possible to obtain financing for the check-up and preparation of the Company to foreign markets or in the specific service in several ongoing.
Funds Chambers can cover a fair share of the costs Missions and Fairs (see NEWS);
European funds, and indirect (contract and grant awards managed by regional authorities), which directly managed by the European Commission, especially the Funds through neighbourhood programs to the countries of the Mediterranean and MENA (Middle East and North Africa), or programs Commission’s development for developing countries, or the COSME allow specific actions in the field of export and internationalization.
There are also specific loans , international funds and incentives, and programs Banks Development Bank or the European Union.
There are also loans and national funds, such as Simest, which is part of Deposits and Loans Fund which occurs in several areas:

- Participation in the venture capital firms outside the EU promoted by Italian companies, entering into equity up to 49% as a silent partner, covering a part of interest expense; can also be a public venture capital fund very profitable;
- Participating interest of EU companies; in this case Simest acquires minority interests (up to a maximum of 49%) of the share capital of Italian companies or subsidiaries in the European Union (including Italy);
- Contributions to the interest on the loan;
- Venture Capital Fund;
- Start-up Fund;

- Soft loans;
- Export credits ;
- Contributions to the interest on the loan;

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